I ,Azeem Meruani in my insane state of mind leave the following things behind for my friends.

Mustafa shahbaskar I leave behind a get away car for u that u so desperately wanted.. and a mobile phone from ghandra mobiles

Ahmed zakaria. Zak, I am leavin behind for u is a piece of paper sayin $100 cause that the only thing u r gonna win from the bet. and of course a permission to drive Z3 and admission to northwestern.. but these r the thing..which u will never get.

Ali sobani. I leave some balls for u so that next time so u see a girl u have the guts to talk to her and not just stare at her all day long and a whole bag of viag#$ .. but I doubt that they will be able to help ur cause its really very diffcult and of course a long list of names so u can finally find out who ur real --- is.

Amyn sakia. I leave behind for u 6 feet 6 inches.. and the fake okleays that I know u will never pay me back for

Asif pesnani. Pisu for u I leave a bird-brain behind..even that bigger than the size of ur current barin.. it might help u realize when to open ur mouth and when to keep it shut.. and also that u can realize that u r mom is not ur girl friend.

Bilal bawany. I leave behind a celica that u have been hopin that u would get all ur life and some waxin cream so that u can get rid of some of the the forest u have to carry around with urself everywhere and a few get out of home passes so that u can stay out of ur house later than 10:30.

Bariza. A state of the art hunting gun for u so that u can go on that hunting trip that u had been planning for such a long time.

Sarah jafri. For u I leave a green ribbon that u had been searching for so long.. and a free pass to my uncles restaurant where u can eat all the bunny rabbits that u ever wanted and a computer that does not crash every month.

Humty. I leave a computer for u so that u can set up a sound system that does not crash every once a while.

Kashif merchant I leave my cd writer for u so that u can stop buggin me about burinin cds that u never want.

Adnan qadri. I give u a certificate statin that u r the captain of the new Gs football team even though u suck at it and a football to practise to with maybe after practicing for a couple of centuries u might even get good at it.

Affan. An unlimited supply of shoes for u so that u can have a lot of attempts at the person u r tryin to hit and hopefully u wont miss her next time.

Taha noor. A video footage to the four I hit u in the interhouse tournament so that u can remember it for the rest of your life.

Jerry. A cover for ur car so that next time some one in sittin in the back durin winter they dont freeze to death.

Bunty and Ali Meruani. For both of u I leave behind a replacement bachi for amina.. so that both of u can fight over her and take turns gettin dumped by her bunty this might even help u stop whinning to my bro at 4 am that u cant get any girls.

Omar (the fraud house captain). A diet plan so that the next time u fall on me someone u dont kill em.

Shaan (the other fraud) I would have left a green ribbon for u but I guess u r just not worth it.

Yousf. I leave a tabla for u so that u can play it for the rest of ur life and continue on with ur life long task of applyin butter to teachers.

Yusra. The state of the art phone tapin equipment, that u wanted really badly. And a fact about mama parsi.

Behramjee. A long list of facts of every event that has ever taken place in this world.. I know u would love to memorise it and quote it while u try ur best to play cricket.

Yasir ghanchi. A maskin tape for u so that u can attach It to ur mouth to keep it shut every once in a while and let the world be a better place.

Faizan Ghouri. A book contain ingeneous methods of skiping exams.. so that u wont have to give them in university.

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