I learned a lot from my two years at KGS; the school itself does not mean a thing to me nor did the people I encountered therein (except a couple of them who I came to love dearly), but it surely was an unforgettable experience.

The order of the people in this list has nothing to do with their importance to me.

Zainab, Cindy, Farah and Yusuf: A note of thanks for you guys for making my first day at KGS a comparatively less freaking experience than I had imagined it to be.

Hira Arshad: I give you a sweet kiss for being such a cute lil gal and for inviting me to your birthdays. (Sorry for not attending any one of them though)!

Nageen: A thanks for being such a sweet presence in the Urdu class. Its about time that you expose your immense hidden talents and show everyone what you are made of.

Jahenzeb Baloch: I leave you with my Urdu register after which you had driven me crazy (its still lost I promise). I also leave you with an audience to laugh at your otherwise corny, non-laughable jokes.
To the rest of my Urdu class I leave the memories of Mrs.Riaz and her teachings and Khizr-e-Rah.

To my General class, I leave the following note: Good riddance!!

Mod girls (especially Farah Hussain): I leave you guyz a strip-tease club; you should know what use to make of it.

Tahir Raza: I leave you peace; you were a part of the KGS experience and I have no regrets or grudges against you.

Hammad Liaqat: I leave you with an admission into AKU and a book titled De-freak yourself in ten days (only meant for wierdos by nature).

Laleh: You can have an utterly powerful and scary book from me.

Hasan Faraz: To you I leave a million over-due library books of all your friends so that you can pay the fine for them;-)

Yanna Shamsi: Luv your name girlI leave you with an extra ten pounds and an advice to not to go out on a windy day for obvious reasons.

Sana Irshad: To you I leave an appointment with the vet and a warning for the vet: Be careful, this one bites! Thanks for keeping me entertained in Physics.

Saad Ahmed: Even though I didnt know you personally, I knew that your concern for me was genuine. I leave you with a lot of sunshine and rhythm in your life.
Note: Fizz and Phys definitely dont go together!

Tariq Shaikh: I think we were better acquainted in the first year so I am leaving you something from that part of my past a smile that you are always wearing, that round of Antakshri in which you were no match to me and that Pashmina which you were supposed to get me from Peshawar!

Atif Waqar: Yaaaaaarrrrrtime spent with you has been DIVINE!!!!! (I know Ive said that to you a hundred times) but it IS the whole truth and nothing but the truth ;-)
Im never going to forget those laminated eyes of yoursthey saw the best in meoverlooked my faultsmade me believe in myself
Yaar, you were there for me every time, helped me out with just about everything: from sar-marofying in physics to crossing ditches to dealing with pimple tragedies; you taught me important lessons in life: how to deal with my devil of a sis, how to tamper with my pc, how to bunk in style:-)
Therefore, for my Yaar through thick and thin, I bequeath all the memories we made together, bitter and sweet, coz all the incidents we shared brought us closer: endless conversations in the library, "awara-gardiyan" in the courtyard and stay-backs in school for physics practical. Immensity (you have to guess this one) and then Dec 13th (I adore you for it), blue socks, the Band-Aid, the Suzuki and Ferrari ride; your bone-wrenching patakhay and your shorts (you look "nice" in them), your straaange habits (counting swimming pool tiles and keeping imaginary pets is definitely not normal), your Olevel ID pic (joke of the century) and your Hitlers moustache. And how can I forget the ball and your three left feet!!! (Which reminds me that I also leave you a pair of dancing legs to keep up with my moves).
For the Jawz in you, I bequeath our ICQ history, a clogged mailbox with my you-know-whats and phone numbers of all the babes in Hollywood, especially Crawfords.
For the Urdu-daan in you, I leave an Urdu to English dictionary to understand my Angrezi terms and Mrs.Riaz to de-slang your Urdu. (Aik dum chakas huh?)
I also leave you a lifetime companionship with Rayer, a written permission from your mom to do all the chulla you want, cable TV with a zillion channels and guess what? No boxes, a personal Mirage or F-16 to fuel your passion for flying, my duayain so that you are always lucky, anything and everything that you desire; and anything and everything that makes you happy. I also give you my word that we will meet again inshallah.
Thaanx for everything yaarno matter how foolish and immature I think of myself to be I know Ill always be a Genius in your books.

Sarah the Yak: I leave you a dozen strepsils and a wish for you to have a wonderful life with your future husband.

Sara Ahmed: Hey palwe go back a looong way to Cityto you I leave all our City memories, another brain which is programmed to introduce a fun-inducing hormone in your body, an A in Bio and Chem. and one helluva life at Oberlin.

Wamiq Javed: To you I leave all my spiritual and enlightening emails that you really enjoyed.

Lubna Ali: Yo LubooooI leave you with the memories of Sir Ashrafs tuition: the tafreeh we had in that crumbling jhopri, the interesting graffiti all around the place, CK boy and his charms, HB and the rest of the cheapsters from Hali wo bhee kya din they...keep in touch.

Sabbah Rahooja: You know, back in City, I had no idea that you would turn out to be one of my closest friends in KGS. I leave you with all our early morning memories in KGS, when the sun would rise after we used to reach school, and a prayer that may you find a companion who understands and appreciates your deep reflections on life. I will remember you for your selflessness, generosity, and your precious words of advice. Thanx a million for driving me to school and all around KarachiI hereby declare you as a pal.

Rafia Najam: Arey Rockyyou Hrithik-obsessed-girlI leave you with that memorable hug and the victory dance we did in BC after we both got an A in Math.

Hareem Mohsin: I just wish you wouldnt have isolated yourself from us; the City gang really misses you.

Nida Masood: I leave you with a lush motorbike, complete with Night Rider gear; seriously, this is the only thing missing from your tomboyish personality.

Bushra Essa: BushieI leave you with a million smiles and giggles that symbolize your bubbly personality, dont forget our Huda fun and dont ever change.

Feroze Zalil: For the stud of KGS, I leave a harem, a dozen convertibles and mobile phones andBata ka jota! Thank you for all your treats, generosity and help. You are a classic gentleman.

Taimur Ali: Hey boy-next-door, I leave you five inches of extra height and a nerds brain to help you with your CA. Good luck!

For all you Heritage Walas (Sabs, Taimi, Nida, Bushie and Feroze), I leave our unforgettable memories of the Heritage trips, those walks through Saddar and I.I Chundrigar, that cheaposs hotal, Pringles and Ferozes reckless driving. We made one helluva team

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