I dont own much, so this will be short.

To Nadir Ahmed: I leave a shirt, on the condition that he always wears it backwards.

To Zain Shariq: I leave 200 rupees...should be enough for a good evening...hopefully one day people will understand.

To Ovais Balagumwala: I leave another 200 rupees :)

To Shoaib Javed: I leave my leather jacket...keep it safe.

To Sila Ismail: I leave an mp3 [come into my life, here where nothing matters...]

To Zahra Haider: A poem...it doesnt sound like much, but its one of my most treasured possessions.

To Farah: The one thing her heart truly desires...one day it will be hers to keep forever. [Never leave]

To Ms. Samiya Chishti, Mrs. Jamal and Mr. Iftikhar Zaidi: I leave you with a small measure of the courage which you instilled in me...thank you for showing me the false nature of disillusionment.

To Mrs. Mujahid: A confession.... I lied about not jumping the wall.

To everyone else: A few lyrics by Pink Floyd

'If you should go skating

On the thin ice of modern life

Dragging behind you the silent reproach

Of a million tear-stained eyes

Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice

Appears under your feet.

You slip out of your depth and out of your mind

With your fear flowing out behind you

As you claw the thin ice.'

Lastly, to all those who have no faith in me: I leave behind these lyrics from Floyd

'You say the hill's too steep to climb

Climb it.

You say you'd like to see me try


You pick the place and I'll choose the time

And I'll climb

That hill in my own way.

Just wait a while for the right day.'

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