First of all I would like to tell you that the order of names is not in Preference dont get offended if ur name is at the end!!!

To bilal I dont leave anything as we have many years more together!!

To Amin I leave fours years of friendship with all what we use to do in our maths, computers and Urdu classAnd not to 4get the classes that we not attended and get caught by Mrs. Effendi (all thanks to Saad!!) also those 500 bucks which u still havent paid (internet bill)

To Sobhani I give him some confidence to just say hi to a girl :)

To Baghpati I leave all the tafri we did in our maths class and I am sorry about your cell phone..

Haider thanks a lot for making our Urdu class more fun and sorry that u failed to set ur scene with N Faizi.. and thanks a lot for that thing at my defense house!!

Meru I am sorry for taking away that person away from u but I took ur permission. It shud be a good feeling of being every 1z beta

Pissu..i leave u all the fun we did at Asfis party with ur Vti, and all the snooker matches u lost in Gymkhana..sorry I took your Macdonalds sign :)

Zak..thanks a lot for the polo shirt and the dkny beltnot to 4get that night match which never happenedsorry about the thing at bilals house that day when I beat the crap out of u.I also give u all the marks which I obtained by cheating off u and Handyz notes

Shaanmailee u were always unlucky for me so I have nothing xcept bad luck to give in return to u..

Imran And Anushau were outstanding House captains and I give u the sports day victory:)

O_Sala..i give u all the tafri we did while bunking accounts class and at our accounts tuitions..

FRZ I give all the chulla we guys did in and outside skoll..and all the plans which never worked out(bicycle locks) and the time we stayed in skool while we were supposed to be suspended

Buddah .. I give u dozenz of spare car headlights so that whenever u go out on a date u dont have to worry about other expenses

Bariza I give few months of enjoyment we did together..and I give back to u ur pulse issue

Sarah J I leave u a great time at the Ball and all the fun we had during the swing dance was a pleasure being with you..i even give u shaan who always acted like a kabaab main hadi.

Yousuf I leave a wonderful time in skoll, Gymkhana and at Akhtarswithout u that class would be empty. I also give u ur Kash CD.

Kashif I give u ur treat which u won by taking faiza for lunch with you..and all the great time we had 2getther.

Nida T I leave a year of great friendshipand those few timz when we met in gymkhana

To Maheen .. all I can give are my apologies for what I did at the OGS mela..and I also give u my friend..u know who:)

For Saba I leave a bed of roses and an application form of Navy college so that u can find out how merciful Allah really is.

Alyzae.i have a lot to give to u specially those timz at acc tuitions. I give u that chokidaar of Amins who used to scare u away

Nazia .. .. ammmmm.aaaaaa..hmmmmmm..see I remembered u in my will :)

Jay and Zain.. I leave all the great time we had while prep for out dance for the last day and the talent show

I am sorry for those whom I have 4gotton to mention cuz I am writing this will at the eleventh hour so please 4give me.

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