I Asif Pesnani aka Pissu , with a voice which would put Elvis Presely to shame leave this utterly senseless and useless will behind to some truelly amazing people...

Amin Sakhia : 1000's of pictures of the same girls for the grammarian a 6ft 6 inches ball gift for your best ball ever A fully loaded Swift , some snooker tips , al habib burns road kheeri , a camera , and a mobile phone only for incomming calls.

Ali Sobani : The zillions of girls you tarofied and commented on all these years excpet your fav fav Zia Bai. Road Trip CD, dont overuse it. The millions of stories on Puppo , Takes of Meruani , your blushes on your takes. A funniest jokes ever book , Thousands Lies on Dramatised Incidents. and one more thing A sharp tongue is no indication of a keen mind.

Azeem Meruani : Bengali Moushlee and off course Mother Jafri. Sobani Takes on Dinner , your aquarium Driving Liession , and all the new mothers you will make at NorthWestern by buying 6 dozen roses!!

Ahmed Zakaria : Kekra , Rashid Khan , Henderson , Class 7-SY The Shairs on you in class 11 , caught cheating by Ms Ahsanuddin , Your C2 and cousin and your future fiancee. Lessons on speaking slowly and how to be a pakka Kanjoos and dont bat too much during night mathces.

Mustafa Shabby : O'Levels , Day of the first ball , and offcourse became Meru's Papa because of the last ball with just one flower. Thr 5Kg Dumbell , Fy General Project and stop being a 4 timer. Snooker tips. And all expenses paid by the company.

Bilal Bawany : Hair Removing Cream to be used Twice a day every day. A Watch which is 30 minutes behind time so you get home at 10:30.

Suleman-ur-R : Dropping my grades from A to C. Srilanka tour last match , Peshawar tour , the last day khwari and igniting the phaddas with Qasim Awan and also Mrs Riaz , BARHAAAL.. also the 10000 buks made on last day and finally a girlfriend from Cherat whom you give painting lessons everyday.

Faraz Hasan : Proper way to run rather then your chicken run. Cricket Lessons on how to bat , bowl and field. Shaven Legs on Peshawar tour and a great future as a painter comparable to Picasso.

Ali Askari : The Chakka Dances and Painting Supplies for life.

Behramjee : All your ziliions and millions of statistics on anything you can imagine . Long E-Mails , Tennis Matches , Ball Date Rejection , Peshawar Tour Takes Nanny's house and a great 7 year freindship.

Taha Noor : Times with you the days I was a straight A student. Pissing H Iqbal in Maths Classes , tearing my History books , your greediness for marks , Mrs Jamal and off course CRICKET.

Mobin Nasir : A Tube of Fair and Lovely Withening Cream.

Qasim Awasn : ...enugh said Pulse getting dirty.

Yousuf Kerai : Oh Oh I apologize for writing your name but I didnt cry.

Adeel Dossani : kgsguy@hotmail.com !!! your chakkar with the chaand never worked out , anyways all the maths and accounts and economics classes in which I did great courtesy....YOU

Rishad Ahmed : I agree with the pulse you do resemble a cock in some way , thats why Me and JD leaughed the way we did.

Fawad Ahmed : Some really hairy legs.

Omar Salahuddin: Sports , Sports and Sports and STREETON.

Imran Siddique : Some food so you can gain weight again , the stupidity in Peshawar , Accounts tuitions and off course Patrick Bernard.

Sunaiana Tayyab : Future at a Marraige Beaureu after what you did for ZAK

Uzma Lodhi : A stud and a book on how to type quicker.

Aadil Nakhoda : Class 7 and 8 , 9 then cartoons , cartoons and Sega and Ninthendo and the Slap from the Lakhani Tribe.

Omar Jafri : Hyperactive Tablets and a mirror to come to know your not as white as you think you are.

Farooq Khan : Some tips on gaining height , your hyptonizing Tahir and cheating in George Orwell....

Kashif Merchant : Some dieting Pills.

Sarah Jafri : Free supply of Bengali Moushlee , and a book full of compliments so you can please your self.

Shaan Ali Khan : GREEN , besideS that your not worth anything.

Sania Sufi & Saad F Khan : Book on how to be a perfect fraud and get away with it.

Bariza Umar : A picture with you doing your favourtie past time ... hunting endagered species.

Yasser Ghanchee : ***** **** *** Blah Blah Blah and the magazines. And a picture of you being hunted by Bariza.

Jawad Sharif : Stop two timing , The stupid laughthers and pissing Rishad. Also the Peshawar tour chulla.

Adnan Haji : Some hair growing tips from Shahnawaz.

Shahnwaz : A dozen bottles of Anne French and dozen Pampers to be used in Wisconsin so you dont do the same **** you did in class 4.

Danish Elahi : How to bowl and concentrate on.... Stop fliriting uselessly , Peshawar Tour the greatest 90 run partnership ever and your most famous picture baring it all.

Maha Ali : Jamil Javed Urdu Classes and 4 Pappworth Walas

Mariyah Arif : A bunch of St Patricians and Jamil Javed Urdu Classes,

Zahra Haider : Brains...thats all you need.

Nadia Sharif : Banned for life from Yahoo List.

Faizan Gauri : A book on Lourve!!

Mariam Gokal : Free Lifetime ACTION

Yaser Bhagpati : Learn how to spin a couple of sixes and a books on how not to insult your own self.

Tariq Shaikh : Video on Shahid Afridi's 100 so you play faster then 0.0001 runs per over.

Taimur Karim : Gunda Gardi , Rambo and Frenchie

THE LONDAS (Frz,Askari,Mani,Shabby,JD,Buddha,Meru,Bhagpati) : Stolen Dusters , Stolen Clocks , Glued Telephones Waxed Blackboards, Vaselined Railings, Phatakas....

THE Top Londas : Painted Walls!!

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