I, Hira Arshad who has an amazing tendency to be verbose in what ever I write would like to apologize to all those friends who have not been honored to receive anything from me (due to word limit). I can understand that its indeed depressing not to see your respective names included in my List but then don't worry, I shall not fail to leave you ppl my best & sincerest wishes to do well in future. To the rest I would like to leave the following things:

Nida Hanif: Seriously yaar, u're one person for whom I have to leave so much that not even filling up the pgs of the entire magazine will do. I will TRY to put everything in a nut shell. From the middle of the first yr at school down to the last day I will leave u with memories of every cherished & treasured moment I have spend with you, (though honestly speaking I don't want to leave you anything at all because I want you to be there with me at all times to share whatever I have to offer rather than 'leaving' things behind ), our 'witty' conversations', exchange of notes and songs: 'Lady hear me tonight' followed by 'Lady what do u think u're doing?' ur friendly advices, our mimicking (remember that particular day?), pre exam misery, post exam happiness (Inshallah), my 7 a.m to 1 p.m dependence on you, all our wonderful get togethers & basically all those times when having u around was and is a blessing & of course a desperate prayer to be able to convince you to join the place I am going to.

Maria Mansoor: I know I don't have to leave you any thing behind because u're another person who I Know will always be there with me, (even after I leave school) following me everywhere like a shadow, hence probably you will anyway be there to share what ever I can offer. But since the whole purpose of writing a 'will' is leaving things behind, I shall leave u with all our immature fights especially the recent one, all my secrets (that was the only one alternate & decent word I could find for 'gossips'), a pig sty with lots and lots of pigs, my purple bracelet, swimming lessons, memories of classes at Mrs. V. Malhotras , "My family & other animals", & of course zillions of jokes which only u alone could listen to & enjoy!!

Habibah Sheikh: For u I would like to leave behind a cup of coffee, my weekend family stays at Sheraton, butterfly wings, my yellow (and not pink) shades, my incredibily long nails, my social contacts & busy schedules, pastries and cakes and not to be forgotten most importantly an 'aggressive pathan' from ur community. Mubasshara Khalid: Memories of trying to locate 'Majeed Uncles daughter', OPTIMISM for future (which Nida & me are naturally gifted with), a crisp white shirt and khaki pants for you know who, a beautiful sunset at Maldieves, a collection of Georgette Heyer's books and a wish that ur dimples grow cuter and more dimplier (if such a word exists or such a thing can happen) with every passing day.

Summayya Badar: All the wonderful times we have spend together when u were there to cheer me up & brighten my day.

Hani Yousuf: A train of memories from our C.J.M friendship of class 9 to A'levels, memories of a 'red dabba', Uncle James & not to be forgotten a certain 'Hanum Baby' with whom I have shared many memorable moments.

Zara Shaheen: I am still trying to look for that particular one who will match your requirements but when I will be successful ( that will be soon Inshallah) then I will leave him to u -someone who is sensitive to your feelings, likes travelling & reading & who has a good personality with 'burham'.

Sara Yacoob & Madiha: I leave you behind my 'twin' in class 11, (so just in case you are missing me which I am sure you will -& I am out of town then you can go visit her and feel better, a photograph to remind you ppl of someone's 'oh so pretty and beautiful face', along with several 'tickling memories'. Sara I am sure you will never be able to guess the last one-it's a subtle hint at a joke which I share with you & Maria.

Marium Jawaid: I leave you behind wishes for an awesome future where you can visit Switzerland & be 'so happy in thy happiness' that you forget all the other miseries of the world.

Hadia Majid: My tendency to fill up pgs, memories of that flood light match, tickets for future concerts ,my BBC reports which always kept you updated with the latest news & a supply of u know what at Sheraton's basement.

Maria Mirza, Mariyah Arif, Maha Ali : Memories of all times that we

were together, our parties & of course the UNFORGETTABLE memory of a certain ' oh so true and much talked about drinking issue which nearly drove me crazy!!!

Mrs. Belgaumi: The assignment on Jehangir which was never found!!!

Mrs. Hoti, Mrs. Naila Malik and particularly Mrs. Ahsinuddin & Mrs.

Muncherji: Don't worry, I am not leaving you questions this time but

just a thank you & sorry note for having bothered you teachers so much. Mrs. Riaz: I would like to take all your advices & memories of your classes along with me, rather than leaving them behind but again thank you to you as well for making ur classes such a wonderful experience!!!!!!

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