Raza- Yellow and blue glue, bio classes, a box full of letters, our 1st ball, a chansoo girl, house captaincy, the cooler, a frog, TT, happy friend, hidden, a high sky and round world, our last ball, a larger appetite, lots of love a more imp table, dono dono aur mein.

Samar- Papsee, psychic diffusion, pierced, the van, everlasting love, weird laughs, hyperness, fevers, dance practices, promises, notes, gharibouz.

Ambereen- mehendis, dances, a love for phone conversations, chemistry practicals, Nitrogen and Oxygen stories, Anil Kapoor, unplanned night spends, lifelong supply of my entertaining kahanis, the evil in you, subway and my mother, a very special friendship.

Saman- giggly goats, smiley face, kaysara, fun plans, lots of laughs, and an everlasting friendship.

Malick- the van, a never ending supply of corny jokes, my sister in law, Aishwarya Rai, ball dates, an always open ear, soul music, apa and omer bhai, bio practicals.

Omer- Sea view, my class 4 birthday party, my whining before sports day, class 11, a happy life.

Imran- a list of girls, secrets, burnt chicken, loads of advice, plans that materialize, shaped eyebrows,

Mr. Minto, a role in an Indian film, my talking to your mother, a very happy future.

Ali- Kindergarten memories, your incredible storytelling abilities, a happy life.

Anuscha- Khandani mansoobabandi, 100 similarities, general teachers, a fitness program that lasts, 1st place in a swimming race, turtle trip, the party we planned, bio practicals, modesty and happiness and everlasting friendship.

Hadia- your sweetness, my stories, car rides, study sessions, a ball date, chemistry practicals and a strong friendship.

Sara- same subject groups, lots of juicy gossip, our study sessions, a blue ball dress, the van, my brother and your mother, the daadi amma in you, a special friendship forever.

KGS- Thank you for the 15 great, most unforgettable years of my life.

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