Goofy/Doofus: First and foremost I give you "DO BEEF BURRGURR". I leave you an original copy of the TMNT game that brought us together in class 4. And "YESSSS!!" I leave you all the money you owe me for the mufta scenes you pull off so frequently. Stay cool and dont commit suicide at Waterloo!

Imran: You can have my computer, considering yours is destined to never work and on this great occasion let it be known that I hereby remove my curse from your computer skills so that your next CPU may be able to run whichever game you want it to. Also I leave you all the nicknames you lost along with your weight!! Stay thin dude, it suits you

Fawad: O great holy music icon! To you I leave rights to our band name and any songs we make. Also you can have the music softwarebut NO! You dont get the Black Sabbath CDs!! And last but not least, you have unlimited access to a certain ledger that Ill maintain at college (O yas!)

Raza: Arey! Aap merey will mein bhi aa gayey?! Dude I leave you some of the best laughs Ive ever had. And of course my love for Led Zeppelin. Also, I leave you fond memories of all the times I hit sixes on you! And of our chorooing competitions Have fun at Ann Arbor and on "Virgin" Atlantic. May all the things that Qismat predicted about you come true.

Saman: As promised, you get me left earlobe, right nostril, and because I love you so much both of my eyeballs! Also you get all the cheap comments I know, and my entire computer game, Star Wars, and Terry Pratchett collections! Oh and one day, when Im rich and famous, Ill get you a real convertible!

Buddha: Fond memories and great respect for the magic finger! MAY IT LIVE LONG AND PROSPER AT AtLANNA!! Also I leave for you your favorite channel, VoX and all other tota related programs. And memories of your our night spends, your ever popular strip show and tendency to fall asleep, and of course, MHOOM. Have fun at G-tech and get laid, preferably with a member of the "opposite" sex.

Myla: I leave you seven years of complete insanity and one of the best friendships Ive ever had. Memories of the van, and of course, I leave you both Papthee and Kafthee and all the other cheapness we did together. I leave you our psychic link and all the advice you ever need. And most importantly, I leave you a bloody 7-digit phone!!

Sala: I leave you a certain 90 MB of your hard drive which all of us are so interested in (O yas!) I leave you funky shirts for non-existent Junoon concerts, Zidanes ass and Ronaldos girlfriends. And I leave you that dream football team you always keep telling me about.

Geri: You get my music collection! ZEPPELIN AND SABBATH ROCK!! I leave you our wannabe instrument-less jam sessions, weird dance moves, "Im a Man" by the Yardbirds, and tripy trips to my chhat. The best study sessions ever and before I forget, the Blue Tits!! Also, have a cigar Kick ass in the Dominican Republic baby!!

Asad: For you I leave my immense musical talent, and memories of some of the weirdest shit Ive ever done. I leave you the penthouse we broke into and the tip of my roof, and haunted butts that fly back to you and are probably still up there Also I leave you car lights that blink to baselines of songs and the Doors movie, which we will watch one day! I leave you Phys, Chem, and Bio, and all of my SAT scores.

Head Buaay: To you I leave MNA and Hutchings. I leave you our black box and the ten-step guide to world domination. Hope you get better physics teachers at Yale!

Anuscha: To you I leave my entire comic book collection, Spawn and all the TV programs you could possibly watch. I leave you a Xena scream and a circular, metallic and bouncy object that will always return to you no matter what you throw it at. Also I leave you my Bio practical marks!!

Laleh: Dude firstly I leave you my sincere apologies for your autograph book I DIDNT MEAN IT THAT WAY!! IT CAME OUT WRONG!! But anyway, so now, I leave youeverything! Yup. Name it and you got it. My height, my lab monster personaanything you want. Its all yours! Now hows that for extra nice?

Sania: To you I dedicate the infamous song, "Ode to a Headgirl" and the promise that youll be in the video once Im a famous rock star.

Mani: I leave you Buddhas finger my SAT books, and Jayas notes.

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