Heyya Grammarians!!!!! "Burgers" n otherwise.

By the time you get to read this, I may have perished, but nevertheless, here I go.

The two years that I spent at Karachi Grammar School now seem to have been nothing more than a couple of months. But nonetheless I depart, if only with a heavy heart. I am never going to forget the good times that I spent with the Centarians, the Shitty School ooooopps I mean the City School guyz and those from Beacon House, a surprise as it may turn out to be for the bunch (other than a few) from St Michaels as they turned out to be far from my true friends.

I Atif Waqar Butt, the most reputed student of Class of 2001 (in which ever sense you may want to take that in) revoke all my previous wills and testamentary dispositions and declare this as the last and final will.

To BUBBLES: Well bubbles I have so much to leave to you that I have no idea as to where I should start. I hereby leave my heart n soul to you in entiretyits yours, all yours. All my tafreeh and chullas, my sense of humor, strange habits, my flattering praise blah blah blah. But in the end in my will I ask for your million-dollar smile that I think I deserve after praising you loadz.

As if anything is left after giving away so much to just one person,

To BOB, Bilal Omer Bawany: I leave for you my chullas and my expertise of bunking Abdur Rahims classes. Not to forget all my shaving razors and stuff, I think that you need it more than I do.

To OSala: I leave behind my personal computer; yup it is the same one that you wanted me to shine, so that you can fulfil your lusty desire without being left out without a computer for reserve.

To Abbas: I leave behind a "puriya" of naswar; I am so sure that you cannot survive much longer without it.

To C2, I mean, Sana Irshad: Azeem Meruani and Saad Ahmed (as if Azeem was not enough).

To Sarah Moon: Well Moon you got all that you wanted but today I leave for you Adeel Amin Dossani (Dexter), the man of your dreams. I hope that he will now accept the offer that you made to him way back in the first year.

To Salman Hasnain: Boy how can anyone forget you??? I leave you a bite of every burger that Ill have for the next few years; after all, these were the bites that you took to grow up.

To Danesh Hassan Kamal: Well boy you just got the best of the best Sir Sohails last few words, "Who Says Danesh is the best???"

To Karate Kid: Ill lend you a couple of my younger brothers pants; probably they will suit you better in terms of their length.

To Taha Noor: Man I will give you all that you want but pllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseee for Gods sake stop your monotonous cricket commentary.

To Ali Askari: Well dude I owe a lot to you but due to certain reasons that better remain untold, I will let you go kid you are one lucky piece of shit. Hehehehehehe.

To Amna Ansari: Ok Amna I have the answers to some of the questions that seemed to have been bugging you but then you have to come personally to me to find out their answers.

To Sir MNA: My very own personal copy of the one and only HUTCHINGS.

To Bhaimeah: Well I am very sorry but I could not find even a pea sized brain how I wish I could have found one (our juniors would no longer need to feel the brunt of maths).

To the School Administration: I hereby leave the school with the sentence that rocked the school "I dont know what I am doing here". Not only that, I leave behind its copyrights to the school and pray that the legacy continues.

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