bajiaa....yaar tum se ab kya kahoon??ure me ,im u!the only thing i can say is..i cant imagine how life(esp. skool) wud b w/out u...theres no other way to say it, huh?G NA FOREVER! i leavae u all the u wanted if i ever wallet,shirt,half of the stuff in my room(LOL)..but most of all,r memories of fy n sy

fahd....i leave u the card u gave me on my 17th b-day cuz of the msg in it.."ill always n always n always be ure friend "...cuz we always have been,rite??

amz..oye! u already have one of my treasures of life...guess wat!!lol..n all the prayers,wishes n inshallahs for wat we all want..

raza...daku raja! taxi driver....i leave u my "bohat achchey" dining table chairs!!!

habban..i leave u our version of who let the dogs dog....ooops god!!

yusuf...4 u is the song..."fiqr kya hai main hoon na terey liye" its for every occasion...even r flunking math together!

mobi!!my horrible match making skills...n my make up kit with the lilac eye pencil

hira!!...u can have my dove soap!!n my ability to blink!

farah s...i give u the most touching remark u gave me..."we share a mutual understanding"

shakir..i leave u the memories of ure 1st ever date-cum-ball! zarsh..u have every thing anyone cud have as a person...nothing fer u! co-co!!memories of our farewell ball!!

hammad...all my math books...

zara!! dubboo, u can have all my rings n bracelets!

naveen..u can keep our crusade project

nazifa..u can have my ability to choose presents 4 special ppl& ask for them!

bilal make up kit!!makes u look better as a pathan!

azhar...u have wat i wanted to give u!!!american babe wali pic!!

ali aazer!! all my urdu notes

junaid..only the wish that u get the best!!

salman..a proper pair of scissors for ure hair

saad .a:all my money for masti!!ahem

sana irshaad:my shiny uniform

maria mansoor:my ability to understand history

hadia: u can have my (FAKE) eyes!!!

raazia, remember r chats bout how guys r so aaauuuugh!

madiha....r rides to tutions!

talha...ure birhday presents still due

j.b:my ability to pick a fite

shahnawaz:my apologies for what happened last year!

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