1) Uzma, my best friend, my sister: our khumbi years of friendship, your slick driving, my DJ skills, chicken rolls, "holler"-that dam cassette, night spends, alotta WAX! the power of ZUN,all the whaaadz up in the world, the egging, the lahore trip,my tailor, Gulf, ball preps, study preps?( ha!), junoon concerts,the lucky ali concert, my indian dance steps, the raadha dance,ure patience, my temper,our frienship forever.

2) Zahra, my best friend, my sister: my sexy butt, your DKNY shirt (did I say I found it?),our slick Getaway from those londaas, vinegar chicken, the lamp, a toefel ,my flirting skills, our "removing" day out, our internal jokes, my love for hameed, the power of ZUN, memories of your study, long drives,the chilli chips and ure sp car (ooops),the juice from paradise

my vomit there (yuck), all the egging, our neak outs, a lunch with timmy? (hehe), the bank robry!, our brushes with death, from all the "raights" to "howd u guess"- a ticket outah my mind! I love you pal.

3) Akbar :all those kazillion phone conversations,our treaties, TTT, the sindh club gala,your runnaz, the secret for 8 months, napster (gggrrrr), ABCDEFGH (more),the chipkali, sardar, checking the time, donuts, our fights, the makeups, all the gardening, my reeeallys, the planning, my aunty habbits, my materialism, our 5 to 1 countdown,our dances together TORONTO, our addiction to .,my long hair (hehe),the lucky ali concert, my sindhi culture, my auways, all our "allah okadayz",enzyme-substrates, all the 2 mez in the world, and the journey from 1% to 90%its been great!

4) Afaan, my buddy: the drives, subway, cold coffee from baloch, a bucket full of pista icecream!, my apetite, our fear of akka mamoon (hehe), saphire to come, phaloing in eachothers minds, our dances together, our party , all the "yea babyz", the "pachaaz rupay ka petrol", Thank you for being such a great friend , for all the times youve been therefrom putting a film into my camera to cheering me up when Im down. Ill never forget you.

5) Omar Akhtar: dude! "Ure the best funny!". Memories of gabby tutions, shahid afridi (wink wink), my Obnoxious laff, all our "bully baats", nandos, drives in ure baloni sandwich of a car, our laffs together,our weird "hellos" on the phone (hehe) and the funiest most memorable conversations that follow.

6) Sheharyar Butt: I roll the 3Ss into a ball and NUC em! Daddys scalpals, dog tags (sowee),my kazillion treats (gggrrr), all the early moring "waky waky" calls, all my help in emails for amish ppl, our ego, my lectures, your education. I remain your student, for lifeehehe

7) Sana Irshad : memories of physics tutions, my intelligence, my vocab, kuchi, msn, yk, My kaaluu skin colour (u bitch!), my dance at wajihas mehdi (special edition), my love for chocolates, my lack of stationary, my maroooing ure funky pens. Your problems , my solutions. Ill miss you . keep in touch.

8) Anuscha: firstly , my ability to recognise con men ! long drives, charlies angels, building guard (I hated that duty),my fraudness, the lahore trip, my gaping wound. Everything. Ill miss you.

8) Shaan: My SHOES!, the physics classes we never attended, my constipated face, the gown buying day out, ure jungli driving, my walks to your house. Shaan you are the nicest, most genuine and level-headed person I have ever met and Im glad I got to know you. Thanks for being there for me. I wish you the best in life.

9) Omar Jafri: The ice cream plans with afaan, calling out SHOT GUN! , my love for your cusses, memories of the second year ball, our dances together. It was a blast. And you are a reeally good dancer, I had a great time!

10) Sonia Jamil: MY APETITE! One big sorry for which I leave you all my bracelets (hehe)! Memories of subway, your birthday at the beach- eating up all the chicken tikka and kababmy sense of humour, my corny jokes. And lastly our plans when u visit me in calithe surfing, clubbing, u name it baby!

11) Shezeen, Sila , Areeba and Sunaina: Im glad I got to know you guys I leave yall my wild sideehehe

12) Nimr: just get the helll aaaooouuttt.achachachaand I remain your sexiest dance partner ever!

13) Ammar: thanks for all the help in my college stuffI owe you one. You and me have more wills for each other to come- at USCYEAAAAAA

14) Saman Amin: memories of the lahore trip, thats where I got to know you. And a friendship that followed. hope I get to see you more often. Keep in touch.

15) Sara Moon: memories of the lahore trip, my energy and a fight that shouldnt have happened.

16) Maliha Qadri: my company when you get chucked outtah class, and all our gossip about u know who that got us into trouble!

17) Mrs Qazi: thank you for making chemistry fun. And an even bigger thank you for arranging the Lahore trip. Its one of my most wonderful memories of school days.Congratulations on your 25 years of great teaching and I wish you another 25 years of greater teaching.

18) Mummy, Daddy, Napa and Ali: thank you for everything. For all the love, support and encouragement. I hope I make you proud.

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