So the moment has come. After more than a decade of walking, as a student, through the hallowed halls of this institution, I am finally about to take the next step on this walk of life. I am, at this time, supposed to be writing to, and about, my closest friends during my 10+ years stay in KGS. However, with an eight hundred word limit, I did not feel I could do justice to my many friends; and writing to/on a few while leaving others out would have been just as criminal.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who have made these years in Grammar, I am certain, the best of my life. Also, if I have hurt, intentionally or not, anyone in anyway, I ask for their forgiveness.

I hope that as I leave, I do so being thought of as a friend.

And so here ends the first, complete chapter in my book of life.

To Everyone:

Goodbye, Good luck and God bless.

* In a moment we lost our minds here,

and let our spirits down,

today weve lived a thousand years,

but all we have is now. *

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