To Maha Ali I leave the most important and wonderful moments of my life. The memories of our place, long drives, swing dance, bm class, being the Good Luck Charm for each others sports and finally I give you the most precious thing (my Somethings in life are more important than life itself.

To Yusra Baluch I leave the memories of every single day we spent in kgs. We always had a special bond between us from guys to gals talk, from singing to fun & masti and finally from problems & emotions to advises & consoling. Someone special once said that the best friendships actually take the shortest time to develop. Thax for making me your bestfriend.

Abbas Rizvi, you were the best house captain, great friend and what else to say youve been there for every single thing......thax. I hope this is not the end.

Amer Awan, mamay kaisay hai. woh bench per baeth kay NG society ke planning karna, woh Mr Bernard ka humay soccer field say nakal dena aur woh Miss Shamsa key interesting classes js may sotay rahna. I hope Lums may bhi ja kar fultime shogal karo gay.

Shakir Maniya, I give you our general class, games (footsole) and our bonding sessions during free periods and break time memories. Sorry man for not hanging around in the last month- I hope you would understand. During these 2 yrs, I found a really nice friend who thinks like I do.

To Fahd Jaferi, I give all those plans that we made to play b.ball at kmc that never succeeded. General and BM wouldnt have been fun without you (bm project). You are a good sportsman even though you sucked at most of it just as I did. Man plz dont scare anyone at Lums with your weird sense of styling.

To Zarsheesh, my swing dance teacher, I leave memories of registration, general, bm & free periods....... especially our bonding sessions at the pool. You have been a great friend who always brought a smile on my face with ur words....thax.

Haisom, I give you all the chats we had about your strong crushes that always kept on changing. I hope that you find the right person at Lums.

Affan, you are one of the best sportsman a have ever come across and to top it all a nice person. I give you the funtimes of playing sports together especially b.ball, bm, general and free periods.

To Cindy Lee I leave memories of the days from sharing the same lungees, green house, religion classes, prefect-hood at smcs to all the fun time at kgs. Thax for being so supportive. Waisay I dont think ineed to leave anything else to you because well stay in touch at our neighbouring colleges.

Danish Elahi, I leave all the memories of the court, sports field, crazy drivings and combined classes. I give you the most important and probably the biggest responsibilityof taking good care of the Most Valuable Person in my life.

To Bariza, I give you all the memories of maths class; solving questions together, flirting with each other, singing nursery rhymes and the staring sessions with cheap looks. And of course how can I not mention the swing dances.

Taha Noor, I leave all the maths and accounts classes talks about cricket, babes and $@#.

Omer, Imran and Raza, it was fun to compete against you guys in sports.

Taimur Karim keep the dance floor rocking.

Faizan gori gori, definately this is not the end for us.

Mir Taimur, I leave my volleyball, accounts ans maths memories to you. Man you never taught me accounts as you did to that group of gals.

To Billal Bawany. Papworth vs Rest of school cricket match memories.

I leave Adnan Qadir with all my basketball skills and strategies which we used to discuss.

Mariyah M & Farris ill just save my words right now because ill be spending 4 more yrs with you guys.

Mariyah A and Mubashara, accounts and bm memories......tried really hard to pull each others leg ....huh!

To Tahir I leave all the conservations we had on the wat home, especially about your cousin Sana.

To Sassi I leave bm, general, games and all the funtime memories & of course the accounts exams.....just kidding.

Oye Saif, we still need to chill out properly remember.

I give Yasir G memories from the olevels, serious talks and fun we had in accounts. I wont be surprised to see you work with UNO.

Doosa, nice talking about your crushes and problems. Ill not just miss those accounts & maths classes but also the memories from smcs.

Azhar and Rehman. Great fy friends who always entertained me both on the field as well as the dance floor.

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