"I believe that words can help us move or keep us paralyzed, and that our choices of language and verbal tone have something -- a great deal -- to do with how we live our lives and whom we end up speaking with and hearing; and that we can deflect words, by trivialization, of course, but also by ritualized respect, or we can let them enter our souls and mix with the juices of our minds."

My brother, Usman (Jogi) Thank you for everything. Im sorry if Ive been a brat as a sister these past 19 years. BUT youll still have me around at Western to deal with!! I look forward to it.

Alizeh, Aliza; Aaaargh!! Its been these way eversince YOU were born !! Class 6 and all our weirdness, your endless crazy phases (Ill leave it at that!). A certain day on my steps, sleepovers, movies, fights and dealing with my brother thereafter. A night at your house when you were found to be eavesdropping under the stairs (and all that happened later on!), building new friendships, and leaving old ones behind. This doesnt do justice to even a fraction of what weve been through. A certain promise Ive made you about college.. I cant think of saying goodbye even if I wanted to (KIDDINING!), to an entire lifetime more of friendship.. btw, who IS the mastermind, hahah??????

SanaTee; "Whose feet are THAT?" Haha. My craziness, your spazness. Bangkok, Lahore, lunches, dinners, breakfasts, my obsession with myself, your ever-so-rude lectures (of sorts!), our laughing fits, class 9 and the GUM CORNER, ball nights, and everything else which I cant say. Love you! I know well be well in touch, so no good-byes here. Goodluck at St. Martins.

Sassi; To you Fluffy, I leave firstly a small white kid CAPI. Years of friendship, phone calls, my role as Cupid, all the times weve found eachother to turn to, your car, playing cards and painting peoples nails at 7 A.M. Issues and some more issues, my tomboyish ways that drive you up the wall, dinners with A.D, and everything mad weve ever done together. I know well be in touch. Good luck at Bristol and in becoming a lawyer (I still find that amusing, btw!)

NaimaHH; Haha FATSO!! What cant I say for you?? I leave you my brother, Usman. Now thats some big stuff, ok? I dont do that for very many ppl. Car drives, long talks, pan, advice, mp3s (?), your pseudo intellectual ways, Zafars, more tuitions, and all of that. I still remember the first day we met and all those magazines you had in your bag! Our analysis on people and things, your strange friends, and more. Ill see you in college inshALLAH. Party Hard.

Capi, Mumly and Jujoo; You guys were always missed at school. J Capi, your sound effects in class, Mrs. Riaz and all your Dennis-the-Mennis escapades and ways. Good luck in college (youll need it!) Jujoo, the ups and downs (moreso downs as of recently) of this friendshipwell hopefully settle it at Western, and Mumly, the thought that you are one of the sweetest people Ive known- Dont ever change.

Saif; I leave you the fact that Im one of the few whose ever tried making sense of your talks. Surprise birthdays, cutting classes, and all that. Goodluck at USC.

Mani; Thank you for being a true friend. I know well be in touch, and I pray you make it to Kings.

Raiyan and Anam; Though Ive missed you guys plenty, you did a wise thing by leaving when you did. Love you both.

Lakhani; I missed you and our laughing hysteria together. I still havent forgiven you for ditching me in Add. Maths. I was MISERABLE for two years! Will be joining you in Canada, so we will continue to be well in touch.

Sania. S; One of the sweetest people I have met- Im glad I got to know you, though it was fairly recently. Ill visit Holyoke to see you, thats a promise. Thank you for the sincere advice (and the brownies!) Its been nice knowing someone understood, between all the "Oh my GOD-me toos!!" and a reinforced.. Nobody could have been a better Headgirl." Best of luck.

Rishad A; Akhtars tuitions, your condescending ways. Its been good knowing you this past year or so. Good luck at Columbia and everything you ever go after..?!

Mariam, Goluck, Ninja. You were probably the first person I met in school (like how annoying haha) . I leave you all the stories youve made up about me, KazzaeeEmmm, my persistent yelling, A-Levels, Biddus, my superstitious habits, your dee, and your sad attempts to drive (joke! ..your not that bad actually) and my dad. J. Keep in touch, and stay the same.

Nimr; Your obsession with profanity, my prediction about your college life, our failing plans at Holyoke, Sajjads, Biddus, Fujji, parties, shake your bon bon and all the rest. Ill see you in London and whenever you, Sana and Sassi come to Western. Stay in touch, freakazoid!

Shehla; I leave you Prince Charming (whoever that may be) along with all the happiness.(you deserve it) I missed you at school. I know well be in touch ;) Love ya

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