Fawad: where do I begin man, u da man baby, all the raids, the cricket sessions, the cartoon bashing, the chicken, the luxury joyrides, austin powers sessions, munoos accounts classes, it was all too good man. If there is anything I could leave you, it would be a couple of handbrakes to replace all the one you screwed up, or you could have the double handbrake in your car. Well this is just the end of the beginning or some crap like that. Lums here we comeYEAH !

Umer (Habban/Deppy): Hey, whats up.. (hahah) you are the laziest @#$&(* I have ever seen, and your knack for looking dead stoned is too weird, even thought you havent touched that shit in your life. I leave you this one or was it that one an endless supply of king chips and coke and a few sega games for u too have fun with cuz ur too lazy to do anything else. And all those cool phrases are mine not yours. Lums awaiy.

O Sala (MP): youre the first crazy dood I gotta know when I joined skool. Youre a lazy bum and a glut (remember all the pizza hut all u can eats). But lately ive seen a different side of you which I dont think I should mention here. All the mufta ive have at ur place all the Pringles and the cokes and the other munches. Im gonna miss that lane of yours where we have had the countless number of Buddha and Zak sessions. Take care ..i love you man (boohoo).

Imran (fullstop): one word baby, Lahore ..heheh.. although I didnt spell it the way I should but even then. U cricket khwartu cricket khel khel kar jal kar kala ho jaiy. I leave you and endless supply of balls n bats, all of munoos adjustments, your ability to abuse so *&^%$#@ much! And that training sessions of your when you transformed from fullstop to some other things. Have fun at Mcgill you lucky dawg. Astalivista Mamay.

Ali (goofy): uhhh doh beef burger. U rule man ur too dumb, but I love you baby. U lums traitor u ! im sorry about your guitar man but d0ood what about my car ? I leave you and endless supply of burgers. Hope you become a good guitarist one day ..have fun at waterloo, while I do the Alavans.

Osman (Buddha/ tommy): check kara, check kara.(hahaha) dood all I can say is drive safely wherever you go evne if ur at 120km at Dp or at 20km at a signal. I leave you a few spare headlights for u beamer, ur cruiserin which I pinned and a few undies if u dont have any. Gonna miss ur cheap khoklay 4 footed bharams. Hope you score at G-tech.

Yousuf: just create the vacuum..have the fun. Ur too good my friend, no one does imitaitions like you, and ofcourse the way u drive is too amazing. Thanx man for everything. Im gonna miss youand all the burhani and mk sessions we had, I leave you slima to take with you to the Us and have the fun. Take care $*%^@$#

Malcik: yeah baby.. all I can leave you are a few books to improve your handwritingI mean it really sucksgawd knows how u got 6 Az ! have fun with ur guitar and gizmos to produce music. Hope you score in collegeur the only one who has official permission. Have fun babymiss me.YEAH ! Austin rules !

Zak (Amaaarican): The walk, the talk, the grove, the looks, and all that with a green card..to hot for me to handle baby. Hope you do good in the Us and earn big bucks ..memon style and get yourself a couple of Z3s !

Haissom(LPS): Kaisa hai ! all I can say is classic all the way, a little bit of Hannibal and some SerroGate on the side. Hope u get some soon man. See you in Lums.

Shaan: Uloo, ghaddi, tutz, banj0ooall the cool shit we did in skool. Im gonna miss that..gonna miss u like hellall the msn chat sessions when you had the CPz ! all the times we gave sats ..heheit sucked..it sucked! The strip volley ball team which is still in the processwell have it one daytake carekeep in touch lo0ser ! Miss me

And finally.

Cindy: Hmm where do I begin, I really cant write what I want here but Im sure glad I got to know you a bit latebut better late than never, all the studying sessions, the maths and sats, we made it through..the free maths periodsall the card playing the French fries from the holemy knack for cheating soo much ! the last few dayz of skool rocked thanx to you. Gonna miss my little Chinese girl. Take care (for your actual willcontact me later ;p)

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