Confession: Brevitys NOT my virtue!

Mission: Disposal of an obscene amount of wealth within Word-Limit!

Revelation: Mission Possible coz ----- Where theres a WILL, theres a way!

PS: Zarsheesh, dont get flattered ---- this is in order of all your birthdays!

Zarsheesh: The adjective "Zarsheeshy"! A pinch of sanity, some courage, the revelation that a song doesnt have to be "deep" to be good!

Zara: Chance-encounters in restaurants! Birthday-greetings at unreasonably-early hours! A healthy life.

Yousuf: My valiant-rescue of your voice, classic-flavoured gum, birthday-cake, my blind- vote, your candid-clicks! The "dukaan"!!

Sarah Yakoob: A lifetimes supply of triple-sing-song-"hallos", unpeeled-peaches, the coveted hollow in my neck!

Maria Mansoor: Parked-bags, my free-counselling during your unpunctual mid-teen-crisis, teasing Baby, your infatuation with Pozzos speaking-style! The hairstyle that isnt fit for dogs!!!

Hira Arshad: A VERY providential abandonment of Eco ----- the basis of "daily-dependence"! Smiles in the morning, tortured-expressions during classes, "Humrahi jab ho Mastana" popping-up at inopportune places, our trademark, Beejis thick-skinned outrageousness, my comments about people who need to shop for new attitudes, immortal lines:

"Hira, can you move your chair please?"

"Hahn beta, woh bhi kar lo!"

"Lady! What are you doing?!"

Talks, walks, shared carrots, spare-specs for James! Pre-SAT-hysteria, Mission Gain-Weight, the Twilight-Zone-Days, the Jahangir-assignment that escaped to the "lunar sphere"! A million songs, the "KGS-Experience" you tore up! My eyes, the eternal- assurance "Your hair does NOT look sick!" Six-months fever, pre-exam misery, post-exam! My wistful weather-forecast for I5th June, the cruelty of allowing children to be born in May, artistic-abilities so you can join Indus, the time we cracked ourselves up with those SPLENDID imitations!!! Locating silver-linings in stormy-skies, "honeyd- indolence", daily "Hiiiiiii"s over the phonebut no good-byes..the inadequacy of words for a treasured friendship that has come to mean so much.

Wamiq: Your conversion to the Zodiac, a truckload of wit to enable you to come up with RELEVANT comebacks! Your endless-stalking of Summiyyah and I, CARROTS (!) An antidote to stubborn self-destructiveness, one-third of Egypt, a mansion in Transylvania, dental-dilemmas, nostalgia for architectural-innocence, my entertainingly-accurate imitations, the symbolic-significance of the third-root! A priceless number! Healthier sleeping-habits, CARROTS (!) The Other Dimension, the "plans" you never even helped organize! Enlightenment: changing shirts does NOT equal changing personalities! The Funland bowling-alley! The "naiki" that spared me, the bad-deed that cost you the worlds BESTEST neighbour!! Oh, and er CARROTS!!!

Bariza: My flattering Literature-class portraits, our heroic-attempts at giving blood! A flowery-heaven.

Abbas: Canadian-visas, energy to shave, a flooded-moat (!) An ad-offer from Colgate!!

Mariyah: Grey-hairs!

Faris: A book entitled "How to Tell Time", our adventurous taste for different cuisines, the worlds BEST "Boss"!! "Farisian"! Collapsing sand-towers, an order to obey Maria, a Q-tip, my equal-share in the oil-ranch in Indiana and a shovel to get you started on the project!!!

Evike: Sunny-smiles!

Hadia: Our inexhaustible-talent for talking absolute RUBBISH! "Great food" at my place, countless car-rides, our incredible-modesty!!

Mobi: Our strikingly-similar pasts, our suicidal-addiction to you-know-what! Winding-staircases, "formal" attire, spirited heroines that never falter, indulgent heroes we never encounter! Suggestively-clenched cups, suspiciously-furious knives!! Straight-hair! Shared food, gentlemen who retrieve fallen objects (!) My sunshine-disposition to pull you through the darker days, my ability to provide all the answers, yet-to-happen movie-marathons and night-spends, our photo-frenzy, my unending-supply of inimitable and ORIGINAL witticisms! A hypnosis-tape chanting, "Join Indus ValleyJoin "!!! Those memorable free-periods, our special secret-haunt, scarlet scarves, perpetual access to the Psychic-Hotline, our increasingly nonsensicalernonsense! The Toasts that say much without impinging on sadistic word-limits, my unique blend of seemingly-contradictory qualities, the ship I discovered in the inner-courtyard, Cordelia on the cliff..dreamy contemplations mingling with salty sea-air..castles in the air and castles built on beaches...dreams unlimited and a prayer that they all come true..a special friendship which began on Day-One..and promises to last a lifetime.

Arwa: Our profound-summary of the English-language: "whatever" and "thingy"!

Madiha: My "cheerful" voice, singing-sessions!

Anab: A fortunate seat-change, the assurance that I never mind tutoring you.

Shazaf: Confirmation: Last-terms soar.

Saad Ahmed: The Sphinx (!), a lifelong gift-voucher for Fujiyama, my approval of Samras French-flood in view of your Mathematical-meanness! My way with words, a cure for Libran-indecisiveness, irresistibly-fun seas, a ready ear for when you need to talk, your bafflement at my perpetual-liveliness, the true meaning of "dry"! Organizational- hassles, shark-infested navy-blue waters (!) My powers of persuasion, YOUR CONSCIENCE!!!

Raza Kanjee: Countless-clicks, Chinese-food! A back-up profession as Rock-Finder!!!

Behramjee: A free nose-job; your existing nose cant stay out of other peoples business!!! Your standard-greeting: "Hel-lo, Nid-da Haneeff ! How are you? Vhere is..?"!! Credit for many uncontrollable laughter-fits.

Summiyyah: A ONE-way ticket to Egypt, the Maths class I brightened, your anxious waiting-for-my-calls! Successfully-conquered screening-processes, the Honour of my friendship, bathroom-tiles, much-needed brain-cells so that next time you can comprehend my defence of your "loveliness"! The fun we had bugging a "hypocritical" prefect, ghost stories, the hit-single: "Yaaaaay! Summiyyahs not coming.."!!! The bestseller "101 Ways of being Nice to Nida "! Our perpetual superiority-battles and your eventual surrender on July 3rd!! That lazy afternoon when we sat on my bed, glimpsed the possible future, and said a prayer. And of course...those AMAZING last few days!

Habibi: Several acres of farmland, jam, your salon, fresh air and NO EXAMS! Braces, Deja-Vu, the pre-mock walk, the unforgettable quote "Life, what cauchemar!"

Maha: ESP disguised as CLI, "But we wont go in the water"!! My "imaginative" inputs for sharks, approval of your post-KGS-destination, permission to go to the beach!!!

Mystery-Girl: The e-mail address that prompts my compassionate offer to help name your children! Broken-Bone Season, the time you woke me up coz you needed a cap and 2 Es!!

Crabs-in-Eyes! The authority to boss Faris!!!

Hani: A shoe-mountain. A dictionary ----- look up "fat"!!!

Mrs. Ahsanuddin: Thank-you. Your encouragement was such a positive influence.

Mrs. Riaz: Thank-you. You taught me so much more than just Urdu.

Mr. Zaidi: Thank-you. Your friendly-supervision made running the Forum a pleasure.

My Other Teachers: Thank-you.

Friends Sacrificed-to-the-Word-Limit: My apologies and love.


KGS: Laughter frozen in time, conversations etched onto walls, unseen footprints, echoes of spontaneous-singing, protestations against injustices, gratitude for being the pivot round which many valued-friendships and memories evolved.

Finally, a book: How to Resist Building Next to Nalas (!!!)

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