Asfand: -I leave you more than 10 years of friendship to inspire you into staying friends forevermemories of all the illegal stuff we ever did on the internetabusive websiteszillions of incidents with the policehanging out every bloody daylaughing like maniacs at the stupidest thingsthe one consistent week where you, ifti and I were in the higher zoneall the times you advised me, taught me and helped methanks for being the best brother I could ever have

Ifti: -My best friend, I leave you the ability to carry on without mewe did everything togetherI cant imagine how ill continue without youI leave you memories of STNs, sessions, long talks on life and our very own created galisAll the times we pigged out at various places..I leave you the thought of staying friends forever no matter the distance

Afaan: -My partner in crimememories of immense chulla, swimming, diving, FIFA and how I always kicked your assFIFA and how Ifti always trash talked and said he was better when we beat him every single time Mathsjokes of the Sweet Little B nature and an unlimited supply of kajoos as a parting giftI love youAlways stay the same

Mobin: -Kaliayaaaaaaaaay!..To you I leave the memory of working as a team to TAKE and RIP everything that movesalong with all the hard work we both did for the Os and the so-called work we did for the Asthanks for being one of my most loyal friendsnever loose touch or ill rip your *** open

Qasim :- FETISH BOY!!To you I leave all the stray cats in karachi to love and ****Thanks for being a great friendIf it wasnt for people like you I wouldnt be as happy as I amI leave you the ability to search and find a finer pastureI will miss you too much so you better not avoid any plans we make in the future

Asad :-pretty boy!..hahahaha.the time you told me about your experience in Londonhaleem at your houseyour balconythe beach and how we always went on a weekdayeternal laughter and an admission to AKUThanks for being an amazing friend

Sila :-To my third sisterI leave memories of sharing everything and the thought of knowing one another inside outendless discussions on everything known to mankind and a massive amount of confidence to go with the great person that is you

Nimr : -Goray Akhrot!..I leave you all the hijras of Karachi to enjoy and a cheque to get plastic surgery in order to become a bit less of a womanmemories of all the cheap jokes we crackedshafting Ashraf left, right and center..tuitions since the beginning of time..Accounts and how I always got it while you didnt and a prayer to God to make you the best lawyer in the world

Anab : -My half man/half woman discoveryYou are the bestthanks for always being there for meYou are on of the most amazing friends I have ever made in such a short timeI leave you a spot at the back of Ifti for you to attach yourself with and become his tail

Humaid : -I leave you an acceptance letter so you can join us in springI also leave you a certain amount of generosity when it comes to giving people moneylastly I leave you a contract to play midfield for Real Madrid in place of Figo

Sonya :-I leave you immense happiness to keep you smiling for a lifetimemy clone who you will take to Benington to gossip and fight with and a plane ticket to Austin

Geri :-To you, I leave all the times you single-handedly lifted me from my neck and threw me aroundYour absolutely contagious laughter is something I will never forget

Shezeen and Sunaina : -To the two of you I leave I leave the two most successful investment bankers to spend a lifetime with along with memories of an unbreakable friendship which we have had for a very long time

Farooq Khan : -I leave you the skills to become the best surgeon ever

Ismat : -To you I leave NOTHINGyou have it allremain perfect

Ahsan.M : -Being together since we were in our diapers I dont need to tell you to stay in touch because knowing that we have been through so much I know our friendship will never fade away

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