P>After 15 years in KGS as I leave I bequeath the following to the following

The Modgirls I leave a friendship forged through seven amazing years. Memories that can never be forgotten. You guys have been my bestest friends and I will always love you. To Farah Hussain I leave you your new found passion for Xena, all the times I have cried on your shoulders and you on mine, a bakra that has for some reason has stuck around since class 8 and the knowledge that our kids will probably grow up together. To Maliha Qadri I leave you your insaneness, the puke in the gray margala at funland and the rest of Karachi. You have always been there for me always giving me advice (even though I didnt listen to it all the time) and I leave you a certain someone whose sister you apparently are. To Saman Amin I leave the privilege of being one of the few pure breed grammarians left. The times weve had with FRERE and all the times you left me to handle things on my own even though you were supposed to be my right hand girl. Ive known you since kindergarten Ive been to your kiddy bdays and have memories of you when we still wore frilly dresses. To Sarah Moon I leave behind your love for Mo ,your sex appeal and complete and utter pagal behavior when your in the mood. Youve been with me for 10 years and I know youll be with me for a lot more. To Amina Ansari I leave you the stud across your apartment whom you will eventually marry, a hearing aid for kaley khan and a place closer to our side so you wont always be so far away and ofcourse the love of your life baigee.

To Samar Khandwalla I leave you a Barha Dil (since according to you you have plenty of room for it) and all the "stuff" you need to fill it with. I only got to know you in the past two years but in that time weve shared plenty of memories, which I can never forget.

To Afaan Naqvi I leave you all the friends episodes ever made, all the parties weve had together and all the ones weve danced at till 2am, My Sharona may you always think of me when you hear that song, an amazing FY ball, breakfast at dunkin donuts before any exam and enough confidence that youll get through college without me ( I dont need to mention that ill always be there for you when you need me)

To Imran Sidiqi my House Captain I leave behind one wacky year of sports debates athletics and bait bazi I could never have done it without you. I leave you the funky caps I made before sports day, the long conversations after a match , a means of getting over depression when ever it hits and that amazing moment when we won sports day.

To Faraz Hussan I leave our fabled chem. Affair ( I still have all the notes bet you they would pay a lot to read those) the drawing game we invented , all the times you forced me to bunk just so that you wouldnt get into trouble, the cricket society and its one tournament, and a friendship that has developed over six years.

To Aalya Gheewalla ,my true Grammarian friend , I leave you all the girls you can handle so that eventually you may get over me , the memories of being the few people free in A thank you for making them so much fun.

To Rishad Ahmed, I leave an amazing SY ball (even though you abandoned me at the end it was still fun ), Altos party ( hence onwards I found how much fun dancing with you was), a "telephone friendship" that lasted a week ( you still havent figured me out), I like big butts and may you find someone who gets as excited as you over that song. Dancing and Boo ill see you in NYC.

To Myla Ashfaque , the most fun rival house captain I had , I leave the privilege of being so much like me, hope that maybe some day napier will win sports day, and the secret which you were never meant to tell me. Even though we have always competed for everything the friendship we formed means a lot to me.

To Ali Akbar I leave you your infatuation with Miss Js, the hope that maybe someday youll learn to keep a secret and speak coherently, sizes you will never get right, lunch with Penn people that never seemed to work out and all the fun times at grammar I know well have a lot more at PENN.

To Asad Basir , I leave the insufferable bio classes you can have them , a car so that you may never have to hitch a ride with 6 girls , a bag that may hopefully remain on your shoulders, and mambo no5 it seems me and you are the only ones who enjoy dancing to it.

To Ammar Chinoy I leave a P.C because I know how dearly you cherishe it, it will always keep you company and I know that no matter when or where I log on from youll always be online. I would also like to put in writing especially for you I do not prefer girls over guys

To Malick Islam, I leave all scifi stuff ever made , all the comics you would like to read from my study, Bio practicals and those squirty things in the labs. Thanks a lot for helping me through my Alevels.

To Laleh Habib I leave you an A in bio (even if Cambridge doesnt), bio classes and practicals we never really got right, and a fun night spend after our SY ball.

To Shan Ali Khan I leave you as the only girl who may claim the title the man. It was fun kicking you throughout the year but dont lose hope streeton will eventually win. FRERE 4EVA.

To Nadia Sherief , one wacky girl, I leave the ball dress you never designed for me, a finger that may bend, my car , the lunches that never happened and a huge thank you for entertaining me for the past two years.

To Uzma Lodhi I leave you all the past papers we solved for the mocks , knowledge about our countries population and khandhani mansoobha bundhi, I will always remember Lahore.

To Sheezeen Qutab I leave behind most of my childhood memories. Ive known you for such a long time weve literally grown up together thank you for being such a good friend for such a long time.

To Marium Gokal I leave you a pair of rabbits so that after some time you have a gizzilion of them and they eat up her garden. You have one weird sense of humor and have always been fun to be around .

To Mani I leave you all the fun bio classes weve shared and even though our happy family now belongs under the broken homes category ill always remember it.

To Ali Askari I leave behind the fun times in class 9 and even though weve had our share of misunderstandings you could be really sweet when you wanted to be.

To Sania Sufi, may the school always remember you as Sunia and may you always keep your weird obsession with smiley facesJ The softball/netball tour would have been fun if it ever worked out, dont worry ill visit you at Holoyoke and we can check out the girls there together. May the force be with you.

To Danish Dada, the guitar and voice we had to listen to through out the Lahore trip and a comb for that baldhead of yours.

To SFK I leave you all my colored scrunchies and vow only to wear white from now on and someday I will even drop off a cat at your place.

To Saman Malik I leave the memories of being together in Lahore and all those art classes you spent with me. Ill never forget how you turned my devoted house captain into a traitor.

To Sana Tariq , thank you for taking the table tennis trials I stuck you with, I leave to you the holes we made in your garden trying to put up a volley ball net. FRERE RULZ.

To Sassi Effendi I leave all the throw ball matches that were meant to be played and the one that was finally played, and all the fun we had during accounts classes even though I never took accounts.

To Ayesha Salfaraz Inshallah we will go to boat basin and eat more chicken boaty and Mashallah I leave you rights fully reserved for the front seat.

To Niama Kazmi,my cap, which you never returned. You would make an amazing stud guy.

To Mashall, Nazia, Sehreish, Zehra,Nazish and co. I leave you guys the responsibility of keeping the school alive. Keep doing your londapan it was always amusing to watch.

To Zarah I leave you my gown , the housecaptaincy is an amazing experince and I wish you the best of luck with it. Keep me updated about everything thats happening.

To all my Frerities( Marium A, Naba A,Zarah K, Jania A, Nida A, Mehreen S,Cyra P Fiza A. Kamila B,Zohra O) thank you for coming to all the trial, practices and matches. You guys have to make sure that FRERE keeps on wining.

To My family thank you for always being there for me. To my parents who have always supported me who have made sure I got everything I need and who have always loved me I hope I made you proud. To Nida iam leaving you my room and wardrobe what more could you want. To Ziyaad thankz for always sticking up for me, I could say something nice about B but I think ill save that for later.

To KGS 15 years wow.

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