The past two years have surely whizzed by but I have done more growing up here than in all my previous years combined. I ,Mubashara Khalid, hereby bequeath the following to all those who have been with me through this journey:

Nida H: Cordellia, I leave u raining dreams and memories; Hersheys kisses and cinnamon rolls, my inexpressible delight at the surprise party u gave me, the song "If I let u go", the first yr ball and the desert rose mania, the last dance at the second yr ball , P n P, a view of Karachi from the rooftops of KGS; gentlemen who open doors, fetch chairs and pick up pens; BLIND FAITH ; adorable 6 foot tall creatures with lazy grins, a castle embedded in the lush green hills, a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallowsa JM and a fireplace on a chilly winter night. But most of all my gratitude for some of the most valuable lessons in life. Heres TOETE RNALM USKET EERIN and to a time when all prayers begin with a thank u instead of a please. Dejavu?????

Maha :ample 6 foot tall guyz to choose from, Gymkhana study and workout sessions, the final marchpast, the day before sports day, Papworth spirit..VIRTUS VINCENT OMNIA!!! My vote for being an amazing house captain, endless discussions on our crushes, an open offer for tennis coaching lessons, and a nostalgic picture at Dejavu.

Mariyah A: m n ms, accounts tutions, piya basanti re.; paper planes in b.m class, my gratitude for a certain photograph, Walls ice-cream, splashes of pinkpeaches n cream and chocolate fudge ice-cream

Maria M: FRIZZHEAD!!!I leave u memories of registration classes; a big thank u for all the help in accounts, Gymkhana library, mutual admiration for attractive, charming guyz ; A WORD OF ADVICE: step carefully and take care of ur teeth.they will go a long way in ur life ;p. "Je suis chouvette" .Stay in touch.

Summiyyah: Goats ,sheeps, cows and God knows what else, a handful of pink pens, , napierite spirit ;),a bit of my height , courage to speak up, hands to decorate with mehndi, dance sessions at ur house, lazy afternoons on ur balcony, b.m mania, and clashing opinions.

Noreen: all the fun times in first year. I wish u the best for the future and cheer up girl!!! U only get to live life once .Just remember"and then a hero comes a along with the strength to carry on and u cast ur fears aside and u know u can survive." For surely Noreen, the hero lies inside of u!

Saad A: solitude, my utter pursuit of perfection and ur disbelief at it ,better matchmaking skills, a speedier driver, a challenge to a tennis match and yes!.a photograph of a disloyal napierite! Have a blast at Toronto!

Hira: BG ;p, optimism vs pessimism, endless trips to the washroom and a lifetimes supply of Prince chocolate biscuits.

Haadia: my smile, chemical flower mania, mutual disgust at the mere mention of McDonalds, similar haircuts and a guarantee of ur cuteness. Just go and rock LUMS!!!!!!!!!!

Habiba: memories of our crazy chats in FY, ur unpredictability and ability to visualise me in a sari, debates about the colour of my hairits dark brown !!!!!!!!!!, and a major thank u for ur help in Eco .

Abbas: My personal favourite I leave u sports day memories of a staunch supporter cheering for u while u ran the final round and made it!!!; the fun at Mahas place, Snoopys, the innumerable times u mixed the drum beats during marchpast practice and my admiration for ur ability to bunk and get away with it!!!

Wamiq: a huge book on philosophy cum socio-economic-political .(pant! pant!) issues; Gymkhana study sessions, a computer code to devise, our mutual liking for accounts and our amazing ability to ace every test and my green car plate. Stay clean and keep grinning!

Wajiha and Nargis: U girls, I owe u some of the most freakin fun times I have had. Thanx to u I could live through registration without dozing off. I leave u memories of the OGS mela, a bit of my height (thats for Jiya) and a bit of my sanity (thats for Nadi). Ill miss both of u. Keep in touch.

Faris: all of Mariyahs cheapness and two tablespoons full of olive oil. Take care of ur hair, green eyes!!

Sarah Y: Sunshine!!! ;), I leave u memories of Gymkhana library , ur birthday and engagement. Sweet dreams till sunbeams find u..

Errol: I leave u B.M maza and ur utter irritation everytime I aced a B. M test. Well now that B .M is over I intend to irritate u in other wayz !!!!!!!!! Remember my advice about two timing and stay away from the 3Bs.Take care of Maha!!!!

Saniya , Masooma and Falak: U guyz were great having around. I leave u one whole endless boring year without me. Imagine that!!!!J Masooma take care of the other two naughty bratsure the only sane one amongst them. See u at Gym!

Sana G: all our failed attempts at bunking accounts classes, enduring them and ofcourse solving accounts questions. Thanx for ur help. I can already envision u as a CA.

Sana R: To my oldest friend , I leave the joys and pains of changing. Life goes on ..

Evike: the Walls project and my smile to dent ur nostalgic cells for surely ur angelic smile will dent mine!

Arwa and Sara: I leave u the one and only..Haadia though I wonder how ur gonna share

To all those people I havent mentioned, but have nevertheless contributed to two memorable years , thanx for making the KGS experience worthwhile

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