To FarrahI leave my most DECENT memories, all our bitching sessions (in our favorite place!), the hours of gossiping and our midnight phone discussions;) And ofcourse all our (ahem!) study sessions when wed do everything but study. Oh! And always remember the times we spent revealing our past, present and future and our earnest reflections on aaj ka daur. Stay just the way you are and dont dare to do anything I wouldnt.

To Subeeour dearest auntie and my parosanI leave to you all our unfinished plans, the gossip sessions with Farrah and the stories you guys scandalized me with. Btw God bless your car and your driving skillswe could never have had so much fun without them. And the most important of allI leave to you my bros namehope you live with it forever!!

To kubzI leave our years of friendship, all our senseless fights and all the guys in the world. The memories of all the movies we saw together and the hope of seeing those we havent the melas and parties to which your dad would always drop usthe matches that we stayed back for and those that we played

against each other. Manweve had loads of fun together...never forget me

To SehrI leave the hope of finding Mr Right one day.

To Sarah Y. I leave a hubby, half a dozen kids and a huge house along with a handful of maasis!! Yaar youve been a great friendthanks a lot for the company in physics class.

To Hadia, Arwa and Sara AI leave the memories of our chem class and all the fun wed have in the labs

To Hina RI leave my meagre knowledge of physics and the hope of becoming a great dentist one day!

To WamiqI leave the book called 101 Advices for People in Love and all my knowledge of classic movies and novelsthe hours we spent on msn backbiting and discussing plans that never really materializedour years of scouts and girl guidesand the plays and projects we did together in 7,8,9. Ohand one more thing NEVER turn like the Hiram guy I told you about.

To Usman S. and SalmanI return all my knowledge of physicshope you guys can put it to good use!

To TariqI leave my name and a bag full of courage!

To AbbasI leave our chem classes and all the hilarious stories you amused us with.

To Saad and SaniaI leave all the my breaks that I spent sweating away in the midst of a hoard of 10th and 11th graders at the canteenbut I must sayyou guys have been great! To the rest of the prefect bodyI leave the knowledge that we did all that we were supposed to doand no matter what anyone says we did it damn well.

And lastlyTo my brother I leave the KGS college and all that goes with it! Have fun!

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