Aalya : You!! WoW.. where do I begin where do I end. Well it all starts on a sad cloudy monday morning, and then it proceeds to a place with music and some people coming together yeah ( Madonna's song) Party...a person in the past who is there and is irritating ..and then emails..and more mondays ....a monday night, noise, people dressed in silver, then noone, a sign post,then someone , the sounds of waves crashing ..... Dire straits... the heart... Wow ...crazy and exciting stufff....I love the sea ....water even swimming pools..I remember i almost died in front of you, at the beach a 'Stone'd' fish' came and attacked me.thats just one of the many times its happened. The police....cold marble floors... Achu open.... My ball date ... theres too much to write .....youve beeen such a goood friend ....i dont know how to tell you ....After all the ups and the downs ...after all the conversations and disagreements and all the cheapness your still .my 'one and only' bestfriend...

Afaan : My only 15 years old friend. Thanks for being there whether it was when I was sitting on my roof thinking weird things or when I was at the corner of a football field on my knees. Keep me fit man, without your enthusiasm i wont do anything.

Ifti : My buddy in some of the bad things in life ( Actually maybe the good things, I havent decided yet ) My name is 'Fun, Fun Part'. Weve gone on some nice trips, I hope there are lots more. Take care of your little package.

Anab : You fraud, coming to my house even before I even know who you are...my one and only general buddy ..and new grammarian friend... Ive confided in you a couple of time and your damn goood out of 10 i rate you 19.

Asfi : The boy who started driving alone after one day of practice. The host. You thin tall quiet little freak, you dont tell anyone whats happening in your life. Your pool, your garden , your room and your music its been good man.

Humaid : Youve been a great friend, youve stood in the heat with me and waited for my car to be repaired. Youve made me like SOCCER. You took me for a ride on a rainy day... but we didnt see what we wanted to.. have you had a shower? Walaikumasalam.

Nazish : Dont kill yourself ..copycat .. weirdo....ive seen u do some reallly bizarre things and if i didnt know u i wouldnt want to..haha.. cut my life into pieces this is my last resort....remember that night ..we were in search....the beach....the crabbing... hey i need to buy something...help

Sassi : Early morning, full bondings, little secrets only revealed now . Problems of a soap opera, what fun, I need to hear more.

Ojay : Rememeber what i told you about how to survive in karachi. the three things.Go to Texas and find man.Your sisters wedding is one of the best memories I have of you, I'm sorry i missed the rung, something caught me attention

Qjay : If you wana go take a ride with me.. many car rides man, we havent really talked, remember the play night behind school, in the night that was awesome.

Geri : You and me baby we aint nothing but mammals. From all that exciting bio at Malicks ive been left pretty dizzy. dont do anything crazy without me, you know i'll want to do it too. Dont go putting out fires with extinguishers or hanging from 3rd floors or 9th floors.without me.

Malick : You got me so close to bouncing in karachi .....You suck... your resistance is unbelievable.i like water tanks... and weird butts flying back .....very trippy and chips and coke and wasting time... its beeen a whole lotta fun....chachajhunkchchjunk.

Ismat : good luck.. your mad ... havent you learnt from my mistakes .. I leave you with the expierence of having to study for a levels ......dont do it....you are a nice.... I have this picture or had you should take it from me.. so sweet..

Anuscha : How do you do it girl....youve left me in shock....triptotronic gears ....i want...thanks for the beach.... thanks for making me survive my classes from first year untill now..... acha checking out at Rayers.. very nice ...i needed a ride a couple of times yuo shoudve offered ...oh and being picked up by a bunch of girls and being taken around karachi ..how funny was that ..

Haseeb: my physics and chem budddy ......i will try and teach you the guitar....i think ive forgotten how to though.

Mobin : Rayers classes... Man and after all those years you havent learnt anything. I dont want to hear any of your theories, I just want the money you owe me.

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