Ayesha: Ive known you the longest and undoubtedly love you the most. We've been friends since as far back as my memory allows me to recount. You know & love me for exactly what I am. London, silly fights in 6th grade, Sindclub, bonding, attempts to psychoanalyze people, pathetic "masterminds"- (hah!), problems, tiny doses of happiness, your maternal instincts, and everything else. I would use up my word limit if I attempted to recount all that weve been through. All I will say is that we both know that no other 2 people would've made it through. I know this is vague, but its all good cause you know where im coming from. Thankyou for everything. I wont go into all that keeping in touch crap cause I know that'll never be an issue for us. You're the sister I never had, lovya forever!

Qasim: Q!! Ure the ONLY other one who knows me for the retard that I am. The phase one crap, chicken rolls, tonis, ure mom, class 10 & 11, Riazs classes, my make up, your open mindedness, chansoopana, a kick in the butt for a certain day and your "honest" advice to someone, 5000 bucks, "stars," crazy advice which I might just follow, "plants," my warped, yet incredibly perceptive mind, ure whacko concepts on life, eternal gratitude for being my shrink, all the favors- thanx! I am simply realistic, not pessimistic, though I know u disagree, a pager, most laidback award, a brush, mirror, my crazy dreams, and a ton of other memories. Thanks for being the BESTEST friend ever.

Sonya: Toni! I simply adore u! Firstly, the eternal "S" curse, Lamias when we wearing the same dress, 5th & 6th grade, fights with Kiran, how we cried when u lef for Islamabad, BONDING, my incredible cupid skills, chicken rolls, A1, Debbie aunty, the golden girls, saif, running outside hashims with brownies in our mouths, Coconut Grove, CK, annual winter fights, annual mid-winter make ups, o's, our modeling shoot, tension, psychos who are actually the biggest wusses, and finally, "the party." Wuvya!!

Naima: Funny how things change. I remember how I used to think you were a bully when you first came back. We've become great friends since then. I leave you craziness, mistakes, soul-searching talks, our mutual hatred for socio, winter 99, Newyears 2000, your bluntness (luv it!), all our FIGHTS, my driving skills, a certain night with Yusra, Zahra, you and myself, and a whole load of other crap. Ure unbelievable! Smooch!

Sana: Also also! Memories of class 5 onwards, Sethis classes, ghanchis, "the peas were the bomb," Lahore, arguing at the beach over who had shamsa tomorrow, junior school, ure brothers wedding, our laughing fits, my inability to attend school, and all the other craziness! I wanna see your paintings in my home in another 10 years! gonna miss u like mad. Have a blast in England.

Anab: Summer of 99, ENDLESS phone convos, crazy talks, Hessam, endless problems! Your crazy tactics, insomnia, mutual hatred for femininity, and a bunch of other great memories. Finally, to a four-year party at U of T. Luvya tiny tot!

Sassi: Firstly my envy for your hair, and how you manage to study and party simultaneously! London, chillin in the park, your lectures on studying and "other" things, throwball in class 5 & 6, ure moms pasta, parties, my craziness, senior school, Lahore trip, and a load of other stuff! Ill never forget the past 10 years. Will missya.

Shezeen: 7th to 9th grade, and then a massive phadda. Glad we managed to overcome the hostilities. Ure house, cheesecake, fish, spastic, our "book" which I still have! Endless phone convos, London, running up and down high street ken, my bet with ure bro, your laugh, and alota other memories, I truly adore you Shez!

Sila: Sleepovers at Sonyas, my obsession with my hair, ure "lists," our identical minds & common interests! Last month of school where I took the liberty of corrupting u. Stay in touch twin!

Jujoo: A great 10 years, Maha, Yusra, my unbelievable advice ;), a thankyou for all the favors, mastermind tactics, endless talks, winter 99, newyears 2000, a VTI, and an endless supply of petrol. Sad how things turned out with us, but its ok; we have great memories to look back on.

Saif: 9th grade, Sonya, hashims, coconut grove, selections that were never made! Your attempts to psychoanalyze me, and all the fun we had in school.

Mani: Hacker! I leave you Mir bhai, all the fun we had in 9th grade, the time when I fell asleep, and the NBP ground. Hope you make it to Kings.

Mumly: Missed you the last 2 years in school. Junior school, your bday parties, Zaf, movies in ure basement, ratings, Sindclub Galas, and all the fun we've had. Don't ever loose touch!

Nazia: My cuz! Sleepovers, bonding, our mothers, best dancer award of the century, another year in KGS and all my love.

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