TO my most beloved parents n siblings I leave behind gratitiude for unconditional love,patience n encouragement. Thank u for making me the person I am today.

ABBAS- loving memories of all the times we spent together... My deepest darkest secretsas ur head girl the stair case duties at the girls' side, a unique place in my heart and the knowledge that u r the most treasured friend I have.

FARAH- each n every minute we've spent together since we were kidsthe geography prize we got for our igloo,the long walks at sind club,memories of my rooftop,the countless no. of fights we had. a barn full of cauliflowers n all my cute baby pictures.

RE NAN HAI- I give u all my love, ur library cards,a stock of prawn crackers, chinese food,purple skittles,banana wrigleys,my A grade in maths, 'secret smile' only for u ,lots of paper towels to keep u dry during monsoon season , combo 1's u won't get from any fast foods.lastly I leave u a box of LLs n TTs to last u thru college.

APOCALYPSE-an award for the ur tips on how to bunk without getting caught..postage stamps so u can mail me all ur anxieties regarding 'someone', a tin of furniture glue-just incase u break more chairs.

INSI WINSI SPIDER-a book on how to make ur own hair,my moonlight gown n my figure to help u fit into it ;), I leave u cherished memories of all the night spends, pizza deliveries ,ur wake up calls, crazy shopping spree n my touch of 'finickiness' to add to urs :P

SUNZ-all the sunflowers that only you and I cud spot, my pierced ear as a reminder of ur pushiness.the Loop of Henle's , acetylcholine n GDRs, the reminescence of the burgundy hair dye for future use,yellow paints for ur walls at uni,our perfect partnership at dishwashing n the promise to give each other a good massage.

ZANZAN-a cable connection to allow u to live online, the title of 'the bet palm reader',a promise to listen to ur worries when insi is not around, our obsession with philip larkens.

AYESHA RAEES- my 'fascnating' chinese eyes!!

ERROL- 13 yrs of friendship...i leave u my contact number- call whenever u need advice n also the honour of sharing a common point of view.

MAHA- gratitude for being such a wondeful friend n for making my life at KGS memorable. i leave u a reminder to call or write to me...n all the long conversations that we never failed to have .

LALEH-memories of the hours we spent together in the bio lab doing our slides,the literature combined studies n the torture we went thru together during 'certain' classes we had in common- :P

DANISH D.-I leave u with the only phrase u learnt to say in chinese : ' wo jiao danish', the ball preparations,the time we spent comparing the sizes of our palms during the free period when there was nothing better to do.

SIR SNIFF A LOT- all the icq,msn n phone conversation we ever had I leave u with a neverending supply of tissue to keep ur keyboard clean from all the gooyie stuff .

ZASH-thanx for being there for me alwaysan award for the best swing dance teacher .n a virtual map to my house so that u find ur way to my house the next time I have a BBQ

BARIZA- I leave u myself- ur hot,sexy oriental chicn memories of the most treasured times we've spent together also an invitation to my wedding.

FAWAD AHMED-a book on how to get free food..n a letter of authorization from the mother of all 'shot guns' entitling u to the front seat of 'the MOTHER's kia'

ROBBIE- the answer to ur question 'Cindy how is Bruce Lee related to u?' n happy memories of the times we spent at darul sukoon.

NIDA HANIF- all the lit notes I took from u.

YK-memories of ur tubla playing over the phonea guide on how to get ready in 5 min.also loads of gel for ur hair.

KITKAT- a book titled 101 ways of asking a girl out n what original gifts to give them all. A big hug as a thank u gift for bearing with my yap yapn for the torture I put u thru everytime my pc crashed.

FAIZAN G.- the interpretation of the poem by T.S. Eliot. A whole lot of gratitude for letting me bug u with my college decisions.

HABBAN-my P-3 to replace ur 486, the secret on how I fit into ur rocking chair,my brother to play MK with u at LUMS, an unlimited amount of money so u hav something to forget in ur wallet, a list of chinese boos.. a special kind of soap that wud be helpful when u decide to take ur next shower :P

SALA-n alarm clock ,lots of stale biscuits n a tanker full of coke to use when 'u know who' is doing 'u know what'. Last but not the least ..thanx for the honour u gave me by letting me be ur ball date u know!

BUDDA-an extra large bottle of nail polish remover n other cosmetic removal accessories for u to use when u get make up applied on u forcefully.:P

SARAH J.-a dictionary to help u translate the chinese writings on ur sister's toys, all the coke cans we emptied for the carnival, n a picture of me in my fairy costume for u to put on ur shelf.

MALIHA Q.- I leave my 'tight ass' which u admired so much :Pn an apology for not meeting ur expectation of me as the head girl of SMCS.

AKBAR- a manual on how to do kung-fu fighting n a clown costume to go with ur clown boots which u never stopped boasting about.

HAISSOM-the picture that u took during my first week at KGS n a wig to play with since I shall be taking my hair along with me :P

SAMMY-all the stupidest n craziest stuff we did in our free periods- the ling cult, the badges that u made for everyone n the animal stickers n lots of love.

LURCH- all the confuscious n robert jokes that u eva told n my prefect gown which fits u better than it cud fit anyone else in school.

AZHAR A.- lots of love from 'cindy love' the title that u bestowed on me for reasons I still don't know. A big thank u for putting a smile on my face n giving a bright n cheerful start to my day while I did my line duties..also for making me feel so special n unique by getting so fascinated by my ability to speak urdu fluently.

TO KGS, all my teachers n all my dear friends who I was unable to name aboveI would like to thank u all for making the past 2 years of my life such an enriching experience n for moulding me into the person I am.

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