1. Osman: Cricket at habbans, your tiny **** (hehehe), O levelsman we raped that, your islamic fanatism, all the spend the nights, the comparing of how much we had each studied, tuitionsthe phataka at disserums, locos lungee!; making fun of people, mother sister. Shouldershelloooookhanrivers of happinessyour ugly cyclonethe mud ball fights at habbans house. Best friends forever!

2.Ammar: Bohri best friend! Our Turtle gang, group of five in junior school, the same tuitionssame friendssame subjectssame gradessame freakin everything! Our funny fights dont slam the door on me!! The conferencewoohoo! Your cheap shy smilebugging you foreverchips ahoyyour scream when you got hit in the ear (yaaahaha)the plans with shoa and saman.

3. Rishad: I leave you our initial dark ages; Seymore butts; our re-bonding in first year! Your arrogancemy "what arrogance"! The jokesthe noddingyour fridgeall the analysing of the groupsThe partiesthe balancehigh cheek bonesthe conference with your erotic dancemy passion for the artsthe big butts danceYoure a super-talented person with a super ego! ManI dont remember laughing so much with anyone. See you in New York every weekend! "Bi"haha

4.Jawad: Khwari at gymkhanathe cricket plansyour wild masiall the one billion jokes! I leave you all those weird people on the road at whom we would just look at and laugh! Class 7,8 and 9! Remember saadi paadis fight with raza kanjee when he got his energy back by pumping his fists!Haha Your sideways laughbig balls101 flings! The fight in which I started crying (hehe)Bonding away on the phone even though youre boring as hell! Our fights! Please dont changeyoure just too much fun.

5.Danish: I leave you a lot of hair so that you can get all that coolness backhehe. Studying togetherkhyamm tuitionrishads accidentswimming at Sind Clubyaaaaayour pathetic drivingchilling togetherthe akhtar jokes! Dodge and GabbanaHope you make it to UCL buddy!

6.Nadia: Remember the phone converationsand the phone conversationsandoh yeathe phone conversations. Hehekidding. Sind club galaall the dancing together, sardar, chipkali, reeeallllyyy, ure contradictions, the fights, the make-ups, the "alphabets!!!", Murree trip, your flop sexy dance, TTT, addiction (still), making fun of everything and everybody!, your bicyclinghehe. H!the slapzitsgardening all the timenapster (wow)aaaaa chooolayAllah mauka daai! Nadia, thank you for always being thereeven when I was a jerk!

7.Sadiq: You crazy driverI leave you a ton of airbags just to save your butt! All the TH plansspend the nights at richardsGolf Clubpinning at dp! I dont need to tell you to party at USCcoz Im sure you will!

8.Alto: Actually, I think Ill leave you a ton of airbags too. Im gonna miss all our plans togetherwith you driving obviously. I leave you all your bundeesone of which caused your reversing on my main road!

9.Faraz: OKhere goes nigger: Muth khanchancoobumfer!6 and a halfschoooooo choo trainphysics study sessionslaughing together like dogs in the alcove (the merwani joke)the halwa puri guy with the much nahin tho muth nahinwho let the dogs outyour cheap "chulla king" titlemy nipplesyour stubbornesschilling at richards. I guess Ill just leave you a bottle of vaseline. Please goto Ohio!

10.Maliha: First of all I leave you a bag full of Miss Jsjust for your hairy back. Second year balldancing at all the partiesthe KAS ballthe dinner and lunch planswater ballooningbitching together for hoursmy big mouthyour EVEN bigger mouththe sukhbir mehndi in which we were all paunchoos. Youre great fun malihastay in touch.

11.Amna: Amnayoure sooooooooo (whiny tone) sweet and innocenthehe (I know you hate that) I leave you our 1000 hours of bitching sessions. Kalay khanyour bald headyour fluorescent something at the Carlton partyyour love for lyceum guyseven though Im so much hotter!

12.Zahra: If it was the same time last yearyoud be writing me the baap of all willshehe. Dinner plansphone sessionslaughing togetheryour weird crushesMILFmy obsession for yourheheyou know what I mean! Youre one helluva friend. Party Hard!

13.Yousuf: Dudeweve had our ups and downs. I am so jealous of your talent. I leave you a tablatissueand lots of those figures that we used to play with! (boy does that sound dodgy!) New year planssoupmasjidgossipingthe "mela"! Dont forget me when youre famous!

14.Sara: Mooniethanks for giving me the biggest ego about being funny. The murree tripJBeco classdexteryour flirting with Sajjadbugging AmnaMs J! I leave you a sari that you can wear when you get married soon! Stay cool.

15.Anuscha: I leave you an Ogre with Ms Js all over his head!hehekidding. The kas balldriving around in your sexy jeepyour amazing ability to look so hot at partiesyour amazing ability to pauncho as a host in every party. Anuim glad youre with me at Penn. I was just kidding about you going wild at collegeure the most level headed girl Ive ever seen. I envy u!

16.Sania: J! Akhtar tuitionsyour refusal to drink Safiyas doodhyour refusal to dance with me. Manu really refuse a lot dont u! Chilling at Rishads houseyour weird way of sitting in the carthe kikass boy girl ratio in our groupyour funny way of laughing...specially at Rishad playing cricket! Watersportsyour baldnessyour innocence.Goldie J.

17.Samar: Even though you try to act like a bitchyoure the most caring! I leave you all your nakhras at GYLCChiraghjawad (both of them)all our family eid plansyour ex-fatnessthe lunch and dinner plansand both our big mouths!

18.Hasan (Topcat): I leave you a bong and a bongand lets see...whats left.Oh yeaa bong! HeheYoure a real smart guystudy hard and get your butt into an Ivy..OK!

19.Habban: I leave you a ton of memories starting from nursery till now. Cricketspend the nightsmud ball fightstennis plansyour kunjoosy!200 bucks for a 99 ruppee sandwich..haha. I am very sorry about the way we drifted apart.

20.Saman Malik: First year ballbonding on the phonejokingfighting Oh yeaour sexy dances (the shoulder ones)stone paper scissormurree tripdinner plans with ammar and shoamy mamus weddingdrifting apartmy lame attempts at being serious on the phonethe day you got pissed at me coz I didnt help change the punctured tire at DP!I still remember that!

21.Saman Amin: I leave you a jaanumaazmurree tripmariams montessoriand a thanks for laughing at my jokes even when they werent funny.

22.Shaan: Ogreyoure the king. I leave you an award for having the greatest personality of all. Laughing together from class 9 till Khyamm last month. Dont ever changeI have too much fun with you!

23.Sala, Imran, Raza, Ali Iqbal, Malik, Fawad, Ibaad: You guys are a bunch of crazy mofos. I leave you a giant strip bar so that you can all strip eachother just like you do to poor zakaria.

24.Mariam Gokeley: I leave you all our laughing together in math classsadiq with his mouth openjd and his t-shirtand your butt chin!

25.Laleh: My trips with danish to your placeour magical sidemy non-magical

side! Your birthday get togethersand talking about the weirdest stuff.

26.Ali, Mani: AliI leave you a mic so that you can hog it all you want! Cricket at

Rishadsthe chulla in schoolthe sports day entrance at Snoopy.

27.Adnan: AbbyI leave you our best friendship in class 4,5 and 6. The tennis and squash plansyour stubborness!and all the drives back home.

28.Farah Mills: Your iftar plansregistrationmeeting eachother on the way to school in the morninghave fun at Indussss..hehe.

29.Farah H: Capri face! I leave you a bakraand an award for being the wildest of the mods.

30.Abbas: I leave you all our bonding on the family plans when there was no one else to talk to (hehe)our fightsyour scratching! I am sure you will ace your O-levels and get into a kikass college. Dont worry

31.Mom and Dad: I cant thank you enough for making me what I am today and for always having confidence in me. I have had the most memorable childhood and I owe it all to you two! I love u!

32.To KGS: I leave you the 131 thousand hours that we have spent together!

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