I hereby bequeath a little something to everyone who has helped make my stay at KGS the most special experience of my life, namely:

 Malick: My fellow sci-fi/fantasy/Terry Pratchet freak. O' Maximus, to you I leave memories of plotting to "take over the world", debating whether Lord of the Rings is better than Dune, Mr. Siddiqui's physics class (now LISTEN!!) using my special "code language" over the phone, trying to come up with "a TEORY of everything", Austin Powers, and lots more. We had the best times in class nine. One day we WILL build the Black Box and then the world shall be ours to rule!!!

 Raza: To you, old "family friend" I leave the memory of our moms arguing over which one of us spends more time playing cricket with the driver!! The cricket days at Imran's house were simply amazing and so was all the masti we did in class nine. You were a great house captain but the cock house will be OURS!!

 Imran: I'll never forget the day you wore shorts to school in class seven! I leave you memories of playing hide and seek at your place and that 200 run unbeaten partnership. Keep in touch during college!!

 Fawad: We spent loads of good times together; bike rides, cricket and your "ushtoopad" driver who used his smelly chappals to wake up the "dying man" on the road! I leave you the hope that one day you will forget the "sick stuff" which haunts you in your nightmares!!

 Bassaam: One of my oldest and closest friends. Pay heed to all the "advice" I've given you!! It was great thrashing you in tennis for five straight years!! J

 Yasser: From strangers to best friends within a few months, we have had a remarkable friendship. I leave you memories of our "lethal" partnership, "college" applications, our carefully thought out plans which always flopped (lets face it man, we CANT win!!), the long discussion after which we decided to trust no one but God, your vindictiveness which I mollified, your attempts to bring some aggression into my character, and our lengthy talks on how to fix Pakistan. My "right hand man", I also leave you a huge supply of sedatives. Trust me, you need it!!

 Sarah "loser" Jafri: My loser buddy!! We've had lots of fun together; our weird online conversations, your dreams (there were more than one so you might as well admit it!!) predicting my future, psychiatric help over the phone, the pigging out plans which you always backed out of, my "metamorphosis" which you are so proud of (I learnt it all from you!!) and your tendency to randomly unleash the most powerful thappars known to mankind (I'll be sure to give you a ring if I need anyone beaten up in Yale). May you have the courage to stop chickening out of our paunch

competition that I am destined to win!! I'm still waiting for my wardrobe!! Thank you for being a great friend.

 Sania: You wanted me to devote my ENTIRE will to you, you egotistical image conscious freak!! Of all the people I've come to know at KGS you have the distinction of being the only one not to congratulate me on becoming HB!! We've only known each other for a year or so but we've had a lot to remember; the library sessions, the emails, your self proclaimed "coolness" which you felt I must also have, your favourite phrase "ufh the things I DO for you", your delusions about my "paranoia", my memory losses, the cake you still owe me, Tupac lessons, the music selection you made for me, the time you called me from your car-"the guy who spends time with Sania" (I wonder how much you paid her to say that!)- our mutual love for Transformers and Thunder Cats, your nightmares about me coming back all preppie and your futile attempts to beat me in general! J By the way, "driving" means more than just moving your car back and forth in your driveway!

 Mariyah: To the "tez" one, I leave lots and lots of good memories; all the smilies "yeeeyabadabadoooooos", "u wish"s and "uh whateverr"s exchanged online, the poetry session where I proved once again that I have a superior intellect (I can already picture you saying "uh whateverrryou WISH" as you read this!), all the fun in eco, Mrs Dhanani telling you that you talk too much, my making you smarter and your making me lose every trace of my sanity, my four wife marriage plan, the apology poem you wrote, the time we wrote the perfect script for a typical Indian "philum", a super ball and of course most importantly, the magical "clap" which made you think Czech. I also leave you some anti depressants (in case people are forced to wear gloves at LUMS), a pair of nail clippers (you know why) and a special catalogue showing all the hands you could ever want to see!!

 Rishad: All the fun we had in Lahore, the interview days and debate practise at your house. You are one person I would have liked to know better. Oh and by the way, the Pulse is NOT cooler!! (this better not get edited!!)

 Farah S: Add maths, physics, and all the wonderful time we spent in class X and XI. I owe you a huge thanks for always supporting and encouraging me and for inspiring me to go beyond what I thought my best to be.

 Danish E: All the advising which went in vain. Its not your fault yaar. Women suck!!

 Shaan: Chancoo!! You could have written a better autograph!! I'm looking forward to more online "takes".

Jaffer: Keep working hard and Inshallah the Nationals will be ours for the third consecutive time.

 Saman M: *SLAP* I win!!J

 Cindy: You matlabi person!! J To you I leave an endless supply of *SNIFF*s and all the extempore poems you never appreciated!!

 To all my teachers especially Mrs Muncherji, Mrs Jamal, Mr Zaidi, Mrs Mujahid, Ms Ahsanuddin, Mrs Ahsanuddin, Mr SM Hussein, Mrs Hoti, Mrs Malick, Mrs Kazi and Mrs Effendi, thank you for all the support and encouragement. Without your continuous inspiration, it would have been impossible for me to achieve so much.

 To my loving sister Sana: Lots of courage and perseverance to help you realise all your dreams.

 And lastly but most importantly, to my Parents: A huge thank you for moulding me into the person I am today. Words are not enough to describe my gratitude. I hope I have made you proud.

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