Farah (Tullo!!): Have we been through a lot together or what? My best friend and confidant. My one companion who knows me inside out and whom I know just as well. The kind of understanding we've got is hard to come by. To you I leave Pooh bear accessories, "that" gray dress, my empty chemistry notebook from De Saram's tuitions, the school library, lots of Éclairs, Imran Nazir's head, a dedicated phone line, many memories and hope of even better days to come. You better keep in touch! I wi sh you get into AKU and have a great time pursuing your ambitions.

Omar Jafri: Senseless arguments, stupid jokes, chilling at home, specials, and turbos, bonding sessionsand at the end of all that I always knew I could depend on you like a brother. I leave you an army of "darhees" and "taklaas", stock market tips, dead lizards and ten-footer subs. Bugging the life out of people won't be half as good without you. I hope we'll stay the same "dynamic duo".

Affan: You taught me that "inconceivable" is just a mind block and no problem is insurmountable. You are amongst my most cherished friends and to you I leave tons of memories of "taynes", bike rides, soccer and countless counseling sessions! But I'm sure I owe you much more.

Qasim Jawed: You're my soul mate man! I don't recall one incident when you and I haven't been able to connect. A shotgun, some Doodh Patti and long drives should be enough to see you through the next four years! Who is going to listen to all my philosophy now? Guess I'll have to leave you a ticket to New York for the summer!

Iftikhar (shooter): I'm so sure we'll stay best friends that I'm not even going to ask you to keep in touch! I leave you a 6-foot rod, Gizri police station, bunking memories, and our oath of always standing by each other.

Cindy: I've chilled at your place more than anywhere else! You've proved to be a faithful friend and genuine well wisher. I hope we'll stay in touch. To you I leave lots stickers, a dog pound and a sasquatch!

Asfandyar: All hail the silent one! Coz when you do speak, you make the most hilarious comments on earth! I hope we'll always remain friends and I shall Insha Allah name my 6TH child Asfandyar (if it's a boy of course!).

Abbas: Trips to Manora and cricket in Lalazar; then KGS, what next? I leave you the N4 route bus, the Des Cartes quiz and the Einstein Society!

Faizan: I leave you tints for the truck and brownies. Stay in touch!

Humaid (Humpty): Be it soccer, physics tuitions, eating out or chilling at home; you are a great companion. I hope to see you in spring. To you I leave a contract with Barcelona, meals at Tandoori Hut, and JVC and Khaled.

Aadil: You and me go back a looong way! For the past ten years we have been buddies. What can possibly be good enough for a friend like you? Chicken rolls, what else!! Anyway I hope you have a ball at LUMS. Maybe we'll go for Master's together.

O-Sala: If I got a dollar each time I woke you up, I'd be able to pay for college without my parents' help! But I'm glad you awoke to the beautiful world around you before school ended! Together we've done everything there is, especially if it's illegal! Therefore I leave you with the hope you'll stay "on the job". ASTSMC


Geri: Dude its impossible for anyone to have shared more jokes and had

more fun together than we did. Your jokes are second only to your laughter

in entertainment value. I leave you Cuban cigars, Latinos, an anti-aircraft gun, and a string bikini (one that actually fits you!). Remember: never lose touchand P.P.P Zindabad!

Zainab: Never a dull moment with you around! Thanks for all your attempts to accomplish you know what! I leave you my bandanna, a bowling ball, a Jackie Chan autographed T-shirt. If it weren't for you I would have been in a lot of trouble.


Insiya & Bariza: I don't even know how we became friends, it's as if I've just always known you. I hope I'll see you in the winter.

Imran: We had the weirdest of chats on those rides I leave you Devil's point and the "scenic" route, my guitar and self-composed nursery rhymes.

Anab, Hadia, Sara, Raza, Shehzeen, Sonya, Sila, Ismat, Asad, Ahad,

Haseeb and anyone else I'm leaving out: Guys I'm really short on space so please accept this collective message. You're all fabulous people and I'm grateful to you for making my school years so memorable. So I'm leaving you all my phone number to keep in touch!

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