To SAVAN: I leave you my l@^. No I leave you guys nothing. Because you guys will never leave me no matter what. I don't care how far apart we are u`ll always be with me and I hope the same goes for me. Over the years you guys have been my family, mentors, buddies. In a nutshell everything. I don't know what I could have done with out you. Chalo I guess I'll see you guys. Salute. To SYS: This is to everyone I've known closely or just in passing. Yeah I'm talking about you. Well all I can say is that if I have said or done something hurtful or mean please forgive me. There are so many people on my mind. If I miss out someone I wont be able to deal with it. All I wanna say is thank you for being there for me you know. Sometimes just talking to me or helping me in stuff. You're all very important to me. And Ill always remember you.

To KGS: To all of kgs I leave you my prayers that you achieve all your goals in life and you live a good happy life and make life better for others around you as well.

To Mrs. Effendi: Hey you cost me 500 bucks for a slide I didn't even break. You owe me. Don't worry. ILL BE BACK. hehehe.

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