I, Maha Ali, at the end of 15 years of memorable experiences, leave the

following to my special friends:

Danish.E: The only one who knows everything about me and is still my best friend! I leave my fav. cassette(which u already have) and sole rights to msg me anytime, Ill always be here to listen to everything u have to say (and correct it all too!).

Errol: Weve been through so much in such a short time, and weve got really special memories to go with them too. The swing dancing, and the ball. I leave you our special place.

Abbas: To a great co-captain, thereve been the trials, anxieties over sports day, the support, and our bonding sessions after school, and the beach. I leave the promise that Ill call you more often!:)

Cindy: The only person I could talk to for hours! I leave a direct phone connection to my house and the memories of our lit sessions, and the dinners. Thanx for the advice.

Mariyah Arif: The most hyper person I know! I leave you 8 years of an interesting friendship, my amazing athletic abilities:) and my great hair:)

Faraz Kamlani: The guy with a heart of gold. I leave the thoughts that if you ever go gift shopping, call!

Maria Mirza, I leave you my perfumes if danish ever finishes yours:), the memories of the St. Pats Concert, and Hilal Park.

To Faris, I leave the hope of finding a way to stop hair loss, our lit and eco classes, etc.

Mehr. Q: My best friend- theres 2 much to leave you. Our rides everywhere, the times u stared at the door waiting for someone, and our long sessions of advice.

Zarsheesh: I leave you my favourite song, our BM classes, and swingdancing. Thanx for always being there for me..

Junaid.K: I leave a short, nice friendship.

Yousuf Kerai: I leave my great advice:) & the memories of our talks at the gym.

Mobin: I leave memories of all that we did for the ball, our scavenger hunt, and our physics tuitions.

To Saad Ahmed, I leave the promise to find you a good nick, the beach and our online msging.

Nida Hanif: To you I leave the memories of those days we hated going to class, those dinners you arranged, and the beach (dont hate faris too much;)).

Mubashra: I leave the memories of the dinners, the general classes, and The times at the gym.

Bareeza: I leave our eco classes, prefect duties, memories of your brothers party, and the swingdancing practices.

Zainab K and Sana: I leave our short but close friendship, and chaand raat .

Insiya H: I leave our eco classes-where we got to get out 5 mins earlier- u just hated that didnt you:).

To Wamiq: I leave the memories of our school years (need I say more?).

Saad F.Khan: I leave years of memories- some good, some bad. Thanx for the help and have fun at Yale with your favourite person:)

Malik: I leave that fantasy book Ive been meaning to give you.

Shaan: I leave the memories of our parties in junior school. Thanx for the help.

Farah.M: I leave the memories of our plays, parties and ball preparations.

Farah.S: I leave the memories of our olevel classes and favourite teachers.

Hira.A: I leave the memories of our lit and general classes

Kashif: the most brilliant person I know! I leave our prefect duties and the dinners.

Bilal B: I leave maths tuitions, the pizza incident, and time at kgs.

Yasser. G: I leave the memories of our prefect duties (the three of us were ALWAYS together). Thanx for helping Papworth out so much.

Mustafa (shabby): I leave the memories of the practices at the coaching centre.

Usman: Thanx for the help with table tennis.

Bassam: The times with our gang.

Fawad.Sikander: I leave the rose I promised you for valentines day and the 1st year ball.

Tahir: the relay, and the beach.

Rabia Malik: I leave the march past practices, and a big thanx for coming to the trials.

Sara Ahmed: Thanx for coming to the trials.

Farah Y Khan and Azhar Haji: I leave you my gown. Good Luck to both of you. Call if u need help.

Sherbano, Sahar.S, Hira.Z, Sana.K and Saadia, Maham Zakir and Saba

Aftab: Thanx for all the house spirit.You made my captaincy great. Good Luck next year.

Mrs.Shirazi: Thank you for the help and support youve given me and the


To my teachers who taught me along the way: Thank you for making these 15 yrs so memorable.

Mr Zameer: Thank you for the support youve given us.

Stephen: Thank you for all the help.

To anyone I have left out, whether youre in my will or not, Ill always remember you.

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