I Bariza, victim of a torturous word limit, endeavor to leave as little as possible to those that have meant more to me than I can say

Laleh- My first friend in KGS, you had to be special ;) all our memories since 4th grade, and the ones lost in between. Shamim Azam, cruzin', watching the waves, Nathia Gali, (and going totally insane there!), your certain deficiencies ;) my introduction to doodh patti, flowers, the ability to imagine anything anywhere, and all the magic and happiness the world has to offer

Insiya- All our memories since 4th grade, our failed attempts at exercising regularly! Lyla, Me going mad at the weirdest times, the fact that u stood by me always, not once have we been anything other than friends, no matter what. You'll have the best time in Canada, and you know how and with whom ;)

Zainab- All our opinionated "phaddas," and the ability to still stay friends. Your escapades on chat! Strange people, stranger situations. Your HOT articles and stuff, knowing I can never write as well.

Shaan- Shamim Azams, Nathia Gali, MY B-DAY PRESENTS!!! The urge to keep sufu for myself, cruising with Laleh after tuitions, your crazy dogs, the night of the party! Basically, all the fun times we've had I know they'll keep happening.

Sana R- trying to always be there for you like you had been for 4 years, and always not being able to mistakes, good ones and bad ones, not to mention interesting ones! Shared madness, shared pain, I hope I was there for you as much as I intended to be

SARAH J- All the love that can be spared ;) Darul Sukun, eco classes, accounts classes, my camel crushes, chullabazi, cruzin, the ball, our 11th grade bachas, ELVIS!!! Madness, being scandalous together, laughing together, crying together, mistakesCUCKOO! The SOS Mela, and all our ideals they have to take us somewhere

Zarsheesh- I HAVE TO BE YOUR ONLY ANGEL FOREVER!!!! All the madness, the secrets, and your undying faith that my dreams couldn't be wrong. Your patience, and your unconditional love. Swimming, eating, bonding, DANCING! You brought life to the school I know you brought life to me

Farah- Nathia Gali, looking at the stars, most of all, becoming friends again bonding, teasing, all the food in the world! Lydia and chulla with her, Flowers, smells, books, kids, and your dreams. They will come true.

Saima- Cuckoo! 10th grade eco and socio, Almay and how she never seemed to like me too much, trying to do something for sports day, and then dying the next day! The ball, and the Grammarian, well some of it at least!

Hina- laughter you always made me laugh. We've never been in the same classes, and being so close to you besides that is amazing.

Cindy- well, you are my only oriental chick, so just know that I plan to keep it that way! The scavenger hunt, lit. classes, swing dancing, Zarsheesh's pool, your BBQ, the ball, the SOS mela, our night ;) so much in such a short time

Saman M- Tuitions together, laughter, our scandalous behavior, and just all the fun that you are I'm so glad I got to know you. Swing dancers- Funny eco classes when I just couldn't pay attention! Cheapness, duties, swing dancing, everything.

Sana G- you trying to teach me math, tuitions, my endless jabber, thanks for putting up with me.

Zara- you're more than a cousin now. Bonding, parties, tuitions, advice, thanks for it all.

Mobin- surprises, soccer, always being there for me. Funny ties, bad influences, and being able to listen thanks for it all.

Robin- Motoo! Darul Sukun, Mohsin, fights at sea view, the concert, and strange rumors halwa puri, flowers, bruises, everything.

OJ- classes that were fun just because you were there. It makes me feel really good to know that I'm one of the few people you can stand, despite being a dumb blonde!

Fahd, Saad, Amer, Wajiha, Nargis- bruises, phaddas, bonding, weirdness, madness and oh, am I always right or what?!

Sila, Jay, Ovais, Areeba, Shezeen- the bomb scare in 8th grade, the wills we all wrote then, my obsessions, Russ, and Ovais, you were the best friend I could've asked for.

Yasser- fights, apologies, more fights the Grammarian the ball, The Simpsons, Niles.

Saad- great headboy, editor, and friend. Bruises, cheap jokes and phaddas.

Yousuf K- the b-day present, the concert, my portrait (!), your talent, and your friendship. DK- weird stories since 6th grade! Thanks for being my friend.

Faizan- One of the best people I know. The grammarian, intervention in phaddas, smiles, prepare yourself for a lifelong friendship

JB, Fawad, Haider- I WON THE RACE! My bad driving, dinner, the jeep, near death experiences!

Sonya- my lap, your tears, trying to study eco, and your protectiveness. Thanks.

QJ- wish I had gotten to know you sooner. The whole lit. class-Transience", how rats will eat us all, and how much we all enjoyed studying it despite all that.

Myla, Sania- NAPIER RULES!

Geri- Darul Sukun, the (almost) Carlton ball, cooking society, your truck, swing dancing.

Awaan- classes since 10th grade, Rang, talking.

Imran- funny math classes, your hotness, and SAMAN IS MINE!!!

Azhar- flowers, soccer, camel crushes, swing dancing, brownies, tears, drives, swinging, parties, problems, advice, unconditional love.

TC- tuitions, hair, the most beautiful flowers, brownies, favors, everything.

Rahman- soccer, bonding at the play, just talking.

Adil- how you always seem tipsy, even when you're not! Talking

Hasan- "all talk," hotness, fun, conservation.

Zohra and Haider- Darul Sukun, you love it as much as we do. All our bonding sessions, and the dinner that WILL happen!

Adeela, Fati, Humera, Jav, Imran Malik, Buxy- all the matches and break duties that you guys made more fun and "interesting"

Fahd- all our plans that just didn't happen.

Ibaad- "Bonding" in Nathia Gali. Watch out for leopards! The plays, 10's and 11's it was great working with all of you. 10's, we had the best make up and sets, and the sweetest stars and directors. Running for the

flowers was fun!

Salu, Cyrus, Masroor, Rafay, Saif, Habib- tuitions, tennis, concerts, basketball, bowling, bonding, all the fun possible despite being in different schools.

Mumles- songs, advice, and being a great friend for 2 years.

ANK: falling for u, and finally getting over it, was an experience. I'm happy I fell for u, and I'm even happier it didn't last. I know I'm a better person for it all.

Kashif- all our memories since 7th grade it would've been so much easier if I had listened to u then.

Saira- the best sister possible. Mistakes, fun, madness, plans, histories, futures, all the love, patience and strength in the world. It'll all work out

The Pulse: If anyone's missing, it's your fault!

KGS: 9yrs of memories that I'll never be able to outgrow

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