I Insiya Haji leave the following things to the following people:

To all my closest friends: a very special thank u for making my last week in Karachi my most special one, for making all ure plans to fit everything I need, my shopping, dinners, night outs, lunches, and just about everything else ull did that weekJ.. ull are the avsolute bestJ

Sunz: All the hottest guys in the world..loads of shoes, a thanku for helping me out last minute for everythingSteele and that night out, bothering the 2 of ull. And u finally using some sensethanxs for everything.And u being jealous of ruhbain U better come visit me next year. Regardless.

Xanny: the long talks we shared, the tight spots we got into, the amount of timez u covered for me, setting me up and making me see sense when I wouldntbasically everything u ever did, and I forgive u for bothering me sooooo much about ure brothertherez so much more to say but no placeJ. Oh yeah and goodluck with blondie:P

Breeze: An order to come visit me in Toronto, in December before coming to khi, ure purse which u I stole before leavingJoh yeah and the millions of cute guys at Brandeis.. Loads of memories, from 4th grade till Alevels, the time we spent together

Cindy: A break from all that endless shopping that I dragged u foroh yeah and a cake. The Facial, the hairdo, streaking night outs together.Thanx a bunch for everything(the list is endless).JTakecare. And make sure u come visit me in Toronto.

Umer: HABBAN..getting fries from the khadda in math, dreaming of getting pizza delivered. Playing cards Endless free periods that was the best.

Ibaad: An apology for keeping Cindy soooo busy just before u left. Ure calls when she was tooo busy shopping with us, the night out at ure place. ure alien that I wanted to steal but u finally gave me;). OH yeah memories of u cheating, math free periods card games ONO. The night out at ure place, lunches and endless other things.

Farah.S.:some of the best times weve spent together, bottles and chocolates and god knows what else on valentinez. Bugging u about Mobin all the time. Take care and keep in touch.

Arsheen: memories since the day we were born, sneaking out, long talks, covering up for u, and ofcourse I leave u a particular guy cause of whom ure always in trouble

BillyJ for keeping me company through those endless free periods and bunking with meJ letting me talk on ure cell for hrs while abbas was in town, leaving the thing with me all the time..

Afshaan: the talks we shared, knocking sence into arshs head;)

Sunpa and Farwah: the time we spent together, all the ridiculous things we did, soup which u got me addicted toJ our long talks and the fun we had all the time;) take care and have an excellent last yr in school and miss me

Mobin: U still owe me a treat. The time u were broke and borrowed money of mecoming over to ure place, Scavenger hunt. All those efforts to set u up. The scares u kept giving me every time u drove my carmemories of all those plans we have made through the yrs at uniu better make sure they happen. Trying to leave u alone with FarahJ, seaview(stay in touch regardless).

Osala: Pom Poms, Bandannas, Sports day and we even came 2nd Streeton all the way. Time we spent together at all times, Yuang Tung and god knows what else. Bunker u better stay in touch through uni

Abbas: excuses to back out of plans more often. Memories of those that u did manage attending and waiting for u to get to waterloo

Maha: Barbeque tonight, Chand Raat, laughing together, time we spentand just hanging out together. keep in touch a uni.

Yousuf: Yousuf at the moment its advance, but a thank u for the portrait im supposed to get from u before leaving the night at Ibaads place all ure imitations and compliments, making everyone laugh and disturbing us while we took pictures and played taboo good luck

Zarsheesh: Maybe there will be some hot guys at waterloo, I leave u a thanxs for all your eccentricities, making me laugh when things were dull,

Sana.Ghangat: Math class, stats, endless conversations, harmless fun and ofcourse ure 3As (hopefully) take care

Areeba: all the time from 4th grade till Alevels.

Ayesha: Filling out uni forms together, study sessions for eco at Xannys place;) have fun at uni

Bassam: unlimited account so that u can sit online like I didJ

Farah.H: Hmmm all those tuitions we had together, Henderson, Farah parekh. Coming over to ure place after that, going hyper at tuitions over coketake care

Farah.M.: Dropping at ure place, coming to ure moms Montessori, and playing with the kids, going places together, stay in touch wherever u are.

Laleh: Well ill hopefully see u again sooner than laterJ, an order to get in touch as soon as u arrive in Canada

Lubna: the long conversations we had

Marium: Zaidi, the way u made me laugh, driving adnan crazy at tuitionsI think no rather im sure ure one of my oldest friends. Car pools as kids and the time we spent together. Make sure whatever happens u keep in touch

Shabby: studying in gymkhana, disturbing u and god knows what else, not that u really studied

Nida Garib: bumping into u and interrupting ure privacy, the scavenger hunt and getting Saif and u to get the menuJ

Nida H.: memories in the million pictures u always took, and the last minute negatives that I finally managed gettingJ good luck

Sana.Irshad: the permission to rub of my eye liner.

Sania.Sufi: Appreciation, u were the best headgirl weve ever hadJ

SaraY: long talks at gymkhana, regarding special peopleJ

Accounts class, especially Sassi: The endless timez we bunked class, hiding and running.

Shoaib: the fun we had in 8th grade

Summaiya: a promise that ill hopefully always remember ure birthday. Accounts class, (getting bored)

To Mrs Shumaila Jamal: thank you for always being there when we needed to talk, and for being the best teacher around.

To Mrs Effendi: thank you for being the best councilor and helping me when I needed itJ

TO KGS: Thank you for giving me the best years of my life,

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