Imran-S: Probably the most successful and worthy cricket captain ever since Mr Bernard joined KGS in 87. Imran, your friendship and captaincy I value and respect deeply and hopefully your leadership and responsibility skills for being house captain as well as cricket captain will you a long way. We've been very close friends since Class 4 and I will never forget the amazing fun we had in Peshawar with the rest of the team. All those phatakas, the movies, table tennis matches and of course our semi final win. Take care!

Suleman: A true hardcore legend on and off the pitch :) Mani, man I've had loads of fun with you, all the WWF chats we've had, cricket, Peshawar, especially those photos in your room there!, PlayStation (smackdown 2) and the chulla. I wish you the best in the UK and have one day a Super Diva by your side! And always remember to "know your role and shut your mouth, if ya ssmmeellaaooww what the ROCK is cooking".

Ali-Askari: A virtual copy of Crash Holly :) You are probably the only one with Asif P, me and Suleman that have a WWF fan base which began in our formative years and still has being going strong. I never knew that you worshipped wrestling until you read of my "famous match reports"! Everyday in school, you signal to the world your love for The Rock by screaming out loud "if ya smellaaooww...) I think we 4 have popularised this industry more than anyother year and hopefully the Jiwa gang will make it more famous. History classes were loads of fun with you especially when Hoti used to "dis" you and basically "make your backside famous"! All the tapes that you've adhored of mine which I still have not received especially the Divas walla. I leave you to just electrify all the USC babes that fall for you, admire staring at them on the LA beaches and respect what AUSTIN 3:16 has to say about all that :)

Faraz: The only batsman in the KGS cricket team of 2001 that can time and hammer a cover/off drive as easily as Steve Waugh! Faraz, you are undoubtedly our year's "KING" in the chulla business and even though you got screwed everytime for it, I had loads of fun watching all your mischief. I've had a lot of laughs with you from the Junior School days, Mr M Iqbal's Class 10 Accounts classes, your 96-100 in the mocks (which you never make me forget), your love of "The Worm" and especially Peshawar when you and Jawad locked up the opposition in their rooms at night! Hopefully you will bring hell on earth for the faculty of Ohio Wesleyan, take care.

Asif-P: From this group of Second Year's, I do not think that there has been as intense a rivalary in so many different sports that there has been between Asif and I. From Class 7 onwards, the thousands of tennis, table tennis and cricket matches we've played against each other. In all you started off beating me but then I had the last laugh in all of them. Asif, from this whole group, I know you the best alongwith your family. I'll always remember the wonderful times we've had together from the day spends, Sega games (ATP), sports, our love for WWF, the fiasco with Aadil-N, the semi final in Peshawar where you won us the match and the water baloon incident in school. Take care and good luck at Madison.

Sania-S: Undoubtedly one of the best head girls in KGS history and a good friend. The only girl I know who knows as much of wrestling as I do! Sania, thank you so much for reading out the messages I gave you in assembly, standing up for us when the admin was unfair to us and your admiration of The Rock which put the Stone Cold lovers like Mani to shame. Your amazing Personality and leadership skills will definitely win you loads of friends at Holyoake.

Raza-K: Thank you for all your help and advice whenever I needed it. Please go abroad for studies and dont stay here, you dont deserve it. Take care of Kumail and keep in touch.

Yousuf-K & Kashif-M: These two boys have been in all my classes since Nursery which is quite rare. Man, Yousuf you I will remember always especially your outstanding skills of imitating teachers especially H-Iqbal, Jamil-J, Mrs Hasan and Mrs Riaz. Kashif you too have been an excellent friend and a genius in studies. Thank you both for your help in studies when I had asked for it and may you all prosper in USA. You two have been great prefects and it was lots of fun being in class with you guys, take care!

Nasser-R: My "spin twin" partner of destruction. Nasser, we've been in every Frere cricket team since Class 7 and none most was more entertaining than the recent Inter House cricket tournament where we literally checked 17 of the opposition's batsmen directly into the Smackdown Hotel. Both of us had the most wickets, the best bowling averages, strike rates and economy rates. Nasser, you will be the main trumpcard this year for not only Frere but for the school cricket team as well. Good luck with House Captaincy and with cricket, need any help just email.

Zane-B, Adam-D, Ibrahim & Sarosh-M: These boys I've literally grown up with especially Zane. I will dearly miss all the musti you all did in housemeetings with Tanzeem, your "corner" fights in Class 9, imitations of Tanzeem, Tatun, Abdullah, Jaffrani, Nazeer, Shoaib, Kazim, H-Iqbal, break time scenes and the weekly "parsi gang" parties which were loads of fun especially those Cooper jokes! I will really miss you guys the most, take care and have fun in SY.

Mr Bernard: Sir, if it you didnt take me to Peshawar I would never be the cricketer I am today. Sir, your coaching skills, advice and faith in me were insipirational and I owe you a lot of credit for it. Thank you and may God Bless your soul.

Mrs Y Khan: Miss it was loads of fun being taught by you and I would say thank you for helping me out whenever I needed help in Socio. I will never forget the prank you pulled in Class 11 on a few students

Mrs Muncherj: Miss, out of all the teachers in the school, I think you have the greatest ability to generate a student's interest in a subject. Miss, your personality is one of a kind, your humourous jokes and your sense of caring really appealed to me and many other students. You truly do deserve your Gold Medal from Cambridge in Literature. I hope your mum fully recovers soon and wish you the best of everything that life has to offer you. Take care of the O Levels and best of luck. Hopefully I'll see you one day in Vancouver in the holidays at Kashmira's :)

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