To Rabbo, I leave some of my charm and wit when it comes to handling ***** policemen; a boot to kick your arse & help you be more punctual; a spare shirt whenever you ride in stuffed cars; a pin-up calendar containing blow-ups of ABC posing, ABC dancing, ABC frowning "thoughtfully", ABC at his sultry best, ABC skipping,

To Bushra, a "potla" containing all the "distractions" you were forced to leave behind in your A level examination rooms (except one, which Im keeping); some of my coolness to help you control your sudden urges to clap and jump in public; a less cheap e-mail address,..and a hairbrush.

Hina Elahi- yaaR we had a ball of a time in Math classes! To you I leave memories of the way we met again after 2 years on irc thanx to one personthe stupid phone calls and the gift that was never opened;

Abdur-rahim, window Sir, Marchy, Donkytheyre all yours for the keeping! And a lifetime of fun with Asif.

To Falak and co For you, jalili, I leave shock absorbers; my whistling skills; a life partner who eats jussst the way you do; and the hotshot who was perched atop a fence beside us at one concert staring veryy amusedly at yOU the whole time.. And an encyclopedia of curses in Greek, Latin, Chinese, Swahili, etc that you & your chum Nida can memorise.the Punjabi and French ones you already know.

For Xenab, sedatives and an "Unplugged in New York"


For Madiha, I leave one hottie and his orange socks; a 100 % in Math (this is as close as you can get!); and a nite of flirtation with "tall, dark & not handsome"

Sarah, yettt another joota shopping spree; Hyderi juice spot; Math class fun, and dinner at Bundu Khan with MNA Khan.

Tariq- I was your prime consumer of edibles in Math classes, so I leave you a lifetime supply of mint gums; the memories of one long walk from school you forced us to & the heavenly Red Apple chicken rolls later

Subeka-the torturous memories of every **** match we lost these two yearsand the jubilation on our single victory.. And the camel ride!

Adnan- a vast field always filled with at least 20 persons positively itching to play football;10 Gabriel Garcia Marquez books; speed breakers to make you talk less rapidly; and a big kick in your head for the chicken rolls you never got me.

Abbas-the endless hours you spent helping the papworth girls out with throwball, basketball, high jump, etc; my sense of humour to help you polish your truck-driver one; and some reason or the other for you to always keep smiling..

For Sana G., our lethargic greetings to each other everyday in registration class "Im soo sleeeepy." & the mad skit; and my wardrobe, so I can trade it for yours!

Sanam-our gymkhana life, from swimming, badminton and jogging to playing cards, swooning over countless morons and what naught; and I also leave for you all men who are available and not chinotees..

Arwa and Hadia, I leave you guys all the paint cans and wires I have remaining from our chemical flower days; the day we played dumb charades in schooland a life-long passion for singing "kabhi mein sochhta hoon" and the likes.

Mrs. Mujahid, thankyou very much for all your help and encouragement.

Kgs has been a real experience.

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