Mr. Zameer: Thankyou ,sir, for all your support, your effort putting lost cases such as myself back on track, and mostly, for understanding me as a person; not a student.

Asfi, Ifti, OJ, Asad, Homes, Aalya, Anab, My gang; the only group of people who I dont have to complain about word limits or not doing justice to in writing. I love them and Im not ashamed to say it. Im going to be in touch with them and they know it. Im not going to sit here and list memories because this isnt the end. Guys, its been unbelievable. Know that I love you all eternally. I leave you anything you want. We were always there for each other and I just hope that we keep adding to that list; like when we get married, get sick, have a kid, whatever. Lets know each other for another 10 years and well take it from there.

Ismat: All the love my heart (working over time) can produce and more. Though you stop me every time before I say it out loud, Im always saying it in my heart.


Anisa: Subway, same birthdays, funland, phone conversations, dancing. Anything you want babe. Though we had ups n downs, I think things worked out pretty well dont you? Im already missing you and I know its only going to get worse. Know that I love you. Please dont ever forget me.

Anuscha: Words cannot describe my adulation for this girl. We shared memories so dear and so sweet. Every guy needs to go through high school with a friend like anuscha was to me. Anuscha, thank you for it all; for your help during the o levels, for getting me through the SAT nightmares, for listening, for an amazing ball, and for being such a good friend. Pennsylvania isnt that far, really it isnt. Lets please keep in touch.

Nadia: She was shot down as the freak with red hair. But what a freak she is. Nadia is suddenly such a good friend and I can only wish it all started earlier. Its amazing how many memories we collected in just one year. I leave not her, but the rest of the world a chance to see the very definition of "innocence" and, well.... pretty much "amazing." Nadia, please dont forget me. We really share something special.

Amina: Amina was at one point my best and perhaps only friend. Thank you for being there and for listening. You helped more than you know. Lets please keep in touch.

Saleha: I will probably never meet saleha again, but in one year we built a friend ship so strong and we had such great times that the only logical explanation I can come with up for us clicking so well, is that we had common interests. Namely Ismat.

Nazish: A piece of my heart you once had heres the secret, you still do. Im glad we made it as friends instead

Mashal: A contract singed by her saying that when I see her in 4 years she will be the same nut she is today; Please dont ever change. Also, a word or two of condolence I never managed to express when you needed friends such as me the most.

Shaan: Sister Shaan; we will all remember her for the beaming smile and the ever ready high five. She is one of THOSE innocent people that are so rare today. She was a house captain, a leader, but I am mostly great full, for she was a friend.

Nazia: One more dance before I leave, for old times sake. And the title "lil sis" which you wear so well. =)

Areeba: Dont worry, I wont remember you just as the quite girl who took physics and math with me. Areeba didnt talk to me much, but I had a bond with her stronger then many guys in second year can dream of.

Sarah j: A shared dream.. a lonely reality. The best (wo)man won. Good luck and stay in touch.

Sania: I still say it worked out. I still mean every word of what ive been saying. And though in tired of apologizing, ill do it one more time; not for forgetting your birthday but for making you believe that I forgot you.

Sila: Not much except that I really miss you and wish things were different.

Maliha and the mod girls: The mod girls brought class to our year. If they were males they would probably blow up the school. Im glad that our year had a bunch of girls like them, and even happier that they were my friends.

Sunaina: May your musical gift stay with you for a long time. And mail me every song you discover you hog! Sorry for forgetting your birthday each and every year of our friendship. Can I have a brownie?

Zara: BOFFIN! Well since your father will put me in jail if I write what I really want to, I think ill be nice. Zara is NOT a liar, she is VERY thin and well.. this last statement is actually true, she is too much fun to be around. Ever had aching sides due to excess laughter? Meet the champ

The cjm gang: The pack which never got the hint. Just kidding. Nabah, Alizeh, Nadia and the rest. Take care of ismat and stay the fun loving bunch of jokers that you are.


Mobeen: Why this joker respects me so much I never understood. For him I leave only two things. Amazing memories of tennis, tuitions, cookies, studying, you name it. And the hope that he realizes what a king he really is.

Geri: To this 200-pound joker I wish all the best in whichever exotic country he ends up. Geri is an amazingly funny guy and one of my best friends. Good luck Johnny Bravo.

Qj: Im glad we got closer this year. Stay in touch you jerk. Want a cup of tea?

Fraz: My physics buddy. A treasure of memories. Physics questions at 2 A.M., Study sessions, all the chulla and winding up in mujis office later. We stuck together throughout school, hope it doesnt end there.

Raza: To my house captain I leave amazing memories of blue. The respect I have for him he never understood, the admiration rightfully. Wish you all the best stud.

Yousuf k: A great musician, an amazing friend and an exquisite person. Please remember me yousuf. Dha dha din din dha!!

Imran: A bite on the butt, a pat on the back (saying its ok you own goal freak) and oh yeah Imran TISHH!!! Wish it all started earlier.

Happy and Ali: With Ali I played every sport possible, and he kicked my a** every time. He also taught me what the word "chordi" really means. With happy I did it all. Form play snooker to buy cheap glasses. With both well lets not get into that.

Rishad: Only good words for this man. Rishad is one of my oldest friends at KGS. I will cherish his kind words and support for a long time to come.

Abdur rehman: The perfect through pass and the celebration hug after his masterful finishes. Worked every time.

The Tuesday gang: Everyone at the KGS college section would rather be in class than out for a free period; everyone except me on Tuesdays. Hot tea, kebabs halwa puri, pizza.. the list goes on. To nadir Burney and the Tuesday gang, thanks for this fat belly!!!

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