No word limit would suffice if I started describing the wonderful relationships with people who have contributed to such a great school life. I just hope that my friends enjoyed all the good times, laughter and bonding with me as much as I did with them. Let me make an attempt to leave a few people a few things which I think they might have use for:

Ali: I hereby crown you Chulla prince and leave you: your own rickshaw to get you to Tariq road everyday, a $100,000 loan from Nani, new (and free of kumm) bedsheets and carpets, an invitation to the Jerry Springer show, a collection of all the faggy disney cartoons that you love, a fraud spend night study session at my house that ended up in the night when boys became men, and a heavenly companionship that I crave (from the deepest abyss of my heart) will last to a time without end (GAY MAN!)

Baigi: A packet of Bensons, a new pair of lungs, a woofer, sub-woofer, amp and all the other paraphernalia that you want for your car, a willys jeep, a great car deal, and all the muftas that you pull off from the tax-payers money. Thanks for being a true friend.

Mani: Smackdown, the G.M. bat that launched our cricket careers, medicine to cure your weird sleeping habits, sportsman of the year, a calender which makes namaz in your room impossible, a compilation in alphabetical order of all the frauds we have pulled off, another compilation of the billion jokes about N*n* and Younis Bhai, ripping off a certain choo again and again, SPY MASTER! to pass time once we have left, the night when boys became men and most importantly 2 As and a B so you can get into Kings.

I also leave Myself, Ali, Mani, JD and Mariam G a certificate for exceptional performance in the C language.

Ahmed C, Ali K, Tauqeer, Tariq, Zain S, Blosch: All the times spent together, I wish you guys all the best in life and hope that you achieve all that you aim for.

Hasan A: The red gown, free Mr. Burger for life, and an elevator in the house so you dont have to go all the way up to call Ali. Enjoy the best years of your life!

Mashu: Being permanently grounded, a dozen suspensions, loads of phaddas, I also officially hand over SPY MASTER to you, take care bro.

Farah: Smartest girl of the year award (Blonde, Irish, Pathan) Murghi kay anday, a clock, a basketful of vegetables (you know where to store them), your netscape history, passwords, chat logs and lastly admission to the college of. well.. actually ..any college that you manage to get into.

Akber: A dictionary of all our made-up words, jokes and definitions, all the 6fee and chicken mushroom patties, 100 rupee sunglasses, applications to the most obscure colleges in the world, and our search for the understanding not the answer.

Anuscha: a few dozen (love?) notes in chem class, a nostalgia trip back to the good ol days, a jangli fish, a leather jacket ,leather pants, a blue and white bike (Please wear a helmet), and the responsibility of having a party every two weeks.

Maliha: The group C fun, Murghi kay anday, all your cheap lines (Talk to the hand.) your cackle laughter, the halwa puri and a time machine to take us back to class four.

Sania: All the smiley faces and sweet things in the world, attendance to all your birthday parties, your amazing baking ability, what happens when a guard is shared by the whole cricket team, and definitions to all the words you claim you dont know the meaning of!

Amina: A permanent seat next to me and best friendship so you wont complain about how much you miss either of them.

Saman: A trip by train to Moenjodaro, the Group C fun, and a pass to the next meeting of the devil-worshippers cult!

Sara: A fraud cricket society, halwa puri and a retarded physics class

Rishad: A box of joey, a truckload of SAT words, your unique fast bowling ability (and your unique driving ability), a deep meaningful discussion about life, a picture of me so you and Akber can worship it, and the mantle of new best friend!

JD: A harem of beautiful women in New York, Banao Banao! your khatara charade, an extra large supporter for the extra large you-know-whats, a years supply of vaseline, and a mobile with outgoing band hai yaar

Danish D: A laughter session, our haraminess even in class 6, a birdie, a volcano, an eruption, and a geyser.

Buppy: The crazy bunking and the loooooong chats..

Imran: A tenoclock curfew, bill for a broken tubelight, zaidis shorts, and some wild driving.

Saad and Sania: A set of problems with the admin, one thousand discussions on what the limits are for chulla and another thousand discussions on what to do next!

Pissu: A biography entitled All the batting positions occupied by Asif Pesnani for KGS and the night when boys became men.

Buddha: All the londaism, and Fastest Finger First!

Behramjee: To the sweetest guy in our grade I leave the best bowling figures ever for KGS, and a handbook of all the airline schedules in the world.

Goldie: Crazy MSN nicks and Jaundice medicine.

Mariam G: Best friendship, Bugsy and Pinky

Zehra: A bunch of roses, some Lindtt chocolate (two flavours) and a card. whoops! you already have those anyways!

Mashall: Mailaness and jangli pana, a book by Maulana A. Dharial entitled Is *** for pleasure permissible in Islam? and a memorable "farewell party"

Sehrish: The same book I left Mashall, the gudd-loookin days, some of my intelligence, and a statue of me so you can worship it!

Nazia: Your friendliness, your own box of chocolates so you dont hog Zehras and the gudd-lookin days

Nazish: The gudd-loookin days and the responsibility of taking care of Karachis blind, lame, destitute and needy

O Sala: Two hour conversations to discuss chulla plans.

Raza: Physics bunking, all the victories and losses, and all the rides home!

Malik: Fake KFC, FashionTV, and the times Ive almost killed you guys with my driving.

Londas: Patakhas, water balloons, dusters, glued phones, cigarette bombs, vaseline, cigarette butts, ragging, truck plan, general chull, and the baap last day.

Haider R, Tariq S, Taha, Danish E: I had (and will have in the future) a great time playing cricket and hanging out with you guys.

Ahsan and Fogan: Deadly opening partnerships and some hardcore pam watching!

Alto and Sadiq: A new set of lungs and livers

Mr. Zameer: Thank you for all your encouragement and help. There are few teachers like you who genuinely care for their students.

Mr. Bernard: Thank you for trying so hard for us. You have played a big part in disciplining me (to an extent anyways!) in the last two years.

My physics teachers: I wasnt sick for a whole year, I was just bunking

First Years: Carry on our legacy and then maybe you guys can be the second coolest Second Years ever!


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