i, Marz, the talkative, hyper queen of cheapness, leave to those who've made my KGS experience memorable, the following ishtuffs:

Sana my itty bitty: the first few words to cotton eye joe, midnight heart to hearts followed by pillow fights, hotties we checked out together...someone to put food for sheroo,a taping of my various insecurities for u to get frustrated and scream at, my romantic escapades to gossip with ure friends....thanx for always telling me when they were looking! i never want to leave u..i love u too much..where ever I go...my heart will be with u.

Mehr, csi, baast fraand, Muhooor, my second sis: a decade of "perfect" friendship and lots more to come, sulaiman peak, MAG, sir do cube, sindh club's garden bench and swAAming pool, all the intellectual discussions, the late nights, defacing the history books(ali mardan khan),self glorifying/bitching sessions,my rocking chairs,the computer room,MAYRIA, following someone to the end of the lab,a junoon concert...i wuv u!

faris, my most brotherly best friend :the school nala,the WALL, phool arif, my designs, danish's sidelight, i'm hot ure...not at all,something other than hunter's beef, beating each other up,someone to ruffle up ure gelled hair,a girl who'll marry a 30 yr old baldie, thanx for always saving me from unwanted male attention,giving me the guy's perspective, and every fun filled day of our friendhsip!

Hina my crazy, dimpled friend: a puppy called marz to tag around u at college, the few gen. classes u attended, dancing in the bathroom, a silencer for ure laugh, an unending supply of borrowed-for-hina money, and lots of phonecalls!

Maria boing boing: blue pebbles from h.park, beating faris up, nandos' hot waiter,through the window onto danish, SQUASHED at the scavenger hunt...and the LIZARDS!

Danish/ voluptous: tons of winks, seperation in every accounts class, girls who WILL say yes and a fridge full of home made KHANA!

Masali: ure feline offsprings, social..mental...physical...overall!

ErroL the lion-sized mishtake: shahzad roy, the scavenger hunt pic.and chalk fights!

saad Shweet khan: some of my poetic master pieces, a bouquet of flowers to find in YOUR bag, the hundred hrs u spent with S.M. on the ball, 4 mrs SFK's, our TALAAQ, bleach to byootify your hands, uuhh wha'everRRRR...EEYABADABADOOO!!!!

Yasser the proud oops pride of Kgs: a punching bag resembling salman wasif, a clinton look-alike to give u a beddy bye kissy, lobbying lessons u don't need,the secret to talking like homer( so u die happy) lots of love for being all high n mighty outside but a softie inside, lectures on honesty everytime u try to be "diplomatic" and a dictinary of normal english! ruv. U too!

Shaan: ure child shan agha, REHAN, practices i never attended, blueberry icecream and money for whenever u run short ;)don't ever lose touch...ure one of the greatest ppl. i know!

Saima: PINK bangles and biscuits, carrot cake, the perfect ENGLISH breakfast, natural monopolies...ahem we missed the lecture when we ran out, remember!!!! 489

Masoor ki daal: permission from ure parents to pursue art, gossip to share with hira, a kick for saying my sis has better hair than me, and a hug for always being complimentary :)

Hira: gossip sessions, AMAR and a BIG garbage bag(to throw him in, since u probably don't want him!)and thanx for the compliments :)

fahd: a cause for rebellion, the pretty girl to whom u taught BM, many other Bm times and memories of the initial urdu play

Danish, Rishad, Akber: lots of fun times, chatting under the lightning, often stuck without a teacher, thanx for the ahem...education, no thanx for always making fun of me... nevertheless u guys were the life of the party! don't forget the "nice nerd with a little bit of a life"!!

Moby Dimpled sunshine: chocolate bunnies, PINKIE, ure sister's hair, piya basanti and the walls project and lots of laughter!

FM 100: FARO, rizwi's "CHILLDD!!!", and her boy child ;) a distinction in art, mohatta's PINKNESS, MOMMY MAGIC, james bonding and rolling in the garden,camping in kingergarten and tons more!

kama-ttress: FOAMM, the burgers we ate (and still called u kanjoos), singing in h.park(only we knew the songs),area 51's curly fries and bassam's changed name on the screen!

bassam: my broken engagement, can't believe u fell for it!!!

MO bin nasir:o'level computer classes, darul sakoon and a really strange but nice friendship, don't lose touch!

Nida Hanif:'Most forgiving personality' award, a birthday party which i promise to attend, a glare for ure great hair and a smile for ure sweet style!

Junaid: SILENCE( which u will be left with without me), aatma to preserve it and the secret to horrible grades...which ure horrible at getting!!!!

saddar campus: in my heart i left KGS, when i left u...

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