My 2 years at KGS have left me with pleasant memories of the campus and the ppl who made my A Levels worthwhile. I only regret that I have but 800 words to leave a little something for each of my friends. You can reach me on or

For Rishad: I leave all the nuts and future prospects for the business team of this publication.

For Zarsheesh: I leave a life-sized mechanical doll that can decode his conversation and give him a coherent answer (hopefully).

To Bariza: I leave the job of caretaker of stray cats, dogs, rats and all other kinds of mammals that she can find on the streets of this city. I also leave her with a punching bag so that she can punch the bag rather than any guy who tries to be humorous with her in the future. She can really pack some power into that Mohammad Ali punch of hers (ouch!).

To Maha: I leave the immortal memories of the fun times we have had, and a discus medal, which I could not win for her on sports day. I also leave to her a ban on teaching any poor soul how to march past. AAArgh!!

For J.B: I leave a certificate of distinction in Economics. The way you studied for it, manevery single hour of every single day of every single more than deserve it.

For Sana Irshad: I leave all the unsuspecting guys she can get her color pencils on. I also leave her a lifetime achievement award for making the greatest number of tattoos than any grammarian on us grammarians. She is certainly unparalled in KGS history in treating all the guys as life size canvasses. Hehe hehe.

For Saad Ahmed: I leave a specially designed hookah that will last forever. Maybe then, Saad youll stop complaining on how soon these hookahs end. J,

For Xainab: the champion of chatting, I leave a dot com company which may help her develop an MSN of her own some day. I also leave to her to the task of tracing down the class of 2001 ten years down the line for a reunion. Xany, youre the best person for the job.

For Abbas Rizvi: I leave the books titled How to attract the opposite sex, How to become popular, How to remain popular, How to increase your popularity and How to write how to books.

For Farah Salahuddin and Hammad Liaqut: I leave all the A Level papers they can appear for together and then "discuss" them for endless hours (behind Mobins back, of course.)

For Ali Iqbal: I leave an instant hair growth formula, which he is in desperate need of. Dont worry, Ali, we all know that waiting for six months for your hair to grow is a pretty long time.

For those who applied to Canada: I leave a catalogue on a 100 ways to hibernate. I also leave to them a bottle of sleeping pills to endure the detestable physical examination.

And last, but certainly not the least:

For Sir Hassan Iqbal: I leave all the Pabsi he can drink and a million thanx for an awesome recommendation that helped me get into Waterloo.

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