Akbar: I leave you all those memories at habbans house, the cricket, the STNs, the sindbad - funland plans, the chulla at St PATS and Ryre etc etc . I leave you all those kick ass pharoing ammar and habban STNs which were like the bomb man, with all the deppy jokes and the incest jokes, math competitions, math books, broken down dorms at Penn, all your instigation techniques, no mumbling lessons, vocabulary innovations ( ponchoo, chanccoo, mother sister) and those numerous religious conversations. Have a blast in college. Meet you in a years time. Heres to another gazzilllion years of being best friends, pals buddies and whatever else there is.

Ammar: I leave you those long phone conversations about how relationships suck, a box of chips ahoy "EAT THEM ALL THEY WERE FOR THE FAMILY TO SHARE". That one kick ass STN when we imitated each other, a badminton court so that you can hit on all the girls you see. Plus all those plans with shoa and those crazy jokes about her X. All the Australia Vs Pakistan matches Match WHAT MATCH, the chulla at St Pats "the time is 2:15". The colognes u you bought to ST PATS for I dunno who! Here is to another gazillion years of being best friends. KGS would not have been the same without you and akbar. No WAY!!

(Eds Note: Bastard! U didnt put me on top!)

Raza: I leave you all the galis we gave and learnt from each other, the St Pats days when you used to go and flirt with you know who, Loco tutions, the march past and the salutes in break, conversations on the phone when you called me SIR. All those wild STNs when we raped Ahmed. The chulla we did in urdu. A truckload of hot girls, and definitely some durex condoms.

Malick: I leave with all the concepts in physics. My A in physics Olevels and all those corny and perverted jokes. A million clones of Ashwariayah Rai, the fights with Saad and all the nerdy days when we sat in front. I leave you loads & loads of condoms because of the legal permission you have attained. Thanks for being such a great pal and one of my closest friends.

Imran: To you my motta partner but now hot partner I leave all the fights we have had. All the memories of cricket at the CS house, the unlimited supply of food and drinks at your house and a calculator so that you can ATTEMPT to hide it again. (Sorry for that phudda man). Take care and keep in touch.

Danish: To my Sunni brother well kick Ammars and Akbars asses again. I leave you all the mathematics questions possible, a hotline just for your math problems, all the religious talks and lectures. Thanks for being such a great friend.

Jawad: To my oldest friend in KGS I leave all those endless hours of cricket at habbans and a container full off women. All those khwari days the Blu Ba Yous the FUNS and I dunno what not. Thanks for being such a great pal. Start studying man. Hope to see you in America in spring. Finally thanks for being such a bastard.

Omer S: I leave you with all the chulla and arguments, endless hours of cricket, 90 MB of you know what on your computer. All the canadian chicks, STREETON HOUSE, the launda scenes and last of all FG. Keep in touch.

Habban: To you I leave an apology, memories of cricket at your house, friendship, adolescent days, STNs, Mirc logs of stella, babyninja, babe I, babe 2, babe 3 and so on. Chancooing techniques and french fries with cheese. Finally the burger was 90 bucks not 150.

Fawad: All the bharam possible, all the mufta scenes, your wallet with 600 bucks, The cruiser and the luxury, pharoing zak sessions and burhanis. Gonna miss you man!

Ibaad : The cruiser, the luxury, the pimps and pimping methods, a maroed phone from cartoons house, pins at the spot, burhanis soup and cindy. Keep cool in LUMS and remember me.

Ahmed Z: Sorry for all the raping and bharam, I leave you stacks of money and kanjoosy. All the possible raping methods and all the Archie and Aladdin totas available.

Ali I: DO BEEF BURGER, YES, your recent crush, craziness and chootiadom. T buhat bara hai. Do something about your hair.

Rishad: I leave you with a million driving lessons man, a margi so that you can total it. Next time put the gear in fifth when you are at 130km/h. Man we almost died together. Thanks for the best food Ive ever had!

Altumash: I leave you with all the chulla we did in the urdu period. Plus loads of driving lessons. Take care man.

Adnan: I leave you all rides back home from wherever and whenever. Thanx for bieng such a great pal. Still think Ann Arbor was better.

Faraz, Ali, Mani : I leave you guys all the chulla we did in SY and my FAMOUS INVISIBLE HAND. Without you guys SY would not have been the same. Faraz you bugger THANKS for getting me SUSPENDED!!

Saman: CHUBZZZZ !!!!! A dinner with you wherever you want whenever you want so that you can stand me up. I leave you with all the flabby people in this world J . Anyways take care of yourself. Have fun and keep on mailing. ChubZzZZzZZ!!! Chubzzzzzyyyy FOREVER.

Myla: I leave you raza one of my best friends and all the stuff me and him have done together. I DUNT HATE U STUPID!

Sania: I leave you all the people who will get LAID in college. I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THEM. J And a Burger ofcourse.

Sarah J: All the notes we passed in economics class and countless dances at parties. Hope you have a blast in college. Guess what? I am still smiling!

Shaan: You were the best house captain ever. Not that we won too much but anyways you were still the BOMB. So long OGRE have fun and remember me the greatest mascot of streeton. STREEETON RULZZZZZZ!!!!

Sana: To you I leave all the proms in the world and a beamer with a broken headlight. Thanks for the whole ball thing. The ball rocked and so did we

Zahra: All the icq logs, all the phone conversations, all the phuddas, and all the CJM politics.

Mrs. A: All the problems with my transcripts and application. Without you applying to college would have been impossible. Thanks for being the best counselor ever.

My Parents: Without you mum and dad I wouldnt have been the person I am today. And thanks for putting me in KGS. Thanks for standing by me and believing in me when the entire administration of KGS was against me some two years back. Mum I showed them that I was much better than what they thought of me and it was because of your prayers that they could never have touched me. Love you guys more than anything in this world.

CLASS of 2001: I leave you guys with all the chulla. Guys we were the bombs and definitely the best class KGS will ever see. To all those who hate me, to all those love me and to all those who dont give a shit so long and farewell. PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF CLASS OF 2001!!! Guys keep on mailing.

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