I, Saman Malik, being of reasonable mind, do hereby bequeath to the following:

Shoa: With 15 years of sharing bad nicknames, a kikass code language, FUSS, (Purple?) Lizards, BABBZ, Animal farm, chipkali/soodni, ugly pink plastic specs, laughing fits, and a bond stronger than friendship, what more can I leave you except the fulfillment of dreams, the life ahead of us and the memories yet to be made.

Im: Hmmmmmm ;)9,21,5,7,8,28,4the first 4 hour conversation, the moon, dedications, late night talks (interspersed with dozing off ;), Cow, Lying-Liar, Theivery and other terms of endearment, distractions, physic powers and shooting stars Know that no matter what happens, Ill always be there for youForever!

Malick: Ma-lingggggwannabe me! 16th floor roof-top memories, Dragons and Trolls, Dhabas, cheap corny jokes, stars, "smelling nice", your kinky waterbed, "Kismet", the ability to play the guitar better then anyone else around, "every one loves you", a slick haircut from me, and the exchange of my right eyelid for your left nostril. ;)

Milo: Giggly goat memories, 2 night spends, many water fights, mood swings, suicide notes and hot lurve letters, all of us bonding on your roof, a place in the school throw ball team ;), an extension to my wardrobe, confessions and long bonding conversations about interesting stuff ;). You were a daymn fun person- stay that way! Hope that you always remain happy and smiling.

Kantiii: Having known you forever-scary bangs and gigantic glasses, shunning normality, an interesting vocabulary: ghuznitanazun and knowing what to do w/ them ;), exchanging wonky ecards, Animal farm: Huthni power, a hellova night spend, feeling up shadows and the Ultimate in Cowness! (Sho0o u & Mo0o u 2!)

Saro0o: Birthdays parties since before I can remember, fights that I do remember ;), hanging out together: Zainab market-Sukhbir concert etc, me being out to get you ;) shadow puppets & bonding till sunrise, "Uff yeh bandishain" complete with actions, an antidepressant and yes I do love u! ;P

Fareen: Becoming friends too late, wanting to do shit and blaming it on Kanti, your sense of time, both of us being labeled "like that" by Sarah, hair dyeing in my bathroom, plans to party in college and check out certain places together ;) , the conclusion that everyone in this world is messed up, the strength to stand up for your self when it really matters, and all the happiness in the world.

Ammar: Titanic haircut, leftovers from my disastrous cake-baking experience, the search for icing at 11:30 at night, all the food that I cant eat (Lahore McDonalds), the cool bit in the middle of the National Anthem, painting with our feet, Stop the Rock, a TOEFL in Lahore (not to mention the flight, Zouk, bowling, and mini golf) and your 24.49% gayness; Kenny.G. Your one of the nicest guys I know. Thankx for everything!

Rishad: 2mth best friends, ugly, hazelnut ice cream (all you can eat), fake bharams, the right to wear all the sunglasses, ties and weird hats you want to, analyzing everything, long conversations, your considering yourself hilarious, drifting apart and then a great bonding session. Under the bitchiness and multiple complexes, you might just find a nice guy in your search for perfection.

Sania: Smiley faces taking over the world, scary lesbo tendencies, your inability to take summarized notes in lit, frappeeeeeees (u have to try ;) Apology for my birthday fiasco (now you have to forgive me and NEVER throw it in my face again) chocolate donuts & backaches and the exclusive ability to be so sweet, cute and totally weird at the same time.

Osman: My hyperactivity and loudness, lessons on how to whistle, a good belt ;) my mood swings/temper, an open mind and a bald head!! Hope that you eventually get over your "twisted issues" & cheap wannabe bharams ("watever") and actually become normal.

Chubbbz ~ Chubbbzzyy Forever!

Akbar: The FY ball adventure & climbing ladders, your mamoons mehendi, the song ISHQ, a bigger vocabulary, the shoulder dance move and a great friendship till we drifted apart Have fun in college and keep in touch.

Yousuf: My red bag that youve already christened as your own, kleptoing my stuff (You still have my pic btw), our often contradicting opinions and many bonding conversations. Take good care of yourself!

Ambereen: Your aversion to giggly goatness, the collective 2 points we made for Napier, our duet to "woh chali" at the mendi, the will to actually not to go to art class once in a while, turtle watching and the title Queen of Evil!

Bariza: A sesky relationship ;), literature "study" sessions, receipts from Jimmys, checking out the bachas, your distracting lo0ks in lit, hotness and your perpetually smiling face .keep it that way babe!

Hira.A & Zara.S: CJM memories, Mrs. V, cramming sessions and synchronized panic attacks. If I get through History, itll be only because of you two- Thankx. I love you guys!

Cindy Leee: Funky quotes, the alcove and lifetime membership to the ling cult ;)

Sarah.J: My wierd nicknames, being way too perky way too early in the morning, 101 Valentine cards, and great big *hugs* to last a lifetime!

Danish: A place in the Sounds Society, an electric guitar like my brothers, relief from your skin problems and thanks for all the help with mine. Your one of the sweetest people I know. Good luck with college and keep in touch.

Maria.M & Sana.Tee: The Q Experience:- spazzing out, theivery (ing) stuff, laughing hysterically, freaking, completely losting it and surviving (I think) the horror that was ALevel Art.

Saad(ist): Strange ICQ nicks and conversations and the final *SLAP*WHACK*SLAP*!!- Gotcha! ;)

Laleh: The Friday Curse (Ms M), corrupting cartoons and their songs (Ill never watch Lil Mermaid/Thundercats with a straight face again) and the ability to sing (in the alcove and Alanis Morrisette in Muree).

Omer Salauddin with an e & Raza: Memories of SY, Napier spirit, water fights, revenge and a whole lot of evilness.

Anuscha: Lahore/Muree memories, your strip tease, frightening tendencies of feeling up and getting high on dancing.

Ali Iqbal: Interestingly named side burns, crazy hair, and even crazier stories, your secrets and a less extreme personality.

Zarsheesh: General class: "If you cant convince them confuse them", Jamila days and the past two years Its been a lot of fun.

Amina: Napier matches, your sweetness, all those missed you hugs and many more!

Samar.K: The alcove, period "D", your hot attitude, the amusing list you made in the library and funky designs.

Saman.A: The exclusive honor of sharing a first & middle name with me, my ability to sleep through most of lit, and a "Saman" store in Muree.

To all those I havent been able to mention.... Thankx for everything...for making these an incredible two years! I'm really going to miss everyone!

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