I Aalya Gheewala, of *Good Morning!* obsessed mind and height deprived body, do bequeath the following to the following in the event that I actually leave KGS after 15 years, and go to college. To those who I've left out, it's not intentional and Good Morning to you too!


Sarah - Our room and everything else we share. All yours. Be good.

Siham - All our bonding and the hope that you have as much fun in school as I did!

Maisa - My HuppyChoo who I will miss the most... Lots of love, hugs and bites.

ASAD: Achuuu!! The beginning - Seaview, a graduation and a brother. 29th May 2000. Mondays. The word - WOW. My favourite person and best friend. Deep dark secrets. 'Like a Rolling Stone.' 2 fun May Queen Balls. A special photo album. Confusions. 19th April 2001. Promises, deals and bets of which I never keep my end. =Þ A multi coloured birthday cake and a Zippo. An email that changed everything and a lifetime's supply of MENTOS! A stoned fish, the beach, and a very small book. And all my love. "... Not fire, nor not ice."

AROOSH: A friendship that started with dislike and developed on trust. Phone conversations. "You've got a secret smile...." My best friend for 4 years, and through everything possible. Our inability to fight no matter how hard I try. An unfulfilled promise. A ball. 'Slow Dancing'. Taking. 60 page books. Mr Burger and meatless days. "Too much love to give..." The book on girls I'll write for you someday. Sailing and daily crosswords. A direct pager to KHALID!! Your inability to look into "the windows to the soul." Our bond. The hug. Confessions. Secrets. Child, you have my everlasting UDL.

SAIMA: CUTIEEEEE!!! I STILL can't believe we're going to the same college!! Friends since Mariam's - Almost 16 years now. Thanks for being the person you are... for listening to me SPAZ completely... for always and always being there for me. My sunflower girlfriend, I leave you the eternal bond of friendship. We're going to have SO much fun together! I love you. Always...

RISHAD: BUDDYYYYY!! My favourite dance partner and the one person I can go wild with! Mariam's... and the great photograph you're absent for... The slide in your garden. Many lost years in between. "They both knew they could get better looking people..." Sunday Gelato Affair getaways. Zen. Bonding. Lunch with the families. Advice. Encouragement. Ferdie? Your pick-up hugs. My obsession with Columbia. Your house, your pool, your driving, DP. Movie get-togethers and 'groups'. Our confessions. My enlightenment. Your neutrality. My gay bestfriend, I'm going to love you forever. We have big plans and for your sake I hope there are Russian girls in Columbia!!

DANISH: BROTHAAA!!! I'm older than you!! Mariam's Nursery and you my first friend. Our secrets. "I was too cool for you." The years we became close. My cousin. Your garden - the same way I remember it as a kid. Bonding about our siblings. Tears. My love for your talents. Singing together. Cheeeeziness. Cheap confessions. Cheaper us!! DD, be a good boy and don't party too hard! Stay a cutie for me. You'll always be my big brother.

SARAH: Sarah Jaaayyyy!! My husband and the 'sunshine' of my life.Writing on legs during Pak. Studies. Full copyrights to the Angel and Devil drawings. Your never ending creativity. 50 XX!! 'Siskies' I can't get enough of. The fights. The fun. Socio (non)study sessions. You brain!!! 'More than words.....' You don't know how much I love you. Will you marry me...?

SASSI: Sexy! My favourite little Patakhi! I leave you all our bonding sessions and a direct line to me to discuss the latest 'INTENSITIES' in your life. 'Jingle Bangles.' Hakim the cartoon. Socio and B.M classes and the notes exchanged. The mystery Flint holds... And ofcourse, an introduction to every hot boy in Karachi! You're the cutest! Try and be good in college!! I'm going to miss you.

ZAMIN: All my complaining. Driving around. The beach plans. The mess-ups. A loss. Your obsession with me and Aroosh being together! Talking for hours and your nagging to study and get to college. Thanks for everything. YOU'RE THE KING!

ANAB: ANABANABANAB! Hotstuff! I leave you memories of Urdu class and disrupting it. A little white book. 'IFTUS'. 'Stop the Rock'. Chai and fries at the 'KOTHA'. The ball night. 'Sleepovers'. Chichori business. Breakfast at Boat Basin at all odd hours. Bitching. Bonding. You made Second Year a trip. Party hard at U of T. Love you babes!

LALEH: Laloobabes, Lal, Ella, Lali and a million others. My coffee buddy! Leave you my brother and my teasing about the cheapness you do. Bonding about the strangest things and exchanging info. 'Holding hands' in Socio and the sleepover 4 years ago. The phases we've both been through and the photographs to prove them. WE WILL GO SWIMMING TOGETHER ONE DAY! You're one of my cutest cousins and I know we have loads more 'brilliant and magical' times ahead!

AFAAN: Afnaan!! Leaving you a lifetime's supply of my better-than-subway sandwiches and BUTTERRRSCOTCHHHH!! The night of the ball, my hot childhood buddy, your freaky driving and a trillion thankyous for all the laughs and everything you've done for me.

IFTI: The 11th grade play that made us friends. Love for yours and Asfi's relationship. General class and a wedgie on the dance floor! You cartoon, it's been great getting to know you this past year. Be a good boy and party hard in Toronto! Maybe I'll come bug you children.

ASFI: Asfand YAAAR! Our party rocked. Leaving you memories of Zippo hunting, 'Stop the Rock', your pool, Subway, Drama Festival 2001, the concert, my obsession with yours and Ifti's friendship and one word - SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

ISMAT: Hottieeee! I love our baby pictures! You little brain, remember me when you've graduated from your Ivy and are rich and famous!

SANIA: Memories of 3 fun years.. =)


ANUSCHA: Thanks for helping me accept my sexuality. You're my first love. Have fun scandalizing the goris!

MYLA: The notes. The dates. The similarities! We've got 4 years to

bond. See you!

SAMAN AND IMRAN: RONNIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! "WHERE'S MY WIFE!?!?!" You guys are too cute...! =)

SHAAN: My favourite housecaptain! Remember trying to get me to dance at Sanam's? You're the funniest! March Past was the bomb.

OBA: I'm going to have SOOO much fun annoying you in college! I love your emails and hairy legs.

MODGIRLS: You are all too cute. Thanks for making school interesting! (For Maliha - GOOD MORNING CHILDREN!!)

ALI: Your jeep, your ego, Mahira - who I have a crush on, and your singing - Love them all.

SARA MOON: Immaturity in Junior school and O-Level Chem classes. Did

we ever grow up? Stay a sweetheart!!


To everyone else: GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To KGS: It's been fun.......

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