I, Faris Ahmed Khan, here by solemnly declare to leave the following to those designated: -

1. Danish Elahi- To you I leave my mentality and coolness. Also I'd like to drive it in to thee that literature does not SUCK.

2. Maria M.- I want you to have Blackie so he can freak you out. A 'Thappar' session is a must, and my expert dancing techniques should do you good.

3. Mariyah A.- You may have my hair if you wish to get rid of that haystack

on your head. I also want you to have a carton full o my Mum's 'squashed hunter beef sandwiches', and I'll lend you my ears for all your future stories and life problems. I'd also like you to have my answer to the question: What is a libreal Arts College?

4. Faraz K.- You are a special case, and I leave you nothing! Instead I ask you for something that you alone possess. Dude I need a piece of that flesh!

5. Junaid K.- Since you're one of the few people who sympathize with my

pet, you deserve none other than Blackie's you know what! Take 'em both man! You'll find them at Dr. Watt's clinic.

6. Bassam F.- What you need is a speech device (whatever that is!), or else you can have my speech and pronunciation.

7. Sarah J.- To you I leave my stuffed Bart Simpson to remind you of old times.

8. Maha Ali- You can have my memory of that ride back home singing nursery rhymes and cartoon songs!

9. Errol Roy- Since I'm a long-term investment, to you I leave a Hanover Bond (if there is any such thing) with the highest interest rate. Be flattered!

10. Sana A.- I want you to have a tiny, cuddly 'dumba' for reason we all know.

11. Mubashara - 'Computers and Moby don't go together' is a well-known

fact! I want you have my basic computer skills and knowledge.

12. Nida Hanif- What you need are my lessons on punctuality. They're all yours, free of cost, and no strings attached!

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