I Samar Khandwala after having spent 10 amazing years at Karachi Grammar School, leave the following to all those people who have made a difference to my life in one way or the other.

MODGIRLS: I leave many wonderful memories of the time we have spent together.

It is impossible to mention every memory because we have shared a lot. Life would not have been the same without you guys. There is no point in saying

goodbye because i know that we will somehow always keep in touch.

To Maliha who has always been there for me when i needed someone, I leave you times when i practically used to live at your house, jogging sessions, Middlebury college essays ( when you drove me mad :)), Altos party at the Saphire lounge, night after Anuschas party- i still wished you guys would have made a tape of it, bara dil rakho, murdering people in the car, accounts class with Mr Munawar, Naeem tutions, Bori sacks, Nazimabadizm, DE JA VU, petrified and all the mufta food we have eaten in break.

To Mariam Rehman i leave 4 years of an amazing friendship, stories about your various "GUYS", your psychotic friends in Jeddah with the hope that you do not turn out like them, bitching sessions, DE JA VU, some new shalwar kameezes, your obsession with parties, all the parties that we have been to :), your stuborness-never listening to anything i tell you and our cheap plans which never work out

To Amina i leave memories of all our phone conversations. Everything we have talked about, especially BROTHERS. All our gossip sessions and your constant bitching about a particular "MAN" who is actually a woman :).Our constant problem of how to get home, your shareefness, DODA, PIA, DKM, papu and Kalay Khan

To Anushca i leave Shamim tutions, your sexbomb jeep, French Beach, the night after your party, Bio world, filmi actresses, being spoilt, making fun of the way i jog and petrified and Mobin Nasir.

To Farah i leave memories of all the parties we have been to, Bakras, a silver city, Naeem tutions(Dadi), bara dil rakho, phone calls to a certain friend of bakras and a book on having manners on the raod.

To Sara i leave dogs at the French Beach, Mc Donald caution wet floor sign, discussing how nazimabadi a certain "memon couple" were, Miss J's, stealing stuff from the canteen, always asking people for money in break, Dexter, Mobin Nasir and Taha Noor.

To Saman i leave a goddlooking GRAMMARIAN in Lums whom you can marry, the

time when i kicked you out of my house while you were praying and hot class 11 guys to flirt with.

To Uzma i leave bhelpuris and a happy married life.

To Akbar i leave my bitchiness, GYLC conference, French stinkbombs, Miss

J's, your dheelaness and A- Block.

To Ammar i leave Philippinos, 2 timing and the GYLC conference.

To Sadiq i leave our weird conversations in Eco and Accounts class, Mount Holyoke College, moon, your dumb jokes, town mouse country mouse, Macy's in Manhattan, Chinese shoes and the prick and his Rolls Royce.

To Altumush i leave problems with your cheap girlfriends (actually you wish they are your girlfiends :)), icq conversations, my advice, cheap indian songs and the Fy ball.

To Jawad i leave the Sy ball, snoopy's icecream, phone conversations, fights and the shitbox.

To Rishad i leave the GYLC conference and marinda.

To Mariam Gokal i leave Faizas birthday parties. class plays. projects, a book on how to drive, the morning of accounts A-level, the evening of accounts A-level when we took the long route, Kazaaaam, your obsession with taking pictures, Mr.Burger, do i look fat, how rude, and your plans with me and your cousins.

To Shaan i leave class 9 with Mariam, Mahvish ,Hina and Saima. Our gossip session in class, projects ,class plays, shoving the pencil up mariams nose, eating cornettos in class, and the Kgs mela with the bus and motorcycle chasing us.

To Ayesha i leave our trips to CK, gallivanting in shorts, Red Sea, and my fat arms.

To Sana and Sassi i leave our trips on Sassis speed boat, her cats and dogs, who will sit next to who in class, and accounts class- always running from Mr Munawar.

To Hina Mahvish and Saima i leave our gossip and bitching sessions in class.

To Myla, Ambereen and Samar i leave memories of class 11, D.D, our trip to America and our cheap plans which never worked.

To Farah Qadri i leave my car alarm, Miss J's and aunties.

To Mahnoor Rehman i leave endless problems with your boyfriends, your fights with Mariam and Ghazanfar.

To Ziad Ahmed i leave the "HIJRA"

To my sister Sehr i leave 19 years of friendship, ET's, pans, the city and the phone. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for always being there when i needed you. Life would not have been the same without you.

To my parents i leave my respect, admiration and gratitude for being the best parents in the world and for everything you have done for me. Thank you for all your love and support that you have given me over these last 19 years.

To all my teachers- Thank you for your support and encouragement. Sorry for any trouble that i may have caused you!

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