Dumbo: I leave u a dictionary,a muppet babies vidio and the maltesers i never got!and a donald duck stuffed toy!! and hamat-e-yooshi...u know what....

Sassi and Sana_T: i leave memories of the nose piker,plucked chiken and runnin into him,my predicted A level grades!,saifs feelin up of *****, my diagrams,and notes pormisin u guyz i willnot talk,runnin from munkgs,"makting" overhaead absorption,the times u never fed me,chiken rolls!,my cool steps for my bro's mehendi,mithas and fair and lovly,naeems and the day he locked me out. And threes0me! Sana: i leave a fountain head,mr B,lots of water!,BAYWATCH tapes!jaawaad and mohenjodaro,eggin kazzam! Sass: i leave issusZzZz...cobi flashin! the voice that turned u of,alot of masti ure torn uniforms ure funny

D!and 6'Az!

Sunaina:! i leave gymkhana days , tennis ,,clemintine,,the time sila revealed sumthin to u ,!,running from munu,,"is that cake" free food that u wanted ,plucked chiken and nose picker,and adnan hajis crush in class 6 and his beating me last year, and dum charades!,;(,the time u wore a dress to the match,,ure gay mobile

Samar:i leave our cheap projects! stayin the night at lalehs and the strip show! gettin late for the exam!k.d.a plans!playing dum charades...goin to the ball with jawad#2!"white-ness" and a life time supply of bold and the beautiful tapes!! 252

J.D: i leave the computer classes , drowning me in ketchup , ALWAYS!,adnan haji beating me up,playing dum charades "psst" ,madressa, capi and the stuff u did,the bug that never died,,saying "b.c" in public,ure maid chasing us around school,laughin in the middle of the amaals,white cardss,sadiq and channel,,staying at suk-sals the day it rained and white and pink pajamas,maths class with zameer,literature tutions and ure "e" and my "d",the time i tripped at the mosk and bakra!

Altz:i leave , the chocolates i never got, a "feel so good" c.d scince u never had it in ure car,,Karens tution my fights with sadiq , adnan haji beating me up and playign dum charades and makin me act out "pssst"!, egging kazim, goin for sheesha,and ure cheap excuses for not callin!

Nimr: "mo0ryam aal slap ure face okay"i leave amanual on how to drive a car. u know june 2000...",sajjads tution and the girl drawin on the fruit and biddu's. How u and faizan made me cry about accounts ,,ure constant callin me brain dead,biddus cofee, , running from munkgs,,ure big ego thinkin every chick vants u!,the thing u told me at sameras babr-b-q which made me scream..eewwwwwwww.,and STOP CALLIN ME BONA I DONT LIKE IT,

Sadiq: to u i leave madressa and coloring up the chart,"channel", ,,, ,zameers maths class,karens tution,fights with u !,the fair and lovly birthday presant i gave u,, ure cuzin beating me up,playing dum charades "!!fatima aunties tutions and burning the lota , , ,,the dum faces u make everyday with ure mouth open ,! and his name is not sukha boot its s.b. .and the next time i see u the thing the hand reader

predicted at the beach will come true. so whcih cuzinz will it be???????!!!!!

Ayesha[bonny]: Holyoaakkk!...i leave u the time when u came to skool in shorts,ure first friend in kgs, bullying everyone,biddus tution and his cofee.. and sajjads tution ,teachin u math and meetin ure dad! Ure soccer mathches ,ure superstitions,my bro's mehendi practices,, spaz drivers! !


Mod-Girls: i leave memories of zameers math class and my fights with him and sadiq!! playing dum charades.."pssssst" \and adnan haji beating me up.....stayin the night at lalehs and the strip show...sneakin into rishads house and makin me jump the roof!! \callin spirits at sarahs house in class 6 and anucha crying..sara i leave memories of "cloak" and crank callin my tution...anucha i leave adictionary to learn how to pronounce peoples names right[zamin] !! maliha i leave memories of rollin down sox ....and a new phone line so that ure brothers dont always pik up and bug me!!!amina i leave the day it rained !!!!farah i leave maklais tution and her husband watchin cartoons, blue jeans ,humayuns tutions..farahs and sajjads tutions and people drawing on fruits and the fact that i love ur birthday!

Akbar,Ammar,Rishad,Danish,Budda: i leave memories of playing dum charades,"pssstt" and me imitatin guyz peeing!..y'all lying on the steps and singing yippeeee....Adnan haji flipping me!zameers math classes and makin me fight with sadiq,"ho0w rudeee"! The ball and sneakin into rishads house! Aku: i leave u the times we have laughed at sadiq with his mouth open and at j.d and his shockin life that me and u know about!Take the picture out of ure bathroom ok!

Rishad: i leave maids called halima that we both had...ure realization for liking me at damascus! Danish i leave u the birthday vidio that i still havent given u and playin with sanober in kindergarden!

Mani,Ali,Faraz: i leave computer classes,bugsi etc,mona and chiklet5! ho0w rude!my driving!The Sat score u guys never let me live down: Ali i leave the time i drove and my imitations of "mo0ryam all slap ure fase okgay" Mani and ali i leave u memories of NOOR my driver!!!!!!! Mani i leave u the food u paid for at mr B!ure constantly wishin me happy birthday

Naima: i leave u the day i found out who u were related to!!!! lots of pan and all the daance practices

Alizeh: ill never forget the time u mocked me for being friends with outsiders and what do u know a few months later . . . . . . .!! hhe

Sonia: i leave karens tution,ure zillion boyfriends,!dadi's bathroomclass 10 and 11...the islamiat period! ure crying scenes!!!!

Sila:stayin the night at my house,sunaina running away!!!,the time i didnt know how to light a fa* properly !,my driving!!!!farooks obsession with ure mom!,my aunt loving u and bhindi!

Areeba: i leave u the bonjovi c.d the one with "always" on it for old times sake! And a new tape deck to make up for all the head ache ure old deck caused me when the cranberries tape got stuck in it!

Shezeen: i leave u cheese cake,loads of chukles and a certain breed of a dog!i aitn saying any more.heheh and our rejection from singapore!

Laleh,Sania,Aalya: i leave u guys memories of the "kfc" days blackjack and gang! aalya i leave my jabbering that always got u into trouble in socio, sania and laleh the time i fed y'all mr B at my house and the strip show at lalehs!

Shaan: i leave loads of pencils to stuff up my nose!!!!!!! hehe

Oblix: i leave u taimurs tutions and mind and abids and bash's fights! and ahem the reason why u were called a "c.m"!! heheh

Pissu: ! i leave the poll that i signed on the egroup thing which only u knew about! and i dont want sum action i know mani told u to write that in my autograph book!

asad: {arrsed} i leave memories of before u joined kgs with imran karim etc! my g.t when u guyz broke my table tennis table!

Saif: i leave accoutns class...munkgs ure feminine side...ure tendencies to feel up poor innocent boys....ure "philosophies"!! makin a fool out of me

Capi: [ciaaannnpiiii]...to u cobi i leave a book on how not to flash! u flasher! Whoos ure daddy!!!! Heheh and i leave u all the times u got me into trouble and the white card u made me get!

Jujoo: i leave u the times u have couruppted my cuzin as in jd! as well as the other 2!

Mumly [moomly]: leave u biddu's tution,freak STATS tutors that i sent to ure house, if i were u i wouldnt take that!,the times u have dissed me up!! And pocohontus with j.d!

Faizaan: tom cruise i leave the times u and nimr made me cry at tution,biddus cofee and a mobile with free outgoing so that u dont have to jack up my bill!!!!!!

Sameera: i leave biddu's tution and cofee and the time i put half a **** in my mouth and the wierd sounds I made

Sukaina: i leave chicken rolls..the jeans we both fit into! biddu's tution! and dhakan!

Salena: i leave j.p! hehe the fact that u knew kazzam before me! and all ure issues with *****,*****,***** and ********

Ninjas: i leave a book on how to become like me! I rule! im the #1 ninja!

Sanam: loads of memories..includin fatimas tutions! .my dead duck! and the time we got egged!!! on the road

Dilip: i leave my entire family! hamat-e-yooshi! ! and the stock market!

The c.j.m girls,afaan,asfi,farah millwala,jerry,,mashal and gang ,neshmia and neha and thoe first years i have left out....anyone else i have left out i leave y'all wonderful memories of kgs!!

If ive forgoteen anyone im so0ryyy i didnt mean it! I couldnt think fo anyone else!!!!! and if anyones forgoteen me all i can say is ho0w rude guys!!!! i'mm miss everyone skool..even the times i was made fun of ;(

kgsss rulesssssssssss!!

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