Sana Gangat: U and I both went thru certain same experiences in our first year. The only good that came out of it was that I got to know u so well. I leave u with the memories of our talks about ahem..chicken pox and a few other certain people. And u certainly can have my unlimited knowledge of how to apply make-up.*wink* Thank u for being there for me when ever i was depressed. Talking to u always put me at ease. And u know well enoff that i'll always be there when u need to talk abt your problems.

Nadia Sharif: HoneyI leave u my fair skin(coz u need it) and the memories of first year. 12 years of studying with u.. gurlIll never forget u. And if u need anything......for christ sake dont come to me...[jk]

Uzma Lodhi: Khambeeeee..times we spent together during those chemistry practicals and the CJM days are unforgettable. I have an advice for utry keeping ure eyes open in the classes u now attendull learn more. Lol.

Kashif Merchant: Man u and I have had our ups and downs.but wats good is that u and I made it thru together and we still are friends. Dont forget me when u go to penn. And keep in touch.

Buddha: U make a perfect ball date. Im sorry I never found those pics. U became a good friend in such short time, too bad I didnt know u earlier onI know I wud have had a great time with u. Time we spent at ryers, the ball, the telephone conversations and your endless questionsthe memories are priceless. Rememberu can always come to me if u need any answers to your stupid questions.

Akbar: I leave u Pippy-long-stocking as your soul-mate and all my colored pens for your little sister.

Hadia: U can have my ability to write names in hindi and a big wet kiss.

Nida Gareeb: I leave u a book compiled by me to pollute your innocent mind and 101 excuses for bunking exams{its not as if u need them}

Saman Malik: I leave u memories of the CJM lesbian dances, our bonding sessions and an apology for having the urge to spit on you-know-who.

Saad Ahmed: sorry for all the mess I created, though I didnt do it on purpose. I leave u the memories of our wars and an apology for trying to run u over.

Yousuf Kerai: You have been the best friend I've ever had. Thank you for helping me out with so many of my problems. All I can give u is a promise that no matter wat happens.Ill always be your friend. I'll always be there when u need a shoulder to cry on.


Sana Irshad

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