To Napier, my only passion during the last 2 years in school, I leave it with ever lasting memories of happiness, sorrow, ecstasy, disappointment, euphoria and all the emotions that I went through serving it. I end the Napier chapter in my life hoping that I have served it well.

Imran, Malick, Fawad, Ali, Osman, Zak, Omer and Ibaadall the chulla we have done in the times weve been together, class 9, and all the shit we did then. Endless hours of cricket at Imrans house, the fights, those were the days.

Myla, lotsa memories beginning from class 8, cant write them all here. Since the stripe on your gown always faded, Ill leave you my gown with the never fading stripe, and a phone which WORKS!! And ummmthats it, see you forever!

Buddha, what the %@!# should I say to you man? Ive done so much shit to you over the years. Thanks for putting up with it and being a damn good friend. Ill leave you a pack of condoms which Im sure youll need in college.

Malick, all those meaningless choroo conversations we had, I think it was pretty even. You are as big a choroo as I am. I hope you get what your dad gave you permission for.

Considering that I got you out every time we played cricket, Ill leave you some of my batting skills. Id leave you some of my guitaring skills too but I think I need them more than you do.

To Ali, man Ill never forget your hair, and your goofiness. You are the most hyper bugger Ive ever known. Ill leave you a never ending supply of money so that you can survive, hmm on second thought array chal naa

To Omer and Imran, two of my best buddies and rival house captains, we came thru it man, and still remained friends, thats cool.

Imran, weve been thru a lot man, house captaincy and lots of other stuff and youve been a great friend. Considering that you spend more time in my house than in your own, Ill leave you a key to my house so you can come over any day and at anytime you want.

Omer, Ill leave you video clippings of all the times USA hit he crossbar in the WC98 against Iran. That way youll know that they were just unlucky and Iran sucks! And since Im not gonna get the other half of my printer back, I might as well leave it to you.

Fawad, Ill leave you polish to fix your guitar which I carved on. And if the polish doesnt workthen NOTHING, its not like you care about the damn thing anyway.

Zak, Ill leave you a new full size cricket bat, maybe then your bharams will make sense. All the chulla in Jafris and Sohails calss, I can never forget that.

Ambereen, I have to admit you are more evil than I am. Ill leave you a book! "1001 new ways to be evil"

Afaan, Faraz, Mobin, Haseeb, Geri, Shoaib, my loyal band of Napierites, I leave you all memories of Napier, all that we did achieve and all that we could have. I hope I didnt disappoint any of you.

Afaan, thanks for being such a great friend and you were right man, we redefined what unity means. Ill leave you a cutting of the blue stripe from my gown so that you remember me and all the great moments weve shared serving Napier.


Akbar, Ammar, JD, Buddha, Imran.the tuitions in St.Pats, those were the best man. All the shit we did in St.Patsthe patakha I threw which nearly got us all kicked out, Buddha fainting, Desarums coughing husband, " Ill take your pants off and beat you!" hahhaha.theres just too much. But the best part is that after all we did, we all ended up getting As. Ill leave you all a piece of that patakha I threw, it was better that it didnt go out of the window, otherwise we wouldnt have had as much fun, and according to Desarum the building wouldve blown up! haahhah

Zahra Haider, memories of old times when we were good friends, your weekly crushesit was too funny!! Anyways, thanks for being a good friend.

Sania, the most loyal Napierite ever! Thanks for making me feel better about sports day.

To Saman Malik, I leave the perfect spot to sit in a restaurant each time she goes out to eat.

Saad, remember all the fun we made of you? hahhawho wouldve thought you would become headboy, but I did manyou were a good friend, and a great headboy.

To Ahsan and Natasha, the best of wishes. I just KNOW you guys will be the best house captains. Ill leave a dictionary for Ahsan, so that he can learn some new words and is able to express himself in a more polite and refined manner.

To Karachi Grammar School, Thank you for giving me the 11 most memorable years of my life.

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