As I part from KGS with amazing, everlasting memories of people with whom I started a journey, I Maliha Qadri bequeath the following -

To the Modgirls a lifetime on the roads of Karachi doing our usual aawaaragardi, well equipped with water guns and balloons. Also all our night spends -super sehri, new years, prank calls and a lot of BONDING!!

To Amina, phone conversations, bitching sessions (your favorite pastime), memories of Kalay Khan, the pros and the stud in your apartments. I hope your wish to murder certain people is fulfilled. I leave you a zipper to shut that BIG mouth of yours.

Anuscha - your royal horniness; permanently petrified. You get all the channels in the world that do not show Xena (yuck!!). Memories of jogging, dossas, the beach, me sorting out all your teenage problems, your habit of having one chipkoo pal at a time, oh and that one night spend in Ziyaad's room when I didn't know what to do with you. Someday I'll teach you how to thread.

To Farah - Maggi all those times when "Karachi looks so beautiful at night". All that we've done together from sticker collection era, tuitions, jaasoosi on our own siblings, MISS CAPRI, 100's of nights studying for accounts"stupid people", aaj kee khabbar, aap ga. hain, and of course Saba's hot!!

Sara Moony - class 10 rocked. All the gang rapes, you falling and losing the baby, going to Mrs. Muncherjee's office every second day. I leave you all my nazimabadi jokes ('cause you love them), the award for having the most sex appeal. Memories of all your lovers, the poster in the bathroom, toothpaste, canteen chori, seniorita beauty parlor, all the bitching and then feeling guilty, the conference calls - Tan.'s son hahhaa

Saman you get to keep the kurta of my nani's that you tore. May you find a husband in LUMS and your wedding night turn out exactly like you've planned it to. 10 years from now, I'll blackmail you with the oyster rocks picture. I'll never forgive you for stealing my best friend in grade 7.

To Samar - sudar jao. Dil bara hai but little room to keep it. Uff we've done so much - the miss J shaadi, threading, you poncho-ing to my house everyday, bitching like MAD, all the people you made me hate, your lying habits, your love for cookie and the rest, your bori sacks. I leave you a lifetime supply of ghaas phoos and more place to hold the bara dil.

To Areeba I leave all the night spends when my company made you high and you let out your secrets. And Kajol deserves better than Ajay Devgan. Class 11 - halwa puri, 3M's, Shamsa khaala.

To Akbar I leave all the Miss J's he can afford and lots of action in college (no frenchies this time). You're sooo jealous that I'm so tight with all my friends.

Ammar I leave you Jondus vaccination, a lime green tie and fake nails so you don't forget the ball. How's the sidekick doing?

To Afaan I leave manners - learn never to poke a lady in Defence

market. I've still got the toe skin.

Faraz I leave murgee kay anday and a police warrant for everything he's stolen. For Ali, Ahmed, Baigee, Tauqeer and Tariq I leave memories of grade 10 and 11. Jawad gets a bunch of dumn girls who fall for his bull (to pass time with). Altumash and Sadiq get a super dooper body building kit. Danish "do rememba" I was the first to thread your eyebrows. Mariam Gokal don't worry I'll never forget the stitched up skirt and rolled down socks. I leave you a certain mella in 2nd year who you think is fine. Rishad I leave you slanty wrappers and all the coffee you made at Nadeem's. Shaan - thanks for all the help. Hope your plans for college aren't like Talha interpreted them to be.

Laleh - hyperchick you get a gold medal in the Marathon jog. Keep driving in your burger style.

Farah - Milli I leave you a personal hairdresser. Ayesha - my bachpan kee dost, I DEFINITELY leave you that swimsuit of mine that you faded in 6th grade NEVVVER quit the ghunda gardi. Naima chicknee kay liyay aik meetha pan aur aik sutta. Aliya I grant you 1st prize in Cluetrek. Sania our dance was good fun. Nadia im glad everything's sorted out.

Mashall, Sehrish, Nazish, Zehra, Nazia & Asma - we're handing the school down to you londis to rule. I leave you the flop beach plan, the masti, halwa puri. We'll always stay the same.

Ruqiya I leave you all the advice in the world. Molly that chain is all yours. Ziyaad stay away from the Hijra.

Kiran M I leave you baklawa, the song "sweat", khawar and an everlasting friendship. Uzma you get a special party dance step. Mariam R. all the mehndis. Mahnoor, a marriage proposal from GHA

To my family who consider me to be bossy and stubborn, I leave peace once I'm gone.

As my school life comes to an end, I'd like to apologize to anyone I might have ever offended. For as long as I can remember KGS has been my life and made me what I am today. I'm such a proud Grammarian!!

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