I Danish Elahi of Class 2001 with all my senses dead write my will which will stand after I leave the school for good( Freedom to be.!!!!)

I leave my heartily love, trust and above all my long and tested friendship to three gr8 people who should know that they are very special and meant a great deal to thy.namely Junaid Karimi, Faraz Kamlani and Maha Salman Ali.

"The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving"

Junaid.shall take possession of all my cricketing material along with my vocal cord organism to help him achieve excellence in the two fields he masters in ( Except StudiesMr. Perfect!!!) mainly cricket records and telephone conversations. My taleep and Ramazan will be donated to juni so that he can remember me in good words all his life.

I hereby proclaim that all my quotations, gym sessions and all the cheap secrets shall be bestowed upon one who bore them all while they lasted Miss Maha Ali ( Thanx BF!). I shall also leave my wisdom and predictions to her so that her future life is flow less (as I always happen to give her the right advise!!!!)

All my diet secrets and fitness regimes along with my stamina will be transplanted into Kama. So that he can manage to jog 1 whole round of N.S.P Non-stop.I willingly grant a life time double batting award so that he does not cry in future.

FarisI m very pleased to leave u my flirting skills so that u can initiate a conversation with a grl. U shall also have my months allowance to finance ur first date( now would u please do something..!!!) sorry I wont be around to be ur D but I hope u improve ur driving skills and not break any rear car lights.

I leave all abusing skills, bad moods and angry days to Maria Mirza( better known as Miss Mirza or Mrs. Aziz) as she sure can take them in good honour.

Accounts classes( especially with Muno) and trips to the kitchen shall belong to Mariyah Arif( or should I say Mrs. HB!!!)

Cricket was fun during the last 2 yrs .i leave all those good memories to my my team mates and our Coaches Mr Bernard and Mr. Abid( very very interesting!) Promising them to flight the damn ball in the world hereafter.

The definition of acquaintance and friendship was an important part of my life .i hereby leave it to Habiba Sheikh for safe keeping.

To Errol, Abbass and Bassaam I devote my cricket skills so that they can make it to the Papworth cricket team on their merit!!!!

Pissu and Behramjee I prescibe my colllection of Old American Classic Films( which I must buy myself before leaving..!!!)to knock some sense into Pissus melay and Bams Rock head.

To my scavenger hunt team I leave my deo(man u guys were stinking ) and the lizard which they may distribute as they wish.

Ceratin People though may have been mere acquaintaince but sure deserve endowment of my Extreme Respect for their individual outstanding personalities..Afaan Naqvi, Mubashara Khalid, Humaid, Sana Ghangat, Imran Siddiqui and Faizan Ghouri.

I leave all my good days, cheap thrills to my gr8 friends( so that they can laugh and enjoy the good memories and time we have shared).As my last breaths come closer I would like to tell Junaid, Maha, Faraz, Mirza, Arif, Faris and Bassaam that made me feel very special. they made my good moods count, igored my anger and pulled me out of my depressions. Thanx buddies!!!! I owe u a lot.

Finally Thank You all Grammarians of all ages, sex , race and colour for making these two years very special for me.

"Dont Pray for opportunities Pray youll be ready when opporunities come"

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