I, Abbas Rizvi bequeath to the following people:

Cindy: Myself. I leave you my O-level grades, all the ups (not the downs) we went through, the large telephone bills, my parents love for you (parents favorite-mobin will agree), the cries over the phone, General grade, SAT dilemma and what not (Sorry word limit). Just remember that you know who MY BEST FRIEND is.

Errol: Basketball Sessions on Saturdays, all the matches we played, Prefect body at SMCS, dance tutorial, my report for you before the Halloween Party, all the picking and dropping, Area 51, the person laying on the back seat, Paindu Production (I hope the production likes it) and a lot more. Our friendship has truly established towards the end and I hope it will become stronger in the future.

Falak: I leave for you the following to be practiced throughout your last year: Talees, the slaps on the back, getting lunch before the bell, the practice of first translating and then writing, coaching our girls, gluing eyes (of others this time), test driving at mela, keeping short nicks, writing long emails, setting chix for friends, getting impressed when someone else is impressed and studying at Gymkhana. I also leave with you ball pics which I never saw, flowers that were left behind, all the consoling when you were feeling down and my laptop. Thanx for a memorable ball. You are a great girl. NEVER change.

Fawad: Memories of: Asst. monitoring in VI, recording Ranjiths lectures, prefect interviews, but International language, storing strength for K.G.S., chemistry titrations, tug-of-war heaving, baseball trials and a special Visa drop box facility with Aston sitting there. I hope that both of us get the CND visa and read the wills together at Waterloo.

Ibaad: For you I leave my most precious possession my best friend. Please take care of her otherwise (Ill only say: U dunno me!!!)

Kashif: Nafees Urdu, trips on 1C, Amyn associates, phudda stories, the inner courtyards bench, a months membership of Papworth, tutions at Gymkhana,

library (gym) full of FY girls with you helping them, a bundi for future balls, my appetite and a lot more. RULE UPENN.

Maha: All the problems we handled, the fun we had together, long walks in break and at coaching center, the play(s) through which we slept, my dancing skills, rides to McDonalds and Area 51 in Errols car, your phoning skills, Errol, my Javelin Gold, lunch at Nihari Inn and more. It was your leadership that made Papworth prove its dominance this year.

Makani and Paz: Ameer Khusro Park.

Mehreen: A trip to the Walls factory, Presidency of the Einstein Society, all the shared secrets, Math classes which I never attended, Physics exams which you always aced, Pappy trials and your cousin.

Mobin: I leave you the memories of our school van in VI, how we have been friends ever since, Manora Club, the way you welcomed me to KGS and helped me to mix so quickly, my mantar, your prophecy that Ill make it to the striped gown and your strange dream days before the gowning which materialized. I still remember the way you forced me into giving flowers to someone on the FY Valentines Day. I bestow you with the title of Bengali.

Nazish and group: A something you girls gopher at the schools sand pit.


Rabia: I leave you our physics class and tution, the numerous gossips and advises, vice-captaincy of Pappy girls, a book filled and signed by me, a seat at AKU and a driver who will not drive your long black car over my foot.

Raza, Imran and Sala: A challenging year through which I guided each one of you to success. Guys thanx for making my captaincy arduous for me otherwise it would have been no fun. Thanx again.

Salman: Everything we have done together. Thanx for being a true friend.

SFK: Hi-achiever awards ceremony, Yassers Headboyship, Mrs. Sami, weird online phuddas, buying coffee in winter and numerous suggestions for handling the skool and the girl (You followed them partially and so). Enjoy life and miss ME. Dont forget the funny speculations stirred Jan01 onwards.

Subeika: All the time we spent together studying and having fun. Youll achieve whatever you want. Just TAKE CARE.

Yasser: Memories of the Inter-class soccer, Mr. Samads coaching, Congos lectures, O-level grades, a special lunch at Village, Hi-achievers awards, SMCS prefect body and our regime at KGS. Keep up with the attitude and the good work. I also order you to quit the occasional

Zeeshan, Taha, Nida, Moby, Danish, Shaan, Ghauri, Wamiq, Insiya, Sana,

Xainab, SabaK, Alyzae, Hadia, Tariq, JB, Saad, Rehman, Fahd, Tahir,

Kazmi and others: Lots of memories and love and a word of thanx for being there throughout my KGS experience.

Mr. Iqbal and Mrs. Khan: Thank you very much for always helping and guiding me.

My Chemistry Class: It was because of your support that I produced so much glass wreckage in the Lab.

To all the Pappys I leave Papworth, the most competitive house.

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