I do hereby concede memoirs of 4 wonderful years spent at KGS to the following:

MOBIN(my first friend at KGS); to you I leave the seat behind which I used to sit in X-S the endless conversations which we had over the faith of the poor and destitute of Pakistan miss Raheela's Chem notes of grade XI 'our bench' and the conviction that plan B may not be needed afterall.

CINDY to my best friend since grade one, I leave memories of time spent not only at KGS but also those of the 9 years we spent playing together and the long digested aloo bokharas.

KASHIF to you I leave all our afternoon conversations. My telephone bills of 4 years this puzzle which only you can solve: What was the fire that burnt without a flame? I also leave you with the futile trip we made to Casio Monga to buy a programmable calculator my sister the dreadful mistake: maacho guy!! And needless to say our mutual ambition of becoming the richest male and female persons.

DANISH.K I leave you with one big hope of someday( the two of us) being able to sort out Kashif's crushes and the inner workings of his mind.

BEHRAMJEE firsly I leave you with an apology for not having had that tennis match at Sind Club my Head tennis racket the promise of always remaining my incorruptible self ( which you were so scared I might lose) I also want to leave you with the biggest 'thanks' for having shown me around the school campus during my first days at KGS.

ZARSHEESH your favourite word 'jaaaan' all the time in the world to psycho analyse people and a veeeerrrrryyyyy special place in my soul.

ZAINAB I leave you with my firmest belief that you will make the best match making business in the world I also leave you with Mobin's exasperated attempts at making you lay off his fights with you and vice versa my enjoyment over those fights and the biggest chunk of LOVE coz you have done soooooooo much for me.

INSIYA to you I leave the map of Saddar so that you can always find your way to botal gulley and paper market and memories of the day we spent making 120 bottles for Valentines day at your house.

SARAH AND HAADIA the 'Phase Equilibria' questions a life time friendship guarantee from me to the two most wonderful friends I've have.

BABAR .J all the bio and chem questions which I could not get the teachers to answer.

HABIBA our get togethers at your house and the time spent together in grade XI.

MAHA sir Khalilullah's lectures in grade X and XI the front seats to all of sir Siddique's Physics classes and those exciting weeks of preparation during the Drama festival.

SANAM .S. Frere trials and softball tribulations and a question ' Why

did you not like me in grade X?'

RAZA KANJI sir Errol's chem tuitions , the Sat books and a never dying trust.

ADIL NAKHODA my friendship through Mobin.

ABBAS the invitation and address to my house.

HAMMAD all the months we helped each other pull up from pitfalls in studies and especially the month of June ( Exam days) the endless discussions and exchange of notes in bio and chem.

SAAD AHMED all the tough mathematical questions which you guys helped me


SAAD KHAN your sisters nonstop babling and the 2 hour conversation we had during our O-levels.

ANUCHA I leave you all my well organised and neatly written bio and chem notes mrs Qazi and tons of respect that I've always felt for you.

SANA. R the knowledge that lots of guys had crushes on you.

YUSUF my phone number.

IBRAHIM RIZQUI to my cousin, I leave all my past papers and notes and files and essays over which I have sweated for the past 2 years.

USMAN to my brother I leave lots and lots and lots of love my prefect gown and the 'world of my own' in which he says I live in and in which I let in only a select few.

MUKARRAM BAIG, AZHAR SALAHUDDIN, MAHNAZ SALAHUDDIN, AYESHA GHAZI AND MY SIS : to all these ex-grammarian cousins of mine I leave their signatures on the desks and walls of the old campus and the school shed.

Mrs. EFFENDI a big Kiss.

Mrs.MUJAHID; a 'thankyou' for guiding me all these 4 years of my life at KGS.

TO MY BROTHER'S FRIENDS ( Yasir, talal and owais) I leave the phone.

To all the above mentioned friends I also leave birthday wishes for the rest of our lives coz I'm very bad at remembering birthdays.

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