Anab, bintul, muttar, mind your pockets dude, i leave u memeories of an amazing friendship, awara-NESS, chulla, history studying sessions, the beach, HUMMAYN!!, cold cofee, before the ball, the ball, after the ball, afaans house, chicAAgo, more studying sessions, kung fu, my roof, purple bathroom and grey khyber, pataaakh!, waking u up the moring, bzzzt, messy, one big mess and a frown from you (haha), the memories yet to come, thanks for being there, see you in UofT.

Omar, oj my one true love, i leave you a crazy freindship, whenever were together crazy shit happens, shotgun and the shotgun incident, the STNs and excessive use of the exhaust fan, khalid the c-man, the police at the palace and a ride in their mobile, dirt road beach, woay!, and the hope of beating me once in fifa, its been a kickass time itll be even crazier in college.


Asfand, lamboo, wazzzup!, u get the award of being an amazing friend, thanks for the use of your pool, swimming at 3.00am, going to school, walking, without sleeping, school concert, talent show and drama festival, "its not finishing", mangoes, coming out of the shadows with spraypaint in your sleeves saying "kya hua bhai", our party (never again), its been fun, we still have our weekends in toronto.

Afaan, dudeWHERES MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I forgive you, do it again ill kill you, its been a fun 2 years how bout 4 more baby, u like this song?, chilling at your house, "captain black is a smelly fellow", chulla, I lost my PEE-ness, dude its been amazing knowing you, how dare u call me an awara, PORNO, hahahaha, cocaine, chalo sexy well do enuff shit in college.

Qasim, qj, drives and and futile bonding sessions, sessions dude UofTs gonna be fun, i leave you all the mazay, dirt road beaches, shotgun inicidents and sessions in the world, dude were invincible, for Gods sake man phone your mother, drive like a human being, stop waking me up in the mornings and lying to your parents, "i have money" hahaha theres more to come baby.

Asad, sexy, bastard weve had our share of fun, sessions on your roof, our dry spells, new years, the ball and that mela when we were dying to find some, incidents in my car, getting chased by police, i wasnt doing aything wrong it was those behind me, hahaha, on the way to the beach on your bday, jesus, chal dude i hope u end up near toronto.

Mobin, kaaliay, whenever were together shit happens dude, and im glad it happens with people like u, dirt road beach, shotgun incidents, man youve been a great friend throughout, remember im always there whenver we have to kidnap the certain someone, have fun in wisconsin, were goign to meet up all the time

Geri, potter, potty, the dominican republic better watch out for potty, potty khao gay, pottys on your bed, dude we had our times, from basketball to the road runner, dude i leave u all the times when weve done shit together, rides in the road runnerkeep in touch hunny!

Sila, i always thought of u as a good friend although the feeling was never mutual, i leave a friendship, at least from my side, thakur who were about to steal, your car jinx, and my book in which im sure u still havent written a wordkeep in touch.

Nida, modelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, i leave you completely in control, actually too much in control, a whole brickload of stuff so that you are well supplied and u dont miss me too much while im in college and ofcourse the backseat, you promised! keep in touch

Faizan, da bomb, NYU bastard, although we became friends late we were tight, i leave u all the shit weve done and the all shit yet to come in college ur not safe from me yetits just a 9 hrs drive baby.

Humaid, the straightest and most decent human being in the school, i leave u the good luck of ending up in a college near me, the drama festival, and talent shows where u helped us outkeep in touch.

Ismat, i leave u all the times u never came with us, hahaha, joking, no seriuosly i leave u a well cultivated freindship which we will definitely build on, "why does it say 1.15 on your watch", afaan, and more awaragardi in toronto.

Aalya, dude its great we became friends again when asad came into the picture, weve done a lot since then, the beach, drama fesitval, practices for the SY play, its been funwell definately do stuff in college.

Anisa, my little sister, more awaragardi for you in karachi, the ability to get over your boy troubles, "acha maal bahar chala gaya hai", new year night and my apartment in toronto, youre free to visit any timekeep in touch.

shezeen & sunaina, i leave u history classes(why?), when asfand and i decided to get our eybrows peirced and billions of more history classeskeep in touch!

D.D, dude although we drifted i cherished ur friendship, u were one of my first friends in school, i leave u my vynil coated knuckle dusters!keep in touch bastard!

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