Sara! I leave you all my precious cassettes. Remember your promise? Well,I hope that you discover your favourite band soon, and that these tapes help you.

Myla, our rides back home were memorable. Every time I hear any gossip I shall always be reminded of you. You can always make me laugh, and so I give my sense of humour to you.

Malick, my 'Wheel of Time' series is yours. You *are* Nae'blis, but I'm Ta'veren!

Ambereen, I'm sorry my grandparents aren't going to India and so I can't give you 'ghoongro' or 'paranday'. However, I've recently become the proud owner of a lot of beaded jewelry , and I know that no one would appreciate these as much as you.

Nida Hanif, renember our absurd conversations? Well, I leave you the key to my Insanity.

Mobashara I'll never forget the time that we spent together in first year. I am aware that you enjoy reading Georgette Heyer, so I leave all such books of mine to you.

Tariq I know that you love reciting poetry, especially to Sara! All my poetry books are yours.

Saad, your beach party was great! I'd like to give you my pocket knife (don't ask me why!)

Arwa!! Dude I leave you all my smiles. Mainly because you are a major cause of them!

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